A Modest Proposal


From WeaponsMan.

The USN cannot possibly cash all of the checks written on its accounts by foolish US diplomacy over the past 70 years.

Something to remember in looking ahead to the events of 2017-2020.

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  1. The USN will shortly be irrelevant in any conflict with major nations due to the proliferation of missiles, lasers, long range torpedoes, and probably sea bottom weapons….Building $10 billion carriers is sheer stupidity.

    • Yeah, for more reading on obsolete systems see:
      Mg/cannon on fighter aircraft
      Cleaning your m16
      Beruit in 1980 vs 1983

      Pretty confident big gray ships are going to stay with us for awhile

  2. One of the reasons there is so much propaganda about carriers and their groups being so obsolete is because our enemies are telling our other enemies online and MSM that this is so. Our enemies have nothing anywhere near what we have in carrier capability, and they would like to see them gone. Two complete air attack squadrons, helicopters, radar planes, support and transport planes. They have two nuclear power plants, and one of them can be hooked up to, and supply a city of 50,000, with electricity. Two hospitals and numerous clinic facilities on board. Three battalions of Marines can be transported, (one whole regiment) in a pinch. They have cruise missiles on them, along with many, many, anti-missile systems. They can lay off shore as far as 2,000 miles, and with support, strike with their aircraft at onshore targets. They are nuclear weapons deployment capable. Yes, I know, big targets for bad guys. First they have to find them, and then hit them. They cost a lot, but they maintain our sea lanes and shores from the bad guys. There is nothing like them in other nations, and they are a very big reason we are safe from foreign invasion. Carp against them if you must, they are a very big part of our defenses, and nothing else can replace them.

    • Noted all. But I am uncomfortable w a service branch that has not faced even a near-peer competitor in 70+ years continuing to make strategic asset acquisition decisions that force the US into the probability of going nuclear based on the loss of one or two ships.

      There is a “all eggs one basket” arrogance to most of the military-industrial big projects that seems suspect on several levels. It would be very interesting to look at old cold war naval war games to see how many CVNs were expected to be still afloat on D+3.

      That being said, everything you said re the big ships is true. I just think the “global force for good” is a lot more vulnerable than it wants both Americans and enemies to believe.

      • If, however, President Trump is permitted to take office, and if he is able to work with Putin, THEN where does the Navy stand?

        Do you think the Russians do not have detailed knowledge of the Chinese military equipment, personnel, and tactics? Do you think that Putin is a die-hard Communist, and that he won’t oppose the Chinese? That is clearly what Cankles, Lurch, and the Nigger in Chief thought, up until about a year ago.

        I will say again:
        Putin believes in Russia as an independent sovereign nation with defensible borders.
        Trump believes in the US as an independent sovereign nation with defensible borders.
        Both believe that Western culture is one of man’s premier achievements, and that it should be preserved and promoted.

        In light of those facts, I believe there is much possible common ground between Russia and the United States, if the Globalists are removed from power. And in Russia, MUCH of Putin’s work that has so offended the sewage running this country has been to keep the oligarchs, both Russian and Western, from taking over that country. Sure would be a shame if Soros and the rest were not welcome in the United States nor in Russia.

        The most immediate concern has to be that the Nigger in Chief will not attack Russia with nuclear weapons before he is driven from office.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Try to overcome the brainwashing of the masses, and make them understand the Globalists are the real enemy, not Russia or Putin. That’s a tougher goal than to get rid of the Globalists.
          Everyone keeps going back to their own brainwashed default position, which is basically a corrupted hard drive.

          • If President Trump is allowed to take office, that may change. Unless, of course, Twatter bans him…

    • There are catastrophic electronic vulnerabilities in all services but I can’t help thinking of the briefing I was in where an AF general was briefing on the Air Expeditionary Force. His prize talking point was the ability to project more force in 15 hours than than an entire carrier group. He seemed quite pleased with himself until the oldest Navy captain since Trafalgar looked at him and said “I’d like to see that motherfucker stay on station for nine months.”

      On a lighter, and appropriate note, rumor has it they are naming a LCS after Gabby Giffords….

    • The future is here, it’s not the Korean War any more. What part of missiles, whether hypersonic cruise missiles or medium/short range ballistic missiles, do you not understand? A relatively cheap weapon can put a $10 billion carrier and 5,000 crewmen on the bottom in a few seconds….

      • Well said. Add tsunamai bombs , EMP and who knows what else. These behemoths haven’t been used for defense since WW 2. They have been used exclusively as the whip of the whip of the banksters and ever since.

        • And that’s before we start discussing the new generation of sea mines and the US’ lack of minesweeping and countermeasures.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Which, of course, is the very reason that the Chinese are busy building carriers and acquired one from Russia – because the things are totally fucking useless.

        • They are small ,cheap ( expendable) useful for regional fleet defense not global baby seal- clubbing. Status symbol as a side benefit. Other than that they are fucking useless as per cost/ benefit. 80% of the military budget is of no benefit to us slaves who pay for it.
          F-35 , LCS , B-52 etc . are useful ATMs for the MIC. They are completely useless for defense purposes.

        • Jimmy,

          Carriers = power projection. More political than military.

          But hey ! Let’s keep buying more product, junk, made in Red China. Them Chicoms got to eat doncha know ?

          • Jimmy the Saint

            I get that carriers aren’t all powerful, and they have distinct vulnerabilities. Hell, subs killed a number of them in WWII, and subs are much tougher now.

            Still, carriers have their place. They do things other ships can’t, and there are definitely times it comes in handy to have a mobile airfield.

  3. The Usual Suspect

    Apparently Russia’s Magrav Technologies weapon works.
    According to this report, in April, 2014, the USS Donald Cook, while performing a mission in the Black Sea, substantially violated Federation “territorial integrity” causing President Putin to authorize an “electronic warfare defense” attack against it that was so devastating this top-line warship was left adrift—and once towed back to its Romanian port, its American sailors were so demoralized 27 of them filed immediate letters of resignation from the US Navy.

  4. In 1962, the Cuban Missile Crises had the Soviets threaten US navy ships with nuclear torpedoes. That proved the US navy was obsolete against the adversary it was built to oppose.

    In 2002, the US navy did a wargame called Millennium Challenge. They learned a carrier group loses to the Iranian coastal fishing fleet armed with Russian Silkworm missiles.

    In 2016, the USS Zumwalt shakedown cruise failure showed the US navy can’t even build ships anymore. They have defeated themselves.

    Except for submarines and the lifesaving aspects of the Coast Guard, the US navy has been pork for your entire lifetime.

  5. robroysimmons

    Conservatives will never leave the year 1945, aircraft carriers and stationary airfields, in Russia and China they call them “targets.”


    C’mon, guys. I see the advertisements on the tube: “A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD.” While I never visioned Bull Halsey handing out CARE packages to Third World typhoon victims, our military’s primary role since the Korean “police action” has been social work, “nation building” and supporting every P.O.S. tin-pot dictator who threatened to: “go Communist”.
    MY hope is The Donald will reorganize everything and limit our “incursions” to matters of “national interest” in this hemisphere. If anything, I would keep these Carrier Groups around for the next Dunkerque, when they have to evacuate stupid Amerikan ex-pats living and vacationing in Eurabia when the real meltdown starts. That will be such great entertainment.

    • Mr. W,

      I keep asking when we going to pull 2 ID outta Korea and put them on OUR border, ala John Pershing.

  7. Waaayyyy under the radar screen was the news that the latest Amerikan Destroyer to float off the docks is a bust, the engines burned up on its maiden voyage. Bet you didn’t hear bout the our very latest aircraft carrier, the Gerald Ford. It totally failed its first sea tests. The completely redesigned catapult system simply may never work. Along with its air defense systems. The F-35 fighter jet is a complete bust. We are still using the B-52 for most long range bombing with its 1940’s technology. The B-1 and the B-2 are nothing more than expensive pieces of art. I tell you, Putin is quaking in his boots at the latest threats to come his way from Obama, McCain and Lindsey Grahmnisty.

  8. Years ago, I was in contact with a few pissed off vets,
    and rightly so. Here is one of their stories, before another
    battle here at home:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”