Winter Field Day – January 28/29


Details here.

We’ll strap a FrostFest frequency plan onto this activity as well; dets to follow.

Get your power, antenna, and transceivers out.

Those who wish can simply monitor and learn from that.

Transmission practice of course will add more complexity.

More to come.

7 responses to “Winter Field Day – January 28/29

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Nice; thanks for the heads-up. Even if someone doesn’t play, good time to listen & ponder modes vs. times of day vs. wx conditions, etc., noting effects of those things. Validate or bust your sacred cow.

  3. yes, thanks for the heads up. i was going to ask if you knew who was going first this year. something we all need to find a way to participate in and promote. provides a great way to monitor, if you don’t have that hf rig yet.

  4. Looks like a portion of the Wind River Mtn range above the tree line.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Couple of my archaeologist buddies are headed up tomorrow towards Gannet for 1-2 nights in that shit. I went up and checked today to see if road to trailhead was clear. Snowing right now. 🙂

  5. Might be a good opportunity for some of you to figure out why that G5RV talks to Guatemala but not the next state over, and then resolve that issue by building your own dipoles that work a little (lotta) bit better for the intended purpose.

    Antenna building should be part of the exercise anyway.

  6. I’ll be involved in my local clubs festivities running the vhf station….
    Gonna use my tilt up milmast system as a ground based set up vs off my hitch mount and i’ll be running 3-4 antennas off it…

    Arrow j-pole and yagi for 2m, to see if i can hit a buddy via simplex and a small wide band discone connected to uniden home patrol II scanner, just to see how well it performs and to game out LEO/etc., scanning/tracking…

    Finally, a sloper or di pole for HF…maybe DX, maybe NVIS as nc scout suggests…

    One mast system, 4 antennas, should be interesting….

    We are to use a very specific logging system too, so i’ll get experience w that as well….

    All in all, should be a good little ftx to fine tune and play w kit in a NON crisis mode where mistakes/ignorance can be learned from and then applied should a LIVE crisis happen, and shit really matters….

    Either way, should be good training all around and hope to glean a nugget or two of knowledge….