The Great Wall Of Trump – Impending Fact Or Fiction?


As the article notes, he’ll need to beat foreign enemies and domestic.

We’ll soon see.


5 responses to “The Great Wall Of Trump – Impending Fact Or Fiction?

  1. Deeds not words…
    Bushido Code axiom
    ‘When words & actions are divergent, the action is always the truth’…

    tempus fugit

  2. An iron curtain is easy to build. Bulldoze a no-man’s land, then fly the big drones with night vision over it.

  3. Ah, but there are some Indian reservations on the border, and some of those tribes do NOT want a wall on their land. What I would do in those cases is to bulldoze a no-man’s land around the perimeter of that reservation and build the wall THERE. Let those Indian tribes do their business with their Mexican buddies instead of with the US. Anyone wanting to transit between the reservation and the US in EITHER direction would have to go through a customs checkpoint…

    Of course, that is but one of MANY reasons why I am unelectable.

  4. there will be no “Wall”. The illegals here now will stay, and thousands more will continue to arrive each and every day. Nor will anything be done about the “legal” anti-White ethno-invasions; Trump sez Muslims will be “carefully vetted”. That’s a laugh. The “sanctuary cities” racket will continue as well. Were Trump to seriously attempt otherwise, he would be impeached, convicted, and removed by the (((Uniparty))) Congress w/in 72 hours. Look at his cabinet & other appointive office choices: except for Mattis and Sessions, it’s all corporate-globalist trash.

    • You also said Hillary would win.

      Trump hasn’t even parked his arse in the oval office yet and you’re making off-the-cuff predictions about what he will and will not do.

      Give the guy a chance for Pete’s sake, and if he doesn’t come through then you can tell me “I told you so.”