A Message To The Angry Leftists From An American Infantryman


Bring it.


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  1. Is it wrong that I can’t look at that fat faggot fuck without laughing?……

    • I’d rather see the fat Hillary bikini pic than this offensive bag of shit.

    • You’d be laffin’ your ass off if you were watching him on the new gay series, Hawaii Five-Oh. He’s the geek the Fairy McGarret hugs every episode.

  2. If the obese fag, doesn’t have the most punchable, face of the decade I am missing something, incidentally great rant, we’ll done

  3. No need to worry about fat guy or the skinny college Marxist picking up rifles when there’s plenty of apolitical types who will as long as someone pays their bills. The military and police are full of these people. Don’t kid yourselves that all American combat vets see things the same way you do. Readers on WRSA can’t agree on the Constitution and there’s also that self-selected subgroup of mental pygmies who confuse one of the (((bagmen))) for the committee of transnational bosses.

    • the (((transnational bosses))) – Rothschilds, Soros, Bloombergs, Warburgs, Seifs, and the co-extensive WallStreet/Las Vegas/Hollywood-Silicon Valley crowd – are overwhelmingly Jewish. As to the rest, General Services is correct. The uniformed enforcers – police and military – of the current Zionist Occupation Government will, at first, be 90% against FreeFor. If the fight is sustained, though, they will begin to fragment and spin away from the Regime.

  4. Every time I see that fat pos, I think about how satisfying it would be to leisurely beat his fucking ass to death, and listen to him whine. Must be the psychopath in me. Vive’ le psychopaths! Vive’ le contretemps! Patience, my angel, (talks to his very sharp knife) we won’t let this one get away!

  5. Fuck.

    What a suck ass…

    Oregon State Police: A trooper was found to have violated policy when he ran a red light and consequently striking another automobile and a pedestrian before crashing into a donut shop. ow.ly/1k69307u3fS
    Cuyahoga County, Ohio: A deputy was arrested and charged with OVI after a crash. It is his third arrest for the offense. ow.ly/Ejc2307u4vS
    Buffalo, New York: An officer resigned and pled guilty to filing a false instrument for faking an on-duty injury. He was sentenced to one year of conditional release. ow.ly/YqVZ307u8OP
    Update: Suffolk County, New York: Court documents in the long-running case of now-former sheriff James Burke revealed that six officers pled guilty to charges related to the beating and cover-up that led to Burke’s imprisonment. ow.ly/j7w6307u9o8
    Orangeburg County, South Carolina: A deputy was arrested for DUI after a crash in his patrol vehicle. He was fired. ow.ly/QPGH307u9LR
    Palm Beach County, Florida: A deputy was federally charged with identity theft for using a law enforcement database to collect and sell personal information. ow.ly/xccz307u9Yg
    Coffey County, Kansas: A deputy was fired and charged with sexual exploitation of a child. ow.ly/jCCo307vkqL
    Louisville, Kentucky: A detective pled guilty to stealing nearly $75,000 in cash from airmail packages he searched for drugs. ow.ly/iIQ6307vMdi

  6. Neck beard! Ha, ha…! Great post! Sums the progs up beautifully! Now, if they would only leave with Obama, preferably be banished from the country…forever. They’ll never be missed!


    They are still screaming, threatening, whining and bloviating. They have not taken it to next level. The last sentence of the essay: “…shit or get off the pot.” has not happened yet, which gives us more time to get ready.
    They can’t do much without the full connivance and support of traitors like McCain, Graham, Ryan, and the rest of the cowards in the Senate and House. Stay vigilant and keep prepping my friends. The countdown to 01/20/2016 is almost done. Bleib ubrig.

  8. So if neither one is “the girl” how do they do it? Somebody has to pitch and somebody has to catch. Has it found some new way to bone down?

  9. The Usual Suspect

    Hey GS ; If,,, you are a combat veteran, you know
    where people try to kill you, while you try to kill them,
    I might be inclined to consider your ” don’t believe all
    military ” blah, blah, blah.
    Otherwise your just white noise.

    • Suspect,

      Nice thing about what’s left of your freedom is that you’re still free to disregard those with experience and you can continue stumbling along in ignorance in your mom’s basement.

    • thesouthwasrght

      It takes more than the average bear to do something likely to get momma and the suckling tossed out in the cold. Many would “do their duty” so long as the fam is ok.

      That’s just human nature.

    • I hear you…….and while I agree , there is a big gray area out there…I am a CIB wearn’ motherfucker……on three continents …of course you can say I am a lying piece of shit to for that matter….but none of us were defending “our” freedoms by going too distant lands, meeting interesting people and killing them. We were and are just hired men for the industry and are disposable …and I can prove it !!!! all these wars, all the places and our “rights ” have diminished year by year. No good reason to have gone anywhere, they never did anything to us….this is why no one appreciates our service etc. They think we just went for the fun of it !

      Untill the war is on this continent no one will understand let alone appreciate anyone standing on the wall while they get some rest…..

      • PS FUCK the fat guy !

      • M Rapp,

        It is refreshing to read your breath of reality. Yep. In our youth we did what we did, all over the world. And for what ? Fighting, burning, killing and dying….for what ? Did you march on Berlin or Tokyo ? Neither did I.

        IMO, the war is here. We just haven’t moved to open combat yet.

        I do wish you a prosperous and hopefully safe, New Year. Oh, and thank you for living in reality.

    • Suspect,

      Military, combat vet (So What ?) or not….in today’s mercenary military you’re in it for the paycheck and the college money. Bottom line….you’re not defending the nation. Quit kidding yourself.

      How many “warriors” are on the Mexican border defending the “Homeland” ? But, you mercenaries will gladly go to the sandbox to defend WHAT ? Freedom ? In the meantime your fUSA is falling down all around you. You can’t find a decent family-sustaining wage job in the private sector. And Amerika doesn’t give a rat’s ass that you wore/wear the uniform. “”Thank you for your service” is no different than the clerk at Walmart telling you to have a “nice day” as you walk out with your bag of garbage made by the ChiComs in Red China. She doesn’t give a flying fuck whether you have a nice day or not. It’s just something she says. Same as anyone thanking you for your, ahem, service. The same guy thanking you for your service won’t buy you a cup of coffee. But, you want to write shit on GS ? You ought to get down on your knees and thank G-d for men like GS.

      I have no sympathy for any of you fucks fighting or having fought in a 25 year Amerikan, unending war of imperialism. For what ? If you spent any time in the sandbox you can’t tell me or yourself what the national interest was in being there, can you ?

      So spare me your hypocritical righteousness and indignation. If there is any noise here, white/black/blue/pink/polka dot…. it’s from you.

  10. There is a solution to “his” issue.
    Its called a helicopter with an open door.

  11. behind enemy lines Ct.

    The bearded sodomite pig and his husband earn a place in a pre 1945 cement factory.

  12. Hell yeah.

  13. “You keep saying you want a revolution, secession, …”
    I for one would have absolutely no problem with Californicatia, at least the southern part, and several other states seceding. I guess I’ll just agree to disagree with the OP.

  14. One of the best rants ever. I had to have the safety pin tee shirt. Can’t wait for warm weather to get here so I can display it.

    I can well imagine fat fuck screeching like a little bitch and wetting his super saggy ass levi’s at the first hint of a threat.

  15. Like Mike said, fuckin do it or shut the fuck up.

    • The irony.

      Being it’s the same grumbling freefor has been spouting for years now.

      Alex. I’ll take 100-200 million useless and dumb murkins for the long dirt nap for $500.

  16. Such a well written expression deserves much applause. I am so pleased that my Army still have members with the correct attitude. It reminds of when I was but a little boy watching in admiration America’s heroes on the evening news engage the communists in the Nam. I still believe Hanoi Jane and friends deserve a blanket party courtesy of all Nam vets who would desire to participate. She is an example of what happens when you let home commies come and go as they please without them paying the consequences in some form or fashion…you get obamunism. Now you got all these damn obamunists running back and forth as they please lying, cheating and stealing elections-just like the one before this one (yeah I said it cuz the commie pinko sons-of-bitches convinced me they did during this election…just look what all they have done). Now they plan on disrupting the inauguration with, for example, roller derby assholes knocking down old people too? As far as I am concerned the gloves have been off for a long time.
    Like I said, the home commies shoulda been given the very treatment they are dishing out now. No tolerance and no compromising with those who prove themselves as jackasses ie. subhuman. This election should emphasize to every realistically-correct voter that the Bolshevik left can never again be allowed into the Whitehouse.
    As far as leftist secession goes, some say let them go… I say straight to the “res”…or the FEMA camp. They don’t deserve to be treated better than Dixie was. We all know damn well that secession ain’t gonna be allowed to happen and neither is it going to happen for these pissy sanctuary cities. The Bolshevik jackasses are dreaming dirt nap dreams.
    In closing I would like to say The Trump Triumph makes me so glad America and the First Lady are gonna be great again and the commies can’t stop it. The Great Wall of America cometh as I have hoped for 25 years it would. Trump is the American version of Muad’Dib, perhaps, but a statesman for sure who is already making not only the Obama administration look bad but those since Kennedy as well, hence the resistance of both Dems and GOP to him.

    • All people over the age of forty should carry a stout cane. They go well with unruly bicyclists and roller skaters.

    • Mossybloke,

      What was your MOS ?

    • Help me understand the Hanoi Jane thing. Here’s where I’m coming from: 1) The domino theory was nonsense, a lie to allow the politicians to be important and the arms makers to get rich from taxes. 2) US military presence in Vietnam was merely colonialism. 3) US soldiers in Vietnam were criminal to be there, and should be prosecuted as imperial conquerers. 4) I don’t care if they were drafted, they were human beings with a conscience not Terminators, they were accomplices and bear full responsibility for their actions. 5) If your parents put a bayonet in your back, don’t take your anger out on third parties. 6) Jane wanted the US military to go home. 7) If course Jane was shown fakes and not real tortured POWs, she reported what she was shown. 8) My father would be angry at me for not jumping up to go if my leash was twitched, but hey, dad, you were mistaken about the leash thing, and most of your mistakes follow from that.

      • Anon, follow the opium. The north Vietnamese kicked out the French in ’54 and the CIA was right there to pick up the heroin trade. Yeah, follow Cohens In Action.

        Ditto Afghanistan.

  17. The writer seems to be insinuating that he’s ready to start shooting at American civilians who arm themselves and start fighting in order to take out what they view to be an oppressive tyrannical government. Why is he willing to do this? Would he be shooting at us Liberty seeking Americans if we rose up against, say, 0bama remaining in power after January 20th? Or say Clinton had won instead and there was enough evidence of fraud that the “right wing” Liberty movement rose up and started a revolution. Would he be penning this article then? I agree with almost all of the sentiment he espouses in the piece, but forgive me if I, a combat veteran, get a little nervous when I hear about military personnel readying themselves for a fight against US citizens.

    Or is this author preaching his views as a combat veteran and current civilian on the Liberty side?