Traitor Grahamnesty: The Senate Believes Putin & The Russian Government Hacked The 2016 POTUS Election



A diversion.

From what?


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  1. Carlos Danger

    Must be a Comet Ping Pong patron

  2. 99 my butt.

    “I’d say…”. Code for BS.

    Graham and McLame need to be run out of the GOP (for starters…) and be told be the party leader to shut the hell up.

    Enough from this pansy boy.

  3. ALCON,

    Lypsey Graham. Although I’ve always considered that flaming faggot to be a major problem, and he is. Ultimately, the responsibility for this CINO even being around beyond one term lies with the citizens of South Carolina.

    Is Graham an enemy of Freedom and Liberty ? Ab-so-fucking-lutely ! But, he wouldn’t be around if the ass clowns of South Carolina hadn’t kept him around.

    Eff Graham AND the people of South Carolina !

    • and name One State that has Two Patriot American Senators? None, just ChamberPot Rinos and Marxist DemocRats.
      We are in such deep shiat here in the USSA that the question might be asked, “IF the swamp is drained, Will anything be left????
      At least SC voted for Trump, and I add that putting all one’s eggs in a single man, even a Trump, is risky policy.
      It’s always been up to the “man in the mirror” to secure his own for his kith and kin.

      • StBernardnot


        • Thank you. We’ll see how they vote on keeping the Feral Teat $ on ethanol flowing and TPP slavery. But you have a valid answer so far to my question.

      • Early,

        Don’t be defending the ass clowns of South Carolina. The subject is that POS Graham. So let me say again:

        EFF Graham and the people of South Carolina !

        • OK, So What about McCain, and Flake and the people of AZ? Or the Prog Twins from TN? Or Rube Rubio from FL? Isackson from GA? Senile old Thad in MS? Gun controller Toumey from PA? At least gun controller Ayotte was defeated in NH, but they got an equally repugnant DemocRat replacement.
          Methinks your target aquisition, while correct, is much too narrow. There are dumbass Repub voters all over. The problem is essentially voting for Comrade A or Comrade B.

          • Early,

            Do you truly believe that I’m “picking on” fag-boy Graham and disregarding the rest of the scum ? Guess you haven’t read my remarks over the years, castigating the scum you refer to.

            But hey, if it gives you a Happy New Year and a boner, let me congratulate you for clarifying my remarks for me and making YOUR point that good, ol’ dick-sucking Lypsey Graham is only a teensy-weensy part of the overall problem. Thank you so much for enlightening me. Bless you. Have to get up pretty “Early” to put one over on you !

            In closing, my M-F’ing Graham was due to his being the target and leader of an effort to attack DJ Trump. He was the subject of this posting by the blog author. Next time before I M-F any scum of the D.C. 535 + 8, I’ll check with you for permission.

            Oh, almost forgot:










            • I apologize for not having read all your posts over the years since I’m sort of a newby here. Thank you for the “warm” welcome even though I don’t disagree with you, but hey some people love using shotguns on people that just wanted to have a conversation. I’ll refrain from bothering you in the future.

    • SC re-elects him for the same reason Arizona keeps re-electing McCain, Kentucky keeps re-electing McConnell, Wisconsin keeps re-electing Ryan — because the GOP props them up as Good Cop to the Democrats’ Bad Cop.

      “If you don’t elect our Turd Sandwich, their Giant Douche is going to win!”

      • Exactly! and the Repub Primary opponents are either nonexistant or nuked by the incumbent’s money and propaganda. The fearful sheeple stick with the familiar incumbent 90% of the time. If an outsider does get in, they are taught how to “stay in” upon arrival in the DC swamp, or they get sunk.
        The 2010 TP candidates are now gone.or converted into the Establishment.
        This Trump election is the last chance for “Voting” as a solution, imo.
        I know many already think voting is a waste of time, and your ranks are growing, time will tell and “Events” are coming our way.


    WTF is wrong with the voters in South Carolina? First it was that morally bankrupt ambulance chasing philanderer, John Edwards. Now it’s Nancy-Boy Graham and Memsahib Haley. There was a point in our history where that state led the way in standing up to the Federal Leviathan. I am beginning to think they are the East Coast version of Kalifornia. This is very sad. Where is John C. Calhoun now that we need him?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Edwards was North Carolina

      • Wrong. He “represents” S.C. and he is re-elected time and again by a large military contingency. 8 Military bases in S.C.
        He is a pathetic little chicken hawk, neo-con eager to send our troops anywhere and everywhere to keep America safe. He and McCain should have been run out of their respective states long ago, but pandering to the military is good for political careers.

        • Kevin,

          The POS Graham is a retired USAF full bird colonel. Further, he’s a lawyer who has been in Congress since 1995. Prior to that the SC House of Reps. He is a career politician and it sickens me the fools who keep this homo around.

          BTW….he supported Jeb Bush and declared he would not vote for DJ Trump. It should come as no surprise this POS wants to disrupt the Trump steamroller. Mr. Trump is upsetting the good ol’ boy apple cart and the GOPe and their co-conspirators (everyone else, Dem, Green,etc.) don’t like it.

          Mr. Trump isn’t sworn in yet. Wouldn’t surprise me if their is a congressional effort to derail his swearing in.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          No, John Edwards was a senator from North Carolina. He never “represented” South Carolina, and is out of politics.

          • Jimmy,

            Wasn’t Edwards a democrat dirtbag who was going to run for POTUS, but his dick got in the way ? He got caught tappin’ some kootch not his wife and someone spilled the beans to the press, if I recall. News went viral. Edwards slithered away. “Out of politics” as you remarked.

            • Jimmy the Saint

              Yep, same one. Sleazebag extraordinaire. Got his start as a medical malpractice lawyer who specialized in birth/pregnancy issues – he’d channel the dead baby during closing arguments to juries. Staunch abortion advocate, though. I guess those babies didn’t speak to/through him.


        My bad, I apologize to the South Carolinian patriots who are still trying to right the ship.

        • Mr. Weasel,

          South Carolinian “Patriots” ? Who the hell would that be ? SC democrats ? Oh well, no harm. No foul. All ten of them accept your apology.

      • Jimmy,

        NC or SC….he’s still a dirtbag.

    • behind enemy lines Ct.

      We have 7 gun grabbing make believe progressives representing Ct. The brain dead still vote them in. Libutards & Plantation Nigra’s. The pox on them all. A phucken progressive just a nice word for a socialist. A communist is an impatient socialist [SSI]. Didn’t get a chance to kill commie pukes in the FROG . Still may get the chance here in Amerika. Voted for Trump but !!!!!!!

    • SC also sat back and watched the left strip them of their history and heritage in 2015. It’s pretty par for the corse I’d say.

  5. So how is it that Barry now says that we were supposedly “hacked,” by the Russians not long before he explicitly said otherwise, on live TV?


    Where is the “Fake News,” coming from again?

    • irritable,

      Because soetoro-obama has NEVER been held accountable for anything he has done or says.

      I still believe in the next two years their will be massive bloodshed in fUSA. All of it orchestrated by soetoro-obama post-usurped presidency. Barry is already planting the seed for attacking white, middle class Amerika.

      Soetoro-obama is a Marxist moslem. He is going to create much trouble unless physically stopped.

  6. If you listen to, or read his speeches, you’ll understand why they are vilifying Putin. He’s a Nationalist and believes in returning to its Christian roots.

    Contrast that with America. What has it become? A habitat of every foul spirit… in the name of freedom. And spreading that foulness under the guise of democracy, which is just a code word for, globalism. Remember when the West jumped all over Putin over that foul degenerate Pussy Riot?

    They won’t stop, until they are stopped.

    • Curtis,

      You’ve really hit the nail on the head with your remarks. Particularly “….under the guise of democracy, which is just a code word for, globalism.”

      • Dan, if we really want to get down to what it really is, we can call it Babelism.

        “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.

        Creating/Re-imaging God into THEIR OWN image = Licence = licentiousness. And call it… luvvv’a.

  7. Comrade Igor

    is Vladville is such a threat, how is it they haven’t outed this turdbumper yet ?

    although, the Senate is – after all – largely composed of mouthbreathers and Talking Hairdos …. think Slow Joe and Jeanne-Piere LeKerry, or if you really wanna get a sense of their intellectual depth … Al Franken

  8. Will no one rid of this treasonous hack? With apologies to King Henry…

  9. They believe nothing of the sort. What they DO believe, and correctly, I might add is there is a certain percentage of America just dumb enough to believe them when they blame Russia for the spectacular failure of vilifying HUGE segments of the American population via ignorant stereotypes, drooling rhetoric and unfounded accusations. You have to remember, these leftist cocksuckers are allergic to personal responsibility and its consequences. All that remains to be seen now is whether or not they’re dumb and brave enough to take the next step…… I’m putting my money on “not fuckin likely”. It’s easy to line folks up at a trench and put a bullet behind their ears when they have no weaponry. Not so much when we’re armed and more than capable of defending ourselves.

  10. Anything (another magician inspired deflection) to avoid talking about one of the things Putin will surely talk about, to wit: Why were you f’ing around in the Ukrainian elections, installing your own puppet, and doing things that average Ukrainians now view as a coup? [and I know one personally who does a fine job using both “puppet” and “coup” in the same sentence, in English.]

    These entanglement-mongers are part of the swamp. For similar reptiles it’s a small area to find their brains but a good FMJ, ’bout 40° off broadside into the earhole, will do the trick. Then you can drain at will. Graham, McCain, et al, are not just jokes – they are dangerous and should probably just go walk out on the ice.

  11. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Lindsey Graham a total fag, neo-con, globalist, piece of shit ! Served in Air Force Reserve / 20yrs .But never was activated for even 1 tour of duty in the Middle East.. Walks away with a 20 year pension as Colonel /JAG. He was also an attendee @ Globalist Bilderberg meeting this past summer. Song bird Manchurian candidate can go phuck himself also ! Seeing he stonewalled/ stopped the search for missing POW’S from Viet Nam.99.9% of our elected representative’s in the District of Criminals qualify for a kangaroo court ,piano wire, meat hook, neck tie party. As does SCOTUS.

  12. I’m still listening for the sound of a draining swamp. I’ll not hold my breath. All CONgress kritters are corrupt or they wouldn’t be CONgress kritters in the first place. One does not get to that place without a lever, a big lever. Going off script results in short flight times. Just so no one confuses it fuck L Graham and everyone else sharing the building with him. EVERYONE.

    Make America Goldman Again.

  13. Last time I checked – if the Russians hacked anybody – they hacked the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, not the U.S. Government.

    The government – and the political parties – are separate organizations – or should be. But this is a subtle point completely lost on the vast majority of people in this country.

  14. SemperFi, 0321

    So again, what’s the diversion for?
    The non-issue of Pizzagate? Or something much worse, like being ignored. They know they are on the road to obsolescence, they have to do anything they can to still appear in the public eye as the smart ones, the real leaders of the country, and guess who leads when you start a mini aggression war? The blabbering idiots who stay in the public eye. Kinda like the MSM.

  15. It is time to rethink the term RINO. Stop pretending that the Republican Party is the party of principle. They are not. They are enemies of the republic and liberty. As are the Democrats. Graham, et al are not exceptions, they are the epitome of a party that covets power and influence and promotes empire. RINO needs to be reserved for people like Ron Paul who put liberty ahead of personal accumulation of power.