Islamic State Arrests Reveal Jihadi Threat Near Seat Of U.S. Government


It’s worse than the story tells.




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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yes–it’s VERY MUCH worst than this story outlines. Here’s the quote”

    ““Given our open society, detached parents and politically correct schools, local police in Northern Virginia understandably hesitate to rigorously pursue young Islamist wannabes,”

    OK, THAT being the case–CLOSE the society to imported terror and immigrants, HOLD parents responsible for young Jihadis, and THROW PC out the freaking window.

    It’s pretty bloody well obvious that oaths of office means SQUAT to the TPTB quarterbacking this Musloid onslaught. When we here stateside have another 911 or a “Superbowl” or Terror, all they will do is clamp down on law-abiding citizens and strip away what little liberties we have been clinging to.

    Geert Wilders has it right–Muslims OUT, no Korans, and close Mosques.

    P.S. How does the MSM square their line of bullcrap about terror being born and fomented in ghettos and squalor? Those homes being raided for terrorists looked pretty swank to me. Follow the money trail, eh?

    • This was colonization by design. Over the past 15 years, we have watched as over vociferous objections of the residents, an area that was over 97% white, conservative Christian and staunch Republican was transformed with illegal aliens being settled by “refugee” agencies, muslims allowed to colonize and Section 8 voucher holders deliberately imported from NJ and NYC. The area finally went solidly Blue this past election cycle. We were also promised that the area would be maintained as a “rural crescent” with no construction being allowed on parcels smaller than 5 acres, etc. The residents have been fighting the construction of a mega mosque that does not meet zoning for several years, but the mosque finally won approval. The local media are thrilled to report that the area is now a “majority-minority” county and the white population has been reduced to 47%.

      Interesting to me is that the local newspapers, receiving backlash from the SJW’s after their reporting on a muslim gang rape here, has absolutely nothing to say about this. Zero coverage.

  2. Amazing they can’t find the Muslim brotherhood devotee’s embedded in our own government.

  3. “…and stalked residences in Northern Virginia that were on the group’s ‘kill lists.’”

    Wonder who was on it and were they ever told after the arrests?

  4. It is interesting to note the prison terms, which allow these individuals to spend their incarceration, paid by us, to study and hone their seditious philosophies. Just like an amateur politician in post WWI Germany and the founders of the Egyptian Brotherhood. Western prison time is much more desirable than gulag time.

  5. I’m still waiting for John McCain to be arrested and tried for providing material support to terrorists.

  6. ALCON,

    Since JAN 2009 you’ve never had to look beyond 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to find imbedded moslems. Soetoro and Jarret. Enemies of Freedom and Liberty. Simple.


    Northern Virginia? Unless I have been misinformed, is not that area where the five richest counties in Amerika are located? Well, guess what, folks. When the “pressure cooker” bombs start going off at school assemblies and festivities coming up honoring MLK, don’t be too upset.
    All of you FEDGOV trough feeders are more worried about the lease payments on your new SUV’S than the Haji next door. You will get what is coming to you, just like the obedient serfs in Taxachussetts. Enjoy my confiscated wealth while you still can. Aloha Snackbar!

    • There are ample here who are, and have been, concerned about the jihadi colonization for quite some time. It is well known that the Saudi high school in Fairfax promotes violent jihad and submission of kafirs; however, the school continues to operate and seed hate and intolerance unmolested. Attempts to demand segregation of men and women in the public swimming pools have been refused (for now) but muslims take Fabian style incrementalism to a whole.nother.level. White flight continues; we are now blessed to have the “gift” of hearing the call to prayer 5X a day (“sharing is caring!”) from our new neighbors next door. A new mega-mosque which does not meet any current zoning has been pushed through over the objections of residents. I no longer shop at the local Safeway – look carefully at the meat they supply – almost all of the “grass fed beef” choices are “halal”, which is discreetly labelled in small print on the back of the blister pack. Etc. None of the “originals” residents from when we built our house here in 2001 that remain are happy or on board with this evolution at all.

      Islam is evil, antithetical to the values of the West and advances deceptively and stealthily through taqiyya. From personal experience, this is not something that can be stopped or reversed at a “local” level as forces above our pay grades are forcing this upon local communities. Our local politicians are on board with the resistance, but with little to show for it.

  8. Fubar, and I thought ‘Homeland’ was farfetched.

  9. I didn’t know that Ms power and Ms Lynch were moslems.


  10. The one I don’t get is Brennan, WTF happened there. How did that shit happen? How does a fcking irishman become a muzzie in charge of the spookshop.

  11. Take these scumbags out, and you only need to get rid of 100-199,999,995 more murkin wastes of skin…

  12. Re: “The one I don’t get is Brennan, WTF happened there. How did that shit happen? How does a fcking irishman become a muzzie in charge of the spookshop.”

    The scuttlebutt is that the Saudi intelligence service mounted a special influence op to flip Brennan to Islam when he was stationed in Saudi Arabia. It worked; he converted and is now one of their guys at Langley.