Less Than A Month Left


And counting, from the Rightly-Guided One.


6 responses to “Less Than A Month Left

  1. hocuspocus13

    It can’t come soon enough…󾓦

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  3. There is no statute of limitations on treason. Violation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights is treason. Just saying….

  4. Ignorance, self-absorbed & arrogant. The pathocartic ‘Dictator in Thief ‘Dark Triad machiavellian, narcissist & psychopath Terrorist radicalized in Pakistan (after his stint @ Columbia w/ Ziggy Brzezinski as the Director of Communist Studies) Islamofacist installed by the CFR – CIA for the PTB MIBC ‘Report From Iron Mountain’ constant strategy of Tension & War theory screwed the pooch. Now what ? More manufactured Terror, False Flags, Black – Grey Swan events. Until the American people take their hi-jacked Central Banker Zionista- BIS – Bildeberger (Basal, Switzerland) controlled government back the song remains the same. They won’t won’t give up their planetary system of rule w/o a fight still coming. Until that defining epoch & event chronicle in history when communist Frank Marshall Davis’s prodigal son of moral virtue (from his tryst w/ Ann Dunham that other beaming paragon of moral virtue Mother) will always have anosognosia and continue to blame Russia.

  5. Be fun to watch when the Donald grabs his boy Sheriff Arpaio on the recent AZ press conference (easily found on youtube since hack media won’t cover other than local fox news phoenix affiliate) where his team found Zero’s birth certificate a blatant fraud with 1995 source document discovered, their findings will be submitted to Congress, in other words next administration where the last 8 years will be exposed as a lie. Barky was never going away, he’ll be squealing from the sidelines in proper form and fashion of a narcissistic psychopath missing his sick sycophant hack media lapdogs golden light. He’ll return like dog to it’s vomit running his gullet on Trump; which isn’t a too bad a deal showcasing Zero’s megalomania and useful remainder to the public of the jackass who destroyed the economy and did jack squat but golf greens past 8 years. Then the Donald will ask Obummer what’s up with the phony SS# out of CT which fails E-verify and the great unraveling starts. Doubtful Zero is even a citizen which means Biden was in charge and 2 SCOTUS appointees dyke Kagan and Sotomayer go bye-bye. Then all hell breaks loose in the hives from the ghetto rats consumed by race. Ah well. Chiraq in particular was going to get the national guard lockdown treatment regardless with the violence and coming boot of their over 300,000 illegal undocumented urchins. Then investigations into Zero’s and First Wookie’s and her mama’s wasting tax payer money on vacation jaunts, the treason of the Iran deal with possible Zero’s own “Clinton Foundation” scam set up for the money spent to Iran to come back to him; muzzie bros in White Hut; IRS scandal; Fast n Furious scandal; private server email scandal: and all the other tyranny and criminal acts yet to be discovered by the undocumented muzzie allegent drug addled sodomite liberal fascist globalist puppet Obozo.

  6. Rachels’ vagina boats smell like the shithouse door on a tuna boat. Hope they taste better than they smell.