TL Davis: The Facade Is Gone


Looking ahead to the chaos of 2017-2020.

Got allies?

17 responses to “TL Davis: The Facade Is Gone

  1. This is an exceptionally well thought out and written article as far as it goes. Left out of course is the consequences of:

    ‘The waning days of the Obama Administration have revealed what has always been evident, had the fake news media not covered it up and Democrats had not supported it: Barack Obama is a Muslim, who was elected president on the basis of a fake birth certificate. Everything he has done in office is a fraud and should be thrown out immediately upon the assumption of power by Donald Trump. ‘

    Barry the half Kenyan should be charged with treason, tried and convicted and executed. There! I said it.

  2. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Staked out on an anthill covered in honey.

  3. I agree with most of it, but Obama is not a muslim. I highly doubt he believes in any god at all, unless you count the all mighty State. He is a progressive, which is to say a socialist/marxist type. He believes in the supremacy of the State over all individuals, with “enlightened” and special people like him ruling over us all from their ivory tower. He believes the little people should be subjects to the state, and all property should belong to the state. There is no room for any loyalty to any entity other than the state. This is why progressives always attack religious institutions. Muslims, while appearing to get special treatment from obama, leading others to think he is one, aren’t being brought here because those running the govt have sympathy with or secretly are muslims. They are being used as a cudgel against the progressives’ number one enemy – middle class whites with jobs and families. They are being brought in to sow chaos and violence, since everyone knows that is the inevitable result of bringing these violent third world muslims into America and secreting them around the country.

    I only point this out because if you waste a bunch of time complaining about “obama the muslim” you are missing the point and not seeing the bigger picture. You are also forgetting how many hundreds of thousands of muslims deaths obama has presided over. There are mountains of dead muslim men, women, and children all across the middle east because of obama. Don’t forget that, either.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “You are also forgetting how many hundreds of thousands of muslims deaths obama has presided over”

      Saying “Obama isn’t a muslim because he killed muslims” isn’t much of an argument. Muslims have no, and have never had any, problem slaughtering their own.

    • Gator, this is why I did nothing more than admit the fact. The problem is the conspirators, but I stand by the fact that Obama is a Muslim. Being Muslim does not mean one does not kill a Muslim, that happens all the time and more than it happens that Muslims kill Christians, believe me. But, you are spot on, and I meant to convey that allowing Muslims into the country was part of his destruction of the culture, not to provide for them so much as give them a beachhead into the US as worker bees for his ultimate goal of cultural destruction and enslavement of all of us.

      • Obama is indeed a Muslim. And that fact is irrelevant. His Master all along was the Judeoglobalist kingpin: Soros. Jews have played Islam against the West for 1,300 years and, despite the Israel blip, continue to do so.

        • Say, Haxo, in the spirit of the season, do you have any anti-Semitic recipes you would like to share?

  4. The Marxist will send their useful idiots into the streets to attempt to create violent unrest. The major cities will their the showcase for the MSM where they will cheer the Marxist and demean the patriots just like they did the Tea Party. The fact that a fraudulent president could be elected to the presidency tells me the elites have already replaced the constitution with their own philosophy. It cannot be allowed to stand or we will surly become slaves.

    Keep your personal AO safe and collect reliable allies to assist you if things get crazy. This article delves into the fundamental flaws of our system and exposes the Marxist for what they are.

    • So let them burn down the BIG CITIES. I don’t GARA. Less for us to have to burn down later. The left is always good at burning down their own house. That won’t set to well the further out of the blue hives they get.

      Smitty, I hate to say this but you were a slave in the matrix LONG before the Muslim usurper became POTUS.

      Grey Ghost

  5. Peel the skin off these lowlifes and let them die a slow death from infection.

    100-200 million bearded, tatted, drunkards…

  6. Are those guys firemen?

  7. The Usual Suspect

    Muslims kill Muslims by the score, Obama is no different.
    They are disposable pieces on his big global chessboard,
    no different than any young L/Cpl in theatre.
    His mission is the browning of America by any means and
    the eventual extinction of the Caucasian race.
    He is just another raisin in the sun, soon gone, to be replaced
    by another.

    • If that was/is the mission, Barry has served his masters well. The job doesn’t need to be completed in 8 years, as long as “progress” is being made. TPTB are multi-generationally patient.

      • I’ve noticed that 5.56x45mm ammo M193 has dropped in price recently. $0.30 each in 500’s or thousands is pretty reasonable, considering the past 8 years. But, silver is cheap, too. Get both.

  8. the next 4 years may set up perfectly for Obama. he gets out now before a bad recession coming mostly because Obama did nothing to resolve most of what caused the last one and trump mot likely pushes it off until 2018 with his policies but it will come and Obama can blame trump and his policies the whole way, Obama also gets out before the mid east and Europe go nuts with the muslims and china really gets going in the far east.
    yep, a whole lotta matches set to light up now more than ever mostly because of Obama and not one fire will be blamed on him.
    all the conservative pundits are saying the usa has rejected Obama, but they are all in the moment. if things start going really wrong, all you will hear is how much better things were under Obama, even though he set up the whole world to endure some shit; and there are plenty of people around who will believe it that Obama could be running again in 2020 to finish the usa once and for all.
    if you needed a reason to drink on new years, this theory should do it.