You Shouldn’t Underestimate The Tenacity Of These Vermin


From a reader, with scorn.

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    (((Ciccariello-Maher))), (((Sontag))), (((Soros))), (((Wattenberg))), (((Wise))), (Spector))), (Ignatiev))) are among many Jews who in recent years have proclaimed mass murderous intent toward Whites and their civilization.

    This is a matter of free speech, and Whites should be grateful for these frank statements of intent on the part of the Judeo-globalists and their ethno-collaborators.

    By the same token, it is an expression of free speech – likewise Constitutionally-protected and a Natural Right – on the part of Whites to advocate equivalent lethal measures against. the Jews and their destructive, universalist Tikkun Olam.

    I personally have no desire to exterminate all the Jews and their assorted ethno-collaborators. Just the gubmint-mongering Reds and warmongering Zionists. All the rest (if any) can live happily ever after.


    As far as the McMartin Case, there were A LOT of factors and initial mistakes made by the Manhattan Beach PD which allowed it to spiral out of control. When I was assigned to the Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Unit at my agency in 1985, we studied the case intently. I won’t go into all of the gaffes, but the biggest problem was the PD let a bunch of women social workers run the investigation.
    As far as Pizzagate is concerned, the jury is still out. I have said before that if that situation grows and gets legs, TPTB will throw someone under the bus to make it go away. The PD in McMartin had very little hard evidence. The SPIRIT COOKING Jewess and the pedophile art on Tony Podesta’s walls speaks volumes.

    • here’s what speaks louder. One of the (((Podesta))) e-mails, to the effect that

      “at our next meeting only one slice of pizza will be available, so we’ll be dividing it 5 ways”.

      no “jury is still out”. It’s a ring a kidnappers, torture-rapists of children, and murderers of children. Protected by the entire Beltway/Hollywood (((crowd))).

  3. Weasel, knowing, and proving, are two different animals.. I haven’t seen anything consider tangable evidence regarding pizza gate, but then I haven’t gone looking either.

    Better to walk down the hill and Fuckem all, then run down the hill and fuck just one.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Better to walk down the hill and Fuckem all, then run down the hill and fuck just one. ”

      Perhaps not the best phrasing to use with respect to a child sex scandal.

  4. I suggest the eminent Professor begin with himself.

  5. I paid attention in history class…… The language and rhetoric of the left is virtually identical to the propaganda used to marginalize every single group of victims of genocide over the course of the 20th century. We KNOW what comes next and frankly, I wont be the slightest bit surprised when a pre-emptive strike occurs. They’ve been begging for it just about long enough. Let’s just find out together how the whole “I was only joking” denial works then…… I understand the definition of “irredeemable” and I also understand what the next steps are. You have to wonder if the left even gets how fucking lucky they are that Trump was elected.

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