Translate Into Hungarian: I’m A-Skeered & You Should Be, Too


The failing blog formerly known as the Washington Post hands their pen to a frightened Hungarian.

Frightened of other Hungarians, that is.

Curiously absent is any discussion of the existential threat posed to Europe by the adherents of Aisha’s rapist.

Europa ist verloren.

29 responses to “Translate Into Hungarian: I’m A-Skeered & You Should Be, Too

  1. “The failing blog formerly known as the Washington Post”

    That’s awesome, LOL!

  2. low comedy from the “Director for Research on Human Rights” at “Central European University.” If the globalists and their anti-White invasives win, there’ll be no “human rights” for anyone but Jews, Chinks, and the odd assorted billionaire.

    what a pleasure its going to be to air out the Ivory Towers

  3. On that WP piece of lyin’ sniveling SJW agitprop, Jim of Jim’s Blog posted a salient note that is sure to make cultural marxists of every variety very a-skeered. A kind of truth that is bone chilling.
    It crosses my mind frequently, do they understand the consequences of pushing us dirt people too far, do they have an inkling even? We who know who we are look and see and ask ourselves in the privacy of our hearts if our antagonists really are so insane to think they will carry out their threats of our extinction.
    This pogrom of cultural genocide against us White Men of the West is serious business. It isn’t a fairy tale where Che lives this marxist fantasy ideal existence of a glorious “revolutionary” and everyone gets a poster to hang on their wall or radical chic’ Tee shirt with his likeness to impress their fellow red diaper pin special snowflakes with the courage of their diversity.
    We haven’t taken up arms because we are Men of the West, it is as we know in our bones resort of lasts because it is a thing so terrible in it’s retribution, that regardless it is nonetheless so proper. That is why we are the only men in all of history to live in liberty to begin with. It is something passed down through our blood. Us Men of the West are underneath our quiet reserved and tolerant appearance, are the most ruthless merciless effective blood thirsty warriors imaginable. We don’t fuck around once pushed past all the other peaceful resorts. We don’t back down, we don’t care what it takes then, only there is no quit in us, we can not be stopped till it is us and only us who decide enough has been done to destroy what it is that pushed us to be blood curdling warriors to begin with. It is only those of us warriors who truly understand this as we recognize each other because you have it you see it. It’s something of alloy steel reinforced virtue in us, and for but the grace of God we go that tempers our indomitable spirit.

    Against Liberty
    December 27th, 2016
    Liberty allows and encourages the highest human flourishing. But when your enemies seek your destruction, it is time for liberty to go.

    The time approaches for the warrior ethic, wherein the highest good is to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

    It takes two to keep the peace, only one to start war. Every time that Muslims drive a truck into a bunch of Christians, or Black Lives Matter ethnically cleanses the neighborhood of whites and burns down a shopping center, people start panicking “Oh, the terrible white backlash is forcing Muslims and blacks to become radicals.”, though no one has seen any white backlash yet.

    The way to respond to war, is with war. History shows us that only war works.

    Let us try massacring some peaceful Muslim men and enslaving their women, and see what the effect is on Muslim radicalism. Let us try reenslaving those blacks that are causing the most problems. That would be backlash.

    For liberty to exist, there must first be law. For law to exist, there must first be order. For order to exist, there must first be peace. For peace to exist, there must first be victory. And victory usually requires the most horrifying means.

    Submitting to your enemy’s war making is not liberty, nor order, nor is it peace.

    It is been too long since the last war, people have forgotten how terrible war is, and our enemies have become too used to easy victories, where they make war unopposed, and this war making is answered by generous concessions, which necessarily leads to more extreme war making by our enemies. The only way to real peace, is now through real war.

  4. With the latest immigrant riots in Bulgaria, the former eastern block has set up a ‘muslim curtain’ where the ‘ iron curtain’ once stood. They told Mad Merkel and drunk Junker to fuck off at their threats of huge fines if they didn’t take in anymore muslim refugees. Mad Merkel is pushing them back towards Putin. Putin must have hacked her brain too. He certainly lives there, rent free.

    • That is a brilliant observation about the new Iron Curtain.
      Putin and Trump are both master’s of the Troll, they both are exceedingly adept at trolling the leaders of the human extinction movement aka cultural marxists.

  5. The author of that piece is an ostrich and, no shock, with a perspective welcomed by a fish-wrap. Actually he sounds like another apologist for the DNC but with some rough spots around the language. He did manage to construct one sentence that is worth reading twice:

    “Do not be distracted by a delusion of impending normalization.” Nope, things like that take time & work – this is different than sitting around in metro-pants & colored sneakers pontificating with a latte.

  6. wealthy farmer

    From coast to coast we the dirt people in ‘unsophisticated’ racist deplorable land produce and control the supply of ALL the FOOD, ENERGY and WATER to the urban globalist hives. What manufacturing is left in this country is also located in flyover land. We outgun them and outnumber them, and they know it. They feel their vulnerability in their bones. ALL their transportation links cross our country. If we were to seize power from the urban sophisticates the cities would be dead. Food for thought.
    P.S.: Victor Orban is a patriot to humanity and the true western tradition.
    Seriously: Fuck the WaPo, dead media walking, Jeff Bezos’ money pit….

    • The Kulaks were in much the same position … growing and controlling the food for the cities. As you probably know, those people were murdered by the millions.

      You have to ask, “What was the missing element?” If those Kulaks held, on paper, such power … how come they were disposed of so easily?

      What leads you to believe that “you” possess the qualities which they lacked? Is there actually any evidence to suggest that this is so?

      • Are you so ignorant of history BB, you don’t realize you wouldn’t be sitting at your computer today, with the natural right and freedom to freely voice your say, if the most successful revolution in human history against tyranny didn’t happen?
        Everyone is a Kulak till they aren’t.

      • First of all, let’s get this straight from the start:

        STALIN did not kill the Kulaks. His GD pigs did.

        I know where the pigs live in my AO. I know their schedules. When pig hunting season opens, I intend to start killing their whores. I should be able to exterminate at least five of them before the piggies show up, and maybe more if I “git ‘er done” with one shot each. Not many people out-and-about at the appropriate time, and one shot is unlikely to get all that much attention.

        Dead pigs are not able to kill very many Kulaks. Is that sufficient “evidence” for you?

        • Mark: Do you think such commentary is wise?

          • I think such commentary is honest.

            I will not act unless this country’s “Law Enforcement” enable those who would keep President Trump from taking office.

            I believe that Lavoy Finicum, Jack Yantis, Eric Scott, Jeremy Mardis, Corey Jones, Eurie Stamps, Aiyana Jones, Andrew Lee Scott and many more deserve justice. I fully understand they will NOT get that from this country’s “Law Enforcement”, nor from its “Legal” system.

            I am willing to put that aside IF the government will work back towards its Constitutional limits. I believe that President Trump presents an opportunity for that to happen. I have no doubt that, even if he takes office and does his best, we will NOT be anywhere near there even after eight years. But it would be a start. However, for that to happen, President Trump needs to be sworn in, and the government must act in accordance with his policies. They had NO problem doing that for the past eight years, even when the policies were in direct violation of law. We shall see what happens now.

            On the other hand, if the sewage running this nation prevent President Trump from taking office, and if this country’s “Law Enforcement” do their usual and do whatever they’re told as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in, then as far as I’m concerned it’s on. And as I said before, Stalin didn’t kill all those people. Mao didn’t kill all those people. Instead, it was THEIR pigs who did whatever they were told, since that paycheck kept comin’ in. I’ll do my part to keep that from happening here.

    • Who are the sane leaders in the West today?

      Hopefully, soon to be Trump

      Is there anyone else?

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    From the 100% Christian Magyar enclaves of Euro-ethnic rich America still well-armed and on our feet, we in the Hungarian Community have two words for WaPo, Bezos, and fuck-face Milos H. and it ain’t “Happy Birthday.”

    baszd meg!

    Hell, we “Hunkies” took on three divisions of Commies and at least 1,100 of their tanks back in 1956 and gave them a run for their money. YOU. AIN’T SHIT!

    You wanna fuck with us Hungarians? Here’s what we did with our bare hands and some petrol to your vaunted ISU-152s in District #8 of Budapest:



  8. Okay….I could only stomach about half of this communist drivel.
    Trump is not a fucking ‘populist’, he’s an American AND a businessman to his very core. Look at the cabinet picks for examples and proof of where he’s taking his administration.

    • It’s marxist agitprop 101. See what they are trying to do here? Turn “Populist” into a pejorative, like changing Tea Party into domestic terrorists. Remember how they associated it with the homosexual act of ball bag sucking? It’s socially brainwashing people. It is an attempt Kulak the people of The Great Fuck You. It’s all they got.

      The only way I can define it in simple terms is they call the AR15 rifle an assault weapon like they call the Tea Party terrorists.

      Alynski smiles while these SJW give Satan a reach-around. These toxic pieces of human pollution are cunning, they are crafty and ever so sly. Like “Bitter Clingers”, that one is a beauty. Take something near and dear to peoples heart, their identity, especially their legacy, and toxcify it.
      You see it all the time, it is assimilating everything that is a threat to them into a simmering vat of deplorable hate.

  9. The Great Fuck You Euro style:

    The EU vs. the Nation State?
    by George Igler
    December 28, 2016

    “…The question remains, however, why any nation would want to throw out its sovereignty to institutions that are fundamentally unaccountable, that provide no mechanism for reversing direction, and whose only “solution” to problems involves arrogating to itself ever more authoritarian, rather than democratically legitimate, power…

    …Given that the EU’s institutions have been so instrumental as a causal factor in the mass migration and terrorism that are now dominating the minds of national electorates, some might argue that the sooner Europeans get rid of the EU, which is now doing more harm than good, the better…”


    Keep in mind, dear friends, the festivities have not started yet. The “left” is still bloviating, whining, carrying on, etc. There will be major chimp-outs and demonstrations on 01/20/2017. What follows is anyone’s guess. I am still trying to get more hard information about “liberals buying guns”. Wait and see and continue prepping.