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Over the transom, originally at the time of the Charlotte “protests”/riots:

I saw a conversation in which several BLM folks confided their belief that “white people in America” (however they define that) will give them whatever they want because “white [American] people are afraid of violence.”

I didn’t want my Facebook account demolished, so I refrained from commenting. I’ll just synthesize my thoughts below, as developed by myself and as seen by others smarter than me:

Mainstream non-ghetto-thug-culture American people (regardless of race) do not fear violence. They actually are quite comfortable with it. They simply refrain from use of force except as a last resort, or they channel it into sports. They don’t fear violence, they actually like it — too much. Why? Because they are good at it. The best in the world. War, real kill-people-and-breaks-things war (not nation-building), is simply another form of business for them. They organize it (and I’m not talking about Facebook/Twitter posts either), turn it into a business, industrialize it, weaponize it, deploy it, and keep on deploying it repeatedly until clearly-defined conditions for victory are achieved. They don’t fight randomly or categorically; they fight according to their business plan (hint: anyone who has taken a Marketing class immediately recognizes Psyops for what it is).

They go so far as to build a hidden research city (Oak Ridge, Tennessee) for inventing & perfecting entire new fields of science, and to create new substances never seen on Earth (such as Plutonium), solely for the purpose of weaponization against other white people halfway around the world. (Based on what we know today, history indicates the atomic bomb would have been used against Germany if Germany was still in the fight when the bomb was ready for use. Its use against the Japanese twice was primarily a warning to USSR not to directly challenge us or our allies militarily in Europe or in the Far East. Don’t worry, I’m not an apologist, Japan still earned nuking twice.) The facts are all there to prove my assertion. We just don’t spell it out so starkly in the history books today because it horrifies us to see in writing how far we will go to make & win war.

So if mainstream Americans seem not to handle personal street violence well, it’s because the only people the cameras catch crying and weeping before the thug beats them are (1) the ones who have no situational awareness or (2) the ones who don’t appreciate how dangerous strangers can be to each other. The rest either beat feet out the AO beforehand, avoided that AO to begin with, or are carrying firearms in a pack of friends who also are carrying firearms. And, we don’t believe street violence is legitimate. We don’t very much like all of our laws, but we do very much like for them to be obeyed (hence our impatience with, say, armed robbery over a purse or wallet). So it is quite correct to say mainstream Americans have three speeds: Silence; Peaceful Protest; and Total War. We are very Roman in that latter aspect.

I’m not sure where to go from there. The implications stagger me. And I refuse to make it a race thing. If anything, it is fundamentally a “Protect Western Civilization’s culture of reason, science, liberty, justice, and individual rights against barbarians” thing. That is what the study of war and history (real history with facts and first-hand material, not national mythology) has taught me.

All we are saying is give war a chance.

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  1. It’s been said that when blacks riot, cities burn. When whites riot, continents burn.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, whitey – as a group – hasn’t rioted in 71 years, so they’re probably a little out of practice. Historically, they smashed those who opposed them – modernly, not so much.

    • I heard it.
      “When blacks get angry and riot they burn their own neighborhoods down. When whites get angry and riot they burn their enemies neighborhood down.

  2. And, on the 240th anniversary of the Battle of Trenton, the world should remember that we are the sort of people who will cross a frozen river in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, to kill you in your sleep.

  3. Wow! Very succinct and direct. Hats off to you. I think this is what every libturd, progressive, illegal, terrorist, agitator needed to hear. As the saying goes, you can only like the bear so many times, then there is hell to pay. I feel the bear is pretty pissed off.

  4. The time is coming when every AO in the United States will come under attack. The Marxist think they will prevail in a civil war. Creative destruction and the confusion it creates is a prime growth medium for the Marxist. They are well trained in propaganda and will flood the airways with their message to try to turn the masses in their favor.

    Sun Tzu’s The Art of War
    Master Sun talks often about deception and therefore warns against being deceived by the enemy and underestimating their ability. ‘He who exercises no forethought but makes light of his opponents is sure to be captured by them.’ It’s important to properly assess your opponent without prejudice or assumption.

    Marxist are true devotees of all forms of warfare and will use that knowledge to win the psychological battle that generally decides the outcome i.e. (Hearts and Minds). Marxism is a death cult that understands you must eliminate you foe to be truly successful in the long-run. Internment and reeducation camps are a natural outflow of the Marxist philosophy.

    Hillary Clinton called for reeducation camps during the election.
    Hillary Clinton Calls For ‘Re-Education Camps’ For Americans As NWO Moves One Step Closer To A Boot Stamping On A Human Face…Forever!

    The Rubicon has been crossed so the Marxist next move will be violence. Be prepared.

  5. I was actually going to disagree with the authors comments until the last line. “Silence, peaceful protest, total war.” You see despite the bluster and bravado (not necessarily directed at the author) most people are full of shit! The louder, the more cowardly.

    Yes, most of white America or suburban America, gun owners included, are scared of violence. If not, we would have reached total war by now. Think about it. The gun is the method or tool used to avoid violence!

    When we reach the total war stage, yes watch out. The author is 100% right. Problem is, we will never, probably, reach total war! Because law and order and rules and stuff…

    • There has not yet been enough pain.


      • There isn’t even enough pain to get people out of the cities and into self sufficient communities let alone picking up a rifle and going to war… Sad That…

        • People that live in the cities, by and large, are the ones that like the EBT, SNAP, Democrats, Socialism, SJWs, and all other manner of ‘commune’ living. Look at the election map that shows county by county who voted for whom. Personally, I don’t need or want any city dweller to move out. Let them stay in their own man-made hells. BTW, maybe when the s hits the f, we can drop the bridges and flood the tunnels to the rotten apple, thus confining them to the island. Think “Escape From New York.”

      • “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
        if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
        come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

  6. He says he doesn’t want to make it a “Race Thing”, however in the coming chaos, your skin color is your uniform.

    Fortunately, White people have an incredible habit of winning against the various other races despite being massively outnumbered. The Brits at Rorke’s Drift and Winged Hussars at the Gates Of Vienna demonstrate just how incredibly outnumbered we can be, and yet pull out a victory against withering odds.

    The Saxon hasn’t even begun to Hate.

    • “He says he doesn’t want to make it a “Race Thing”, however in the coming chaos, your skin color is your uniform.”

      I must agree. The unfortunate thing about this is that it’s being foisted upon both blacks and whites: Upon blacks by the Marxist deep pockets that incite and back groups like BLM, SJWs, et al, and upon whites by blacks because of the aforementioned Marxists.

      So while we whites are slugging it out in the streets with blacks, the puppetmasters are sitting back waiting to mop up the aftermath to achieve what ever goals they have.

      With eyes wide open, we’re being led into a race war, and even though we know it, we’ll still have to get in the fray when our lives and the lives of our families are threatened by hoards of screaming Zulus.

  7. This is excellent, and the mtnforge offering yesterday, who needs the media.

    • You couldn’t say it any better than these words above spoken. What I appreciate and respect about the truth spoken is it is the dirt peoples perspective, in straight up plain talk. It isn’t tainted or tarnished by politics or ideologies, narratives or agenda, it is straight from the heart, from a mind who took inordinate effort to construct a thoughtful observation of who we are as Western Men.
      Excellent indeed. It is excellence.

  8. thusspakethgeorge

    “mainstream Americans” = white

    it’s ok. We all know it. #crimethink


    It is not that we whites are afraid of violence. As a Peace Officer, I have seen plenty of white citizens beat down, shoot, or stab assailants who were trying to hurt them or their families. Our violence is reactionary and geared towards self-preservation. Keep in mind that the inner-city thugs are strongest and most visible in the Blue Hives. They have the backing of (((leftist white))) money. However, when the dance started in Ferguson, MO, white folks with rifles were standing in front of some businesses which were not touched. And we saw very little of that in the MSM “reporting”.
    During the Rodney King festivities, the Korean community responded with alacrity and the rock-apes and low-riders left their properties alone. These BLM-types are not stupid. They know they can get away with burning police cars and throwing rocks. The token Negro or Negress mayor or DA will kiss their asses and more tax dollars will be pumped into the ‘Hood. And that is what it is all about. Digital-dollar bribes, Danegeld, or whatever.
    My A/O is basically lily-white. Yes, there is a small, noisy cabal of leftists, sexual deviates, and useful-idiot clergy. But they have been neutralized over the “refugee issue” and some have already received Night Letters. I look forward to the festivities in the Blue Hives. These Cosmic White (((Marxist))) rat-bastards and their useful idiots deserve everything bad that ever happens to them.

  10. Centurion_Cornelius

    “Ready on the LEFT. ready on the RIGHT. The firing line is READY.”
    Bar-Bar Barbarians/Marxists, Anarchists–your move. The Pig is ready.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Historically speaking, the barbarians usually win. It might take ’em a while, but unless the “civilized” side has an absolutely overwhelming technological advantage, bet on the barbarians.

      Case in point: the guy in the picture above was on the losing side.

    • No one was saying
      that gay, mangina, limp
      wristed, firing line babble
      when that picture was taken.

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    Breaking stuff.

  12. Boss, it won’t be the pain that does it. It will be the fear.

  13. I think the foolish idea that whites are afraid of violence is the result of the exposure that the troublemakers have to the whites.

    They tend to be exposed to urban or academic whites, which are best described as Eloi,

    Leave your urban shitholes and get out in the real world, and you’ll find that there is a different animal driving a tractor or a big rig..

  14. No One You Know

    If you haven’t seen this yet, give it a look:

    “Violence is rarely the answer. But when it is, it’s the only answer.”

  15. The Usual Suspect

    When we reach the total war stage, yes watch out. The author is 100% right. Problem is, we will never, probably, reach total war! Because law and order and rules and stuff…

    Thats just silly Jeff is sad panda, we all know when to ignore the rule book.
    If the progressive/marxists want to redefine the anarchist bell curve, do it !!!

  16. Once again liberals are pushing the idea of racism.

  17. White America (really, work-for-a-living America) is not afraid of violence.
    They’ll be pissed you’re either cutting into their job time, or f***ing with their time off.

    Either way, they’re going to respond like Tex Cobb did to Patrick Swayze in Uncommon Valor: they’re going to kick the offender’s @$$#$ from Hell to breakfast, and back.

    And once the initial hesitancy wears off, there will come a glee in cleansing the parasites, and burning them off the hull of the ship of state, that will be frightening to behold. It will not be sated until it has truly had enough, or there is no one left to sacrifice. (I’m betting on “B”.)

    Then, the normally inoffensive, long-suffering crowd will quietly go home, TPTB will look the other way (lest Cleansing v2.0 begin in earnest with TPTB), and they’ll send a few of their toady minions to “round up the usual suspects”. Some paltry few may actually be white, but those will be trailer trash with a long arrest record, whom TPTB were eager to be rid of anyways.

    There’ll be a couple of show trials, so Civilization can put a patina of control over the veneer of civil order, and everyone will spontaneously and inwardly agree to Never Mention It Again, exactly as if the guest of honor had farted at a fancy dinner party. It. Never. Happened.

    And then the survivors will all live happily ever after, and a host of former public housing, being now empty and/or sub-code burned out detritus, will be bulldozed for more condos, office buildings, and malls.

    And the national average mathematics IQ will go up 30 points, nearly overnight.

    Q: Jimmy and his friends make up 12% of the population. If Jimmy’s posse riots, what percentage of the population will they make up afterwards?A: Zero.

  18. Message to the aforementioned BLM crowd. You will find out how wrong you are when you have your Oh $*** moment. If it comes to that. In the meantime, you may continue to slaughter one another in your effed up cities and show up at the next soros funded blm gathering to destroy your own ‘hood. Fine w/ me. You are BLM bc you have no life. You have no concept that your chosen ‘enemy’ is an obviously manufactured one. A boogey man created by your lying hypocritical greedy leftist ‘leaders’. But you know this and go along with it anyway. At the next Lexington-Concord National moment you have promised & projected on us, you will run like a coward.

  19. colddeadhandsdays

    This article is accurate.

  20. colddeadhandsdays

    Let it come.

  21. Steady Steve

    Shitavious and the BLM crowd think we won’t fight because they make sure that they have a 5 or 10 to one advantage before attacking or attack the elderly and un-situationally- aware. My friends and I are simply waiting for a just excuse to start exterminating these scum and their liberal enablers. This includes members of the MSM who will be prime targets.

  22. The dirt people will endure. We will mow down all comers, count on it.

  23. Henry Bowman

    interesting commentary, given the fact that i, and many other like minded deplorables, live in Charlotte, and battle tracked the “festivities,” of the BLM/SJW crowd….We monitored this very closely and made/adjusted plans acordingly..
    Our phones, IM’s and other modes of sigint/commo were fired up, and rolling…
    We had the ability to develop and deploy a well equipped squad of fellows, 8-10 strong at various locale, various positions to prevent/deter said ‘hood rats from moving into our AO’s….

    We had the ability to listen to real time LEO chatter and use our multi mode commo gear to communicate and coordinate….
    We alerted family and friends (tribe) and made sure they were aware and safe and had plans to evac or use alternate routes…

    Most, if not all of us are typical white/black/asian/latin middle class folks, most with .mil backgrounds, firearms owners, and not uncomfortable with violence, some more than others….

    We avoid if possible violence, but if and when it is necessary to use it, do so in a violent, fast paced, decisive manner to end it, period…
    It’s like going from zero to 100mph, on…

    My father, a US ARMY CSM, 24 yrs, 3 wars, taught me to always finish the fight, and hit first, and often if need be, until the fight is over, then boot stomp em to make sure they won’t get back up….

    I avoid violence if possible, but am not afraid of it should it come my, or my familes/tribes way and i carry both the physical and emotional/mental scars as a result.

    Such is life…..

    “tis better to die on ones feet, than live on ones knees.”

  24. hummus abedin

    Blah, blah, blah…..
    Keyboard, keyboard, keyboard…..
    Clackety, clackety, clackety……
    Excuses, excuses, excuses……
    Blah, blah, blah……..

  25. As you indicated when the Whiteman goes to war it is total destruction. If anyone does not believe that, go and look at Axis cities after we were through with them; they were smoking ruins. We did that to other whites; what do you think the Whiteman will do to the BLM crowd! BLM thinks that by them burn down their own living area, that will show us how “bad” they are and scare us. Ya better call a WAAAblance, because you ill need it.

    As we said in the past “Son, you don’t know “Jack” and you ain’t seen nothing yet!” If you do not believe that “You have been lead into a false sense of security”! Because you ARE NOT so mean or tough as you think you are, because you have not played with the “big dogs” yet.

  26. When white men run riot , millions die and continents burn . The body count racked up by the Bolshi true believers in the last 100 years , remember , to them it’s ” Just a statistic ” . They won’t stop .