Sorry For The Late Post Today


Kwanzaa 2016 Day #1: Greetings, Blessings, Quotes And Prayers: Celebrate Black Community With These Words Of Wisdom

Don’t forget this backgrounder, along with this 2015 WRSA post.


Mekka leka hi, mekka hiney ho.

7 responses to “Sorry For The Late Post Today

  1. From looking at the piles of human skulls, it sure doesn’t look like anything that would resemble CIVILIZED PEOPLE. To celebrate that crap is a frigging JOKE. It was the Muslims that were kidnapping Black Africans to sell into slavery and ship them to the “New World” where they were sold. There were Irish whites that were sold into slavery too but that fact is ignored.

  2. Zman has a 1st rate dissertation on the fake, excuse me, real actors involved in bringing us this splendid meme of tolerance and diversity.

    Happy Kwanza!

  3. behind enemy lines Ct.

    PHUCK Kwanza & the dark continent .

  4. We had bacon for breakfast Christmas day. Yummy bacon.

  5. Actually, I like Kwanzaa. It gives me a chance to point out that, if blacks had any integrity, or pride, they would have dispensed with this bullshit many years ago. But they don’t and they didn’t, so there’s that. I’m a bitter clinger of Christianity (notice I didn’t say, “religion?”) and guns because of the integrity and pride attached to them both. Christ, because He Is Integrity, (The Truth) and guns for pride, because slaves don’t own guns.

  6. notice also how most of the skulls are missing frontal parts indicating they were executed from behind …. like most of history even savages have a hard time looking another human in the face and killing them … read on killing by Dave Grossman and prepare your minds for the fight that comes !

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