MDT: Anger Is Not A Virtue In Leadership


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Everyone here is a leader in some aspect of your area.

Improve your skills constantly.

And help others to do the same.

3 responses to “MDT: Anger Is Not A Virtue In Leadership

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. It may not be a virtue but some leaders are just doing the best they can….

    Ever accomplish any of the following without being just a little-bit angry?

    Enter and Clear a trench system at night with 40+ “Joes”.
    Brief, Rig, Inspect, and Safely-Exit 110+ paratroopers at night (in-flight rig).
    Feed, equip, or pay 1,500+ soldiers.
    Attend (& graduate) Jumpmaster, Ranger, or Special Forces Training.
    Provide Survivor assistance to the family of a deceased soldier.
    Deal with Range Control.
    Watch marginal people being promoted ahead because of affirmative action.
    Leave your unit in the hands of a P.O.S.

    The real deal; here are the 4 basic leadership mentalities for the 4 basic types of subordinates (situational leadership for civilians):

    “Coach” leader for the Able and Willing
    “Trainer” leader for the Willing but Not Able
    “Father” leader for the Able but Not Willing
    “Warden” leader for the Unable and Unwilling

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I think another way of putting it would also be in “the context of the delivery”.
      When your men know you’re an asshole and yell at them all the time for nothing, blame them for your shortcomings, they will label you an asshole. When you’re Capt. America and yell at them, they KNOW they fucked up. Egomaniacs and narcissists don’t know how to read their people, but a fair and honest leader will observe himself and his people. Are they happy and willing to do what is asked of them, or do they have to be prodded every time you show up?
      Example today; Obama telling us he would have won against Trump. Here’s a narcissist who has no clue of the world except what he sees in the mirror.