Inauguration Plans


If the Reds were smart, they wouldn’t concentrate in DC.

Coordinated Rotfront attacks across the USA with a showpiece event somewhere would deliver the “no justice, no peace” message much more effectively.

For both sides.

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  1. Not to mention providing a much larger pool of targets.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    I think it’s a great idea, show your ass children,
    show your ass.
    We will call it a grand going away gesture.
    MeThinks you doth protest too much.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    this is how they handled “Peaceful Protest” back-in-the-day in Mother Russia:


      C_C: Yes, the Cossacks won that battle. But, who won the war? They were defending a corrupt, dying monarchy, just as the other corrupt dying monarchies were disappearing in the wake of WWI. Of course, the Bolshies turned out to be a lot worse. And if you follow the money, you will find out (((who))) bankrolled them.
      As far as the coming festivities at Mordor-On-The-Potomac, I am wondering if the local Einsatzgruppen are aware of a technique used by the Israeli Army. Evidently, they spray the “Palestinians” with a horrific-smelling substance which takes away any desire to run around screaming and threatening people. Maybe they can douche Lena Dunham and the rest of the useful idiots.
      Of course, there are other things in the works. Barry has just kicked out a bunch of Russkie diplomats for “tampering” with the Amerikan election process. The Muzzie-In-Chief still has time to call off everything and declare Martial Law. Stay tuned.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I hope Trump is well read on who’s behind the curtain, like the second 1917 Revolution. And there could be hope he and Putin are getting ready to gang up on them, together.

        • Trump and Putin aren’t going to create problems for the English, French, Swiss, and Italian bankers.

  4. Here is a comment from a Soros Open Society article calling Trump a Nazi and it illustrates they are true Marxist.

    Great article Mr. Soros, unfortunately in my view the arguments and the struggle is always the same.

    What you call an open vs. close society is the permanent fight between progressives vs. conservatives, ancient regime vs. liberals… We thought it was over, but unfortunately it is not, we just have to keep on fighting and bringing back the old teachings Voltaire, Rousseau, Lock, Popper, Mill, and to some degree Markx.

    The more we go down this path, the more I’m convinced that deep down Karl Markx is being validated. Unless we embrace the principles of the economy of the plenty vs. the economy of scarcity, start thinking that economic progress comes from cooperation not from competition we will end up with the exploitation of many at the hands of the few.

    Plutocracies are not compatible with modern times, so either we evolve or are doomed for regression…

    • Nah, your all looking at it the wrong way.
      It’s right there to see, your all looking at the trees for the forest.
      You all know whats going to happen?
      Actually it is already happening. Just the zeitgeist has to ferment some more like a batch of high gravity home brew.
      I’m telling ya all, I got a sense of these things. This Great Fuck You is going to get a head of steam, it will become manifest, lot of people that have had enough of the fucking scum running things are going to get hit upside the head with the great epiphany, we realize they are not alone, there’s millions of us, it will be a party, people are going to come out into the sun it will hit them they are unstoppable, we will look at each other and it will dawn on them, it will be like a light switch and completely understood like it is the most natural thing in that dirt people way, we are legion.
      Then it will be on like fucking Donkey Kong. These fuckers screwing with us won’t stand a snowballs chance in hell. And our world is going to change in ways we can’t imagine, nothing will be like we thought because our fears and worries distracted us from the truth of us. I’m here telling you, this old spinning ball of life we live on is gonna tilt on it’s political axis, and these fuckers we are fed up with their elitist stuck up crap, will be fucking toast. There never was any way we where going to vote our way out of this. But that’s the thing, we never had to vote our way out of this all along, thats where we where scammed all along, By making sure we where never voting our way out of this, the fuckers made it so we don’t have to. It won’t be a revolution it will be an avalanche. When it happens it will happen so fast it will blow everyones mind.
      I’m telling you all, it’s ready to explode, it’s coming, nothing can stop it now.
      It isn’t going to be pivotal, this world will not be the same again.

  5. Trump is very wise to have his own private security detail between himself and the SS, because of who they really work for.

  6. Maybe the appropriate
    course of action would
    be to plan a plutonium/uranium ball.

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”
    -St. Mattis of Quantico
    No reason to panic, as long as you have a plan that protects you and yours. I’m thinking this is our first chance to get some real target practice in crowd control & defense. (Their crowd and your defense.) Also a good opportunity to practice the Grey Man situation, disappearing in a large city, and avoiding “unstable situations”. Just watch out for those committed to public safety and preoccupied with arcane details and procedures.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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    Not to mention providing a much larger pool of targets.

  9. “there will be roller derby women zooming thru the crowd, knocking people over”


  10. Not a day goes by that I don’t hate the murkin people a little bit more.
    What a bunch of losers. Fat, dumb, drunk, and lazy. Oh, and POOR.

    Go figure.
    100-200 million ASAP.

  11. Stay away from crowds. Bad idea these days.

  12. “If the Reds were smart, they wouldn’t concentrate in DC”.
    The Big Reds are smart; they pay their useful idiots (Small Reds) to converge.

    Time to have another look at OPLAN REX 84

  13. If TPB want this to happen, then it will be allowed. If not, key protesters will be detained the night/morning before and placed in a DC “Homan Square” site for a few hours.

  14. And what’s the trumpteer’s plan? Hide behind cops, couch, keyboard?

    As incomprehensible as the left is, at least they plan and forge ahead. I give them credit for this.