“Arab Spring” – Six Years On


Conceits and consequences, via Gab.

One other:

Long-lasting strategic harm to the reputation of the United States, both domestically and internationally.

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  1. There are reasons our forefathers warned us about becoming involved with foreign entanglements. This is just one more example of why we were told not to do the things we are doing. Just saying …

  2. “There are reasons our forefathers warned us about becoming involved with foreign entanglements. …”

    Perhaps.But there is a continuum here.Look what it took to drag America into WWll….Pearl Harbor.Meanwhile,Jews were perishing in the Death Camps.They say that all that’s need for Evil to be perpetuated,is for good,capable men,and nations,to do nothing.Our Golden Rule is applicable here.Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.Just sayin’.
    As with any bully,you risk getting a bloody nose interfering in a fight.America should not have to do these things by herself.The rest of the western liberal democracies need to be beside America at these times.

    • Ah, the neocon answer. America “should not have to do these things” at all. And no, the US government did not enter the war to save the Jews, and Pearl Harbor happened because FDR cut off Japan’s oil supply, something he was not constitutionally authorized to do, and amounted to more foreign meddling as usual.

      “They say that all that’s need for Evil to be perpetuated,is for good,capable men,and nations,to do nothing.” They don’t actually say “and nations”, you just added that in. It’s unlikely the person who coined this saying was advocating foreign adventures, and anyway we shouldn’t have a foreign policy based on random quotes of unknown individuals.


      Mr. Grant: Your “White Man’s Burden” argument does not hold water. With deference to Smedley Butler, there are only two reasons to go to war: 1) To protect your home and family. 2) To insure the God-given protections enumerated in the Bill Of Rights.
      People like you scare me. You would be perfectly willing to use the power of the ballot box to send my young ones to die for some God-forsaken hell-hole thousands of miles away because a group of people were being slaughtered by another group of people. Have you ever been in combat, sir? Have you had shots fired in anger at you; whether in the military or on the mean streets of this corrupt, hypocritical country?
      I have thrown down the gauntlet, sir. Explain yourself.

      • Mr. Weasel,

        Your 1st paragraph is spot on. Your overall remarks are most accurate.

        Hope you have a safe New Year.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Pearl Harbor.Meanwhile,Jews were perishing in the Death Camps”

      Pearl Harbor happened on 12/7/41; the Wannsee Conference, which established the “death camps” didn’t take place until 1/20/42, and the camps didn’t come online until after that.

      • essentially correct, though organized mass killing-by-shooting of masses of Jews was already underway in the liberated areas of the Red Empire by June-July 1941. Point is, Hitler thought that he could deter Churchill and his Zionist handlers from escalating the war beyond Germany’s capacity to win by threatening to annihilate the Jews. That didn’t work, because this was all music to Zionist ears. In the words of both David Ben-Gurion (in Palestine) and Rabbi Wise, Zionist leader in America, “if we have to sacrifice the Galuth to enable Eretz Israel, that is what we will do”. And that is what they did. Meanwhile, America’s entry into the war – unlike Britain’s – had nothing to do with Zionist machinations of “the holocaust”. The plot to backdoor (via Japan) America’s way into the War to Save the Soviet Union was hatched and successfully implemented by Jewish-communist cells in FDR’s regime.

    • Mr. Grant,

      Please answer for me the following:

      1. What were your years of military service ?
      2. What branch of the military were you in ?
      3. What rank did you attain ?
      4. What was your Military Occupational Specialty ?

      Thank you for your forthcoming answers.

  3. “What is the legacy of the Arab Spring? The most immediate consequence is three civil wars that have spawned horrendous human costs”

    Why is that a legacy of Arab Spring, and not that of the corrupt regimes that spawned it? People get tired of being trampled, that’s all. Just look at what happened to Bouazizi, as an example. Asshole cops, as usual…

  4. The Usual Suspect

    .The rest of the western liberal democracies need to be beside America at these times………………………………………………………………………………………

    Yeah they do, but for the most part their not, It’s politically inconvenient,
    We have always picked up their part of the load, they expect we always
    Well the times they are a changing, token gestures in the GWOT will
    be considered just that.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. “Simply put, should we have done more or done less?”

    The author almost swerved into the truth: the fucked up destabilized mess in the middle east is EXACTLY what our man-child POS traitorous el presidente wanted. Exactly.

    • HE WANTED ? he is just a puppet ! Global Banking/ Tel Aviv wanted it, money grubing Zionist shit heads wanted it , This is one clusterfuckshitstorm that is preparing to come unglued.

    • Bowman,

      I take umbrage with your reference to soetoro-obama being a traitor. A non-citizen cannot be a traitor.

      To this day there is no convincing me soetoro-obama was ever an Amerikan citizen. His Connecticut SSN did not pass E-Verify. His BC presented 3 years AFTER he was sworn as POTUS has been proven to be a layered forgery.

      He is not a traitor. Criminal yes. Foreign agent yes. Traitor….no.


  7. The question spawned the US involvement in the ME — What is the strategic interest? In late 40’s the ME was strategic to the Euros for oils. Not so the US. We get about 1% of oils from the region. The interest was our investment in the Europeans.

    Roll forward 40 years — What is the strategic interest? Well we still only get about 1% of our oils from the region and its dropping. The Euros don’t seem interested in defending themselves. Their $ % participation in NATO defense is nearly invisible.

    At this juncture one has to wonder why we even send a single gunboat into the region.