First Two Of Four


Implications both foreign and domestic are significant, from Small Wars Journal:

What’s Wrong With SOCOM?

What’s Wrong With ARSOF?

More to come.

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  1. The question is, does DOL, De Oppressor Liber figure into the mission any longer?
    It is a serious question.
    Because if things keep going the way they are, To Free From Oppression, isn’t going to be a foreign mission, but a domestic one. And all that implies.

  2. I’ve always wondered about the sublime political and cultural conflict regarding possible domestic expeditionary tasking, between DOL, Counter Insurgency Operations, and that pesky Oath everyone takes.

  3. I’ve said it before.

    We’ll be fighting these turds in berets soon enough.

    They are mercs, and will do whatever they are paid to do…


  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. If you followed the Ukrainian war you saw what looks like a major shift in technology, backwards. Kiev had modern fighter jets and fighter helicopters and the rebels had none. But the rebels had modern anti-aircraft weapons and they completely neutralized the air power of Kiev. The anti tank weapons, along with the drone spotters, neutralized many of the tanks and artillery on both sides. Both sides had, what used to be called ‘ Stalin’s organs’, the grad missile systems, which weren’t very accurate. The Amerikan drone missiles in Syria were defeated by Al Qaeda by simply hanging up bed sheets over the streets to impede their view of the battlefield. Apparently what won the battle for the rebels in the Donbass was simply, superior infantry, the guys with the AK’s running around in camo gear. Before he was assassinated, Motorola was easily the finest infantry commander on both sides of the war and that may have made the difference. God knows I have made fun of the people like Mason Dixon and the Gi-joe classes they teach but they may be right. Battlefield technology may have advanced so far so as to revert the tactics to before our own civil war era. It may be just teams of infantry with AR’s and AK’s shooting at each other, and the only artillery being used would be the easily moveable motar’s and the fantastic new anti tank missiles. I’m no military man. Someone please clue me in on what I’m missing.

    • You aren’t missing anything. Victory belongs to warriors not joystick grasping nerds. The commitment of the former trumps the nerds by orders of magnitude,

  6. one notes that the Russians/Assad have removed ISIS – and the other Isramerican pet Sunni terrorists – from Aleppo. Meanwhile the great US/Iraq battle to take back Mosul continues to proceed…and proceed…and…actually, one hears little of it lately. Evidently it’s not going too well.