The Complete Anti-Fascist Reading List


So if the authors are anti-fascists, and “anti-fascist” is a term directly and only from the Soviet lexicon, what does that make them?

The enemy will never, ever stop – until they are utterly destroyed.

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  1. Some Guy in WA

    There’s some good stuff there. Thanks, guys! 🙂

  2. I could never get a good definition of fascist. I’m always told fascism is when the corporations run the government. Then I hear Nazis are fascists. It appears a fascist is whoever the left disagrees with. Anybody have a good definition?

    • Bingo. You have the definition that matters. Switch “left” to “Reds” or “Bolsheviks” and you’re perfect.

    • “It is obvious what the fraudulent issue of fascism versus communism accomplishes: it sets up, as opposites, two variants of the same political system; it eliminates the possibility of considering capitalism; it switches the choice of ‘Freedom or dictatorship?’ into ‘Which kind of dictatorship?’ — thus establishing dictatorship as an inevitable fact and offering only a choice of rulers. The choice — according to the proponents of that fraud — is: a dictatorship of the rich (fascism) or a dictatorship of the poor (communism). That fraud collapsed in the 1940’s, in the aftermath of World War II. It is too obvious, too easily demonstrable that fascism and communism are not two opposites, but two rival gangs fighting over the same territory — that both are variants of statism, based on the collectivist principle that man is the rightless slave of the state — that both are socialistic, in theory, in practice, and in the explicit statements of their leaders — that under both systems, the poor are enslaved and the rich are expropriated in favor of a ruling clique — that fascism is not the product of the political ‘right,’ but of the ‘left’ — that the basic issue is not ‘rich versus poor,’ but man versus the state, or: individual rights versus totalitarian government — which means: capitalism versus socialism.”

      — Ayn Rand

    • Fascism = Communism for Dummies those gone Full Retard.

    • Like itor said. There is one instinctive human weakness to be exploited: monkey troop politics following a charismatic dominant outrageous celebrity war leader. All politics is the same, with only cosmetic differences. The Catholic church multinational corporation is no different in structure than the Communist party multinational corporation.

      Watch old American movies and you’ll see Nazis address each other as comrade. Later when the propaganda groups wanted to pretend Soviets and Nazis were different, they hid this.

      • Kammerad, auf Deutsch, has an entirely different meaning than the Bolshevik “commrade.”

        If you are informed by “old ‘American’ (there was nothing American about them) movies,” you are poorly informed.


    • There is no strict definition of Fascism for the simple reason that Fascism is essentially a nationalist solution to the false Capitialist/Communist dichotomy. Fascism in Italy was not the same as Fascism in Spain, or Portugal; there were strong fascist movements in France and England and their approaches to the thing were different. Strictly speaking Fascism is as anti-capitalist as it is anti-communist. The essential principles underpinning fascism are corporatism (or syndicalism) and cutting out the “middle man” (we know who they are…) in the economic cycle. Also, clear distinctions were made between the Common Good (those things immaterial) and the Public Good (those things material), said sane distinctions being made because society is an organism — not a pile of individual and autonomous “atoms” — which has both immaterial and material needs.

      National Socialism was not fascist and you will not find a contemporary NS theorist who ever claimed it was and many contemporary Fascist theorists who denounced National Socialism. Conflating and equating National Socialism with Fascism was a Bolshevik (we know who they are…) invention. The swear word “Fascist!” is only scary when it is hissed through clenched teeth in Yiddish.

      What is being decried today falsely as “Fascism” is in reality the “comfortable merger” of the Capitalist system with the Communist system.


    • Quo Warranto

      For the Commie, time stopped in 1941 and they are as butthurt over the violation of Molotov-Ribbentrop as they were then. Now and forever, the Enemy is the hated aryan Nazi.

  3. On an aside: UN uses film/television to reach “wider audiences” and specifically cites the “Incorporated” TV series on SyFy as a way to do this. Jumped to 3:53 for some good quotes:

    Fake PSA from within the “Incorporated” TV show on China helping feed the hungry in America:

    More from the UN:

    This is where Ficdep meets Teledep [in the Ministry of Truth (1984)].

  4. It’s not complicated. What it all is going to come down to is in this first quote below by Blackstone. Because everything being done to us dirt people is about separating us from these truths Blackstone stated.
    Mark my words, guns and us dirt people who will use them in defense of ourselves, our property, our freedom is a zeitgeist fast approaching.
    The bastards fear the Alt-Right?
    They don’t know what the mark of true terror is.

    Accordingly, when Blackstone spoke of the rights of persons, he defined such rights as being either: 1) absolute, that is belonging to the person whether out of society or in it; or 2) relative, meaning the right is an incident of membership in society. Blackstone described the right to keep arms as absolute or belonging to the individual, but ascribed both public and private purposes to the right. The public purpose was resistance to restrain the violence of oppression; the private was self-preservation. Blackstone described this right as necessary to secure the actual enjoyment of other rights which would otherwise be in vain if protected only by the dead letter of the laws.

    “The conclusions seem inescapable that in certain circles a tendency has arisen to fear people who fear government. Government, as the Father of Our Country put it so well, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. People who understand history, especially the history of government, do well to fear it. For a people to express openly their fear of those of us who are afraid of tyranny is alarming. Fear of the state is in no sense subversive. It is, to the contrary, the healthiest political philosophy for a free people.” – Jeff Cooper

    Critical thinking is thinking about thinking to improve your thinking through better thinking. Get acquainted with the entire fascinating world of fallacies. Practice conversation and Socratic drilling. Identify your bias filters and hone your skills at identifying other people’s filters. Learn to frame arguments properly. -Bill Buppert

    “Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want to be controlled and those that have no such desire” – Robert Heinlein

    “Because Fuck You Thats Why”
    When it’s said you are crazy to say, to think, changing the world is possible, it’s really only a crazy idea in a time of universal tyranny. Change your thinking, all else follows. If you think changing the world is hopeless, then your world will be hopeless. If you say resistance is futile you already surrendered.
    Change your thinking is the beginning, it begins with each of, as it is the only way to start to change the world. Even if it is the ground beneath your feet and your AO. You have changed the world then. It’s not rocket science, nor is it complicated, it’s no secret formula, or requires sheet metal chewing special forces secret squirrel commando training, it’s good old fashioned common sense.
    Imagine if everyone in the sphere of your life did the same within the limits of their lives and liberty?
    It begins to create a kind of open source motive power, an insurgent movement, that becomes indomitable. See what happens here?
    The reality of this is all you can really effect positively is your tiny AO. Though that may seem insignificant, in the larger scope, that is all the world is made up of, little people, who put their pants on one leg at a time and the ground beneath our feet.
    It’s the tiniest things that change the world for good, just as it is always and only the purview of the dirt people who have ever effected positive change in this world.
    If that ain’t the truth, then why is the world like it is now, and why then is everyone else trying to destroy us dirt people, eradicate our traditions and legacy, our liberty?
    It is the power of The Great Fuck You, it goes beyond The Trump, it leads back to the source, it’s grass roots in the dirt people.
    One way or another, this Great Fuck You wins. -me

    • “It is the power of The Great Fuck You, it goes beyond The Trump, it leads back to the source, it’s grass roots in the dirt people.”


      As I’ve tried to explain to many, it’s not about Trump. It’s about “then” which describes both D’s & R’s.

      Jeff B.

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    They can make all of the noise they want. The average clueless member of the sheeple does not even know what the SPLC is all about. Most of the Sheeple could not define or articulate the difference between Fascism, Communism, or Democracy on a good day.
    Remember Leno’s man-on-the-street segments? Ever watch Watter’s World on O’Reilly? That is the real Amerika. These “professors” and eggheads such as the mook in Jersey who wants white genocide are in their own bubble. They talk s*#t because they can get away with it and it makes the MSM notice them. It is just like the previous posts within the last three weeks profiling the idiot with the shotgun at port arms and the fat deviate with the neck beard. Meat-on-the-table when the meltdown comes.
    Keep prepping and making your lists. Barry has just a few more weeks to pull a whopping False Flag rabbit out of his hat. Then, all bets are off and the curtain goes up on Act One. Bleib ubrig.

  7. What a dogs lunch of unorganized grabastic shit. Like a fucking TED talk. A 35000 foot Mach two eyeball flyby done in a convincing voice that leaves one or two erudite phrases to use after namaste class. Useless.

    Notice how’s there’s something for everyone in there, sorted by sections? Satanist. Racists. Mysogynists. Left handed tricyclists.

    How well did that big tent work for us?

    We got this, people. We just have to remember to unass the useless when we wrap it up.

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  9. I hope they all spend every moment of their valuable & self-absorbed time, reading each one. And all the references therein leading them down other rabbit holes, and all of those references, ad infinitum – unless they are joining the march to Aleppo. Isn’t choice wonderful?

  10. Nate Krummholz

    Actually, some of those articles aren’t too bad. The Mother Jones piece on Spencer and the Tech Crunch piece on NRx are fairly balanced. I just with people would realize that one can be Alt-Right without being a fascist or a national socialist. I also think it’s interesting how the Alt-Right is greatest thing to happen to anti-fa since ear gauges, as we validate their entire sorry existence.