The Kids Are Not Alright, Redux


Unemployable, aggressively ignorant, and filled unto bursting with nonsense.


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  1. Sinek’s explanation goes hand-in-hand with the Campus Reform video, (as well as many other street interview videos circulating the web), showing the complete lack of intellect with today’s young people…

    What I tend to take issue with though, is his defining their situation as through no fault of their own…while there is some truth to this, in saying it he subconsciously promotes the narrative that there is always someone else to blame for one’s own problems. And with the lack of effort to use one’s common sense and refusal to take responsibility for one’s own future, said millennials will once again refuse to absorb the true meaning in his entire message, and use the blame others mantra as justification for why they are unsuccessful in life.

    Juvenile minds will only absorb and relate to the parts of his message that maintains their “woe-is-me” condition. Everything else to them sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher…

    • Excellent point, Leauxryda!
      Self ownership and self respect start with taking responsibility for one’s self. That is a central point so many of that generation seem to fail to accept.

  2. Some Guy in WA

    YEP – hard truths are needed, and parents need to be raising their children. “Too-busy” dads, I am looking at you.

    • However, many of us who were busy but remained involved in our children’s upbringing found that the all pervading pop culture often holds more sway over our children than parents do. Programing on tv that demeans men and belittles fatherhood in particular, that glorifies girl-power at the expense of normal boyhood, and lies about current events all have a more powerful and alluring attraction than Mom and Dad.

      • “Kill your TV” at least until the kids are capable of having independent thought (11-12?) with their own personalities. By then, you have made them invulnerable to most basic programming with the kind of education elite children get. They will be bored with most television, insulted by advertising, and may not even own a dedicated tv screen unless someone leaves one on moving out from a shared living arrangement.
        TV can be instructional to identify lies and propaganda, but only as an example in small doses with discussion to follow.

  3. “Juvenile minds will only absorb and relate to the parts of his message that maintains their “woe-is-me” condition. Everything else to them sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher…”

    – Agreed. Also, young people (the millennials who Sinek is talking about in this case) who are unable to cope with the stress of adulthood and employment are damaged goods; it is NOT the corporation’s responsibility to try to make responsible adults of them at this point in life- the corporation’s responsibility is to make money for its stockholders and to find employees who are able to do the job required of them. If they cannot find suitable Americans to do the job, they will find them elsewhere.


    All well and good. Just spend a day at pretty much any PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL here in Amerika and you will see the gestation process. It is all about I-phones, Smart Phones, ear buds, music and feel-good, self-esteem-type courses. For every student with his/her nose to the grindstone there are probably close to fifty drifting through life as shambling, texting, slack-jawed mall zombies. I work as a Teaches Aide and I have seen it with my own eyes.
    President Coolidge stated: “The business of America is business”. What savvy business person is going to hire these losers? People may scream about the H1-B visa program, but if I owned a business, I would much rather have an articulate, diligent educated Hindu immigrant in my employ than one of these WORLD OF WARCRAFT/GAME OF THRONES, brain-dead oxygen thieves.

    • Fair assessment. #2 son & I were having discussion over Christmas related to how far should a government go to facilitate having a decently educated population. He mentioned that “some people do need a hand up otherwise we get a nation of retards” – to which I replied we’d already achieved that. Reminds me of the Paul Newman quote to Cruise in Color of Money:
      “You got some other area of expertise besides this… (video game) “Stalker?”

    • Another good point, but these mega-corporations are in the business of selling their gadgets and if enslaving kids to their gadgetry through slick marketing schemes, addictive programing and monthly subscriptions that keep them in poverty is what it takes to stay on top, why would they care about the health of the culture?

      • Not just the kids. I know of many 50-60 something women who can not pry themselves from State Video Poker until the money is gone, then the phone/tablet playing “Candy Crush” (rapidly wearing out touchscreen display). Add alcohol/pot, or not. No real difference.
        What is the malfunction? No kids, most with no man or very-busy man.

        • Agree again!
          In American culture today there an awful lot of “adults” that never developed to reach full maturity.
          *this message was not sent from my iphone.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “why would they care about the health of the culture?”

        Because a society has to have its shit together at a certain level to be able to buy the stuff the megacorps are selling. The goal is a docile and compliant population, not an idiotic one. Politicians care less, since they aren’t actually selling anything and can just take what they want.

  5. Solution:

  6. “…aggressively ignorant…”

    As well as WILLFULLY ignorant.

    It’s a self-correcting problem, eventually, so there’s that.

  7. “In Campus Reform’s most-viewed story of the year, Portland Community College designated April as “Whiteness History Month,” an “educational project” exploring how the “construct of whiteness” creates racial inequality.”

    A friend’s dad has a saying: “History is NOT a pendulum that swings back and forth. It is more like a ratchet that keeps tightening and tightening the strap down until it bursts, then all Hell breaks loose.”

  8. Who is to blame, millennials? Or their parents, who continued to dump their kids in government schools, LONG after the damaging aspects of that became generally known?