Or At Least Didn’t Hate It As Much


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  1. lon a follower

    Carter or Obama? Seems like a waste of time.
    Golden Circus Festival, Rome where the Bread and circus begins and ends.
    Read it and see it very well. bread, circus, magic, music etc.
    The pope.” It’s ok to complain to God. It’s actualy a form of prayer… I say that to people in the confessional, go ahead complain, God is a father, he’ll understand.”
    Yes, He will, correction is coming. lon

  2. Carter is going to hang onto his ‘worst ex-President ever’ award for another month or two, then hand that over too.

  3. lon a follower

    can anyone explain the delay here? (comment awaiting moderation. ) Add to this the ability to comment on previous posts. This makes any discussion almost impossible.
    Thanks and thanks for blogs where the free exchange of ideas and info can happen.

    • 24 hour time limit on comments.

      I clear comments multiple times per day as my schedule in meatspace allows.

      All in effect for some time now.

      Happy New Year to all.

      • And a VHNY to you as well!

        • I wish I could share this joyous sentiment. But today I am lighting another candle for my great-uncle Hans-Lothar, who perished in a Nazi concentration camp. On New Years Eve, 1943, he got drunk and fell off one of the guard towers.

          • I had the honor of knowing a WW2 German U Boat mariner. The best damn American I ever met. The typical murkin today wouldn’t equal that mans poo poo.

    • Try hosting a blog yourself before you complain, sheesh. This is naturally not going to be a place for long involved discussions, given the format.

      Which actually makes a point. Maybe we need to have a companion forum, which actually IS the place for longer discussions – or better yet, adopt an existing one so CA doesn’t get the added burden. There are two I like, Northwest Firearms and ZeroGov (Buppert’s place). The drawback of NWFA is that new commenters are not let on the “anything goes” (political) board – you have to be there for a while. Also, it is strongly Washington/Oregon oriented. The drawback of ZeroGov is that it is an anarchist place – although I think Bill does not kick anyone off who does not toe the line (could be mistaken on that). Of course it being anarchist is not a drawback for people tolerant of anarchists. Hell, CA seems to lean that way too, heh.

    • Well … ‘Bye. Our host here has a day job that sometimes interferes with both the immediate and long-term gratification of a portion of the blog’s commentariat.

      As to the 24-hr closure on comments: Not a bad thing at all for the health of the overall product. The site rolls along big-time many days, and the day-job holder who runs it should not have to delve down too far into the recent past in order to keep “discussion” flowing. Seems as if after a time, comments here do tend to degenerate towards personal issues. Making a time-induced cutoff is a good thing.

  4. obama’s accomplished almost everything he said he would. He’s destabilized, transformed and divided this nation like no other person ever has. He’s been successful if you match his agenda to his actions.

    • During the run-up to the first election where Oblowme was put into office – one of raging liberal co-workers sat down with our group and asked us all ” so who are you all voting for?” When it got to my turn I said: ” I won’t vote for him – but I hope Obama gets elected”.
      He got all excited and asked why.

      I told him: ” because Obama will lead to the destruction of the Democrat Party and cause liberalism in this country to blow itself up and die – that’s why” . Then I went back to eating my sandwich.

      When I looked up a couple of the guys I had been sitting with were laughing so hard they almost choked – and Mr. Liberal was walking away without saying another word. One of my buddies said: ” you pissed him of so bad his head turned three shades of red and the veins in his neck were bulging out”.
      Two terms later – the prediction came true.
      So Obama has accomplished that too.
      Now we just have to see which “accomplishment” stands the test of time.

  5. Ion, nothing really to discuss. It doesn’t matter who was worse. It just makes for another discussion that’s not going to solve anything. I’m tired of opinions. I’m ready for solutions.

  6. Carter was the biggest asshole to ever be president, while Obongo just hated the US more than Carter did. Carter should be stuffed into a piss-soaked mattress, and told it’s raining. Obongo will self destruct, soon.

  7. Maybe the title should be, “Worst President That I Know”. Clearly, compared to Lincoln, Wilson and FDR, these guys are pikers.

  8. Here’s an excellent (relatively unbiased) dissection of the evidence for Russian hacking:

    My wife tends to believe the Ministry of Propaganda line, that the Russians pooped in the hallway. But then she also says, “Everybody does it.” Particularly NSA. So even though she believes it, she’s hardly supportive of Obama’s kicking out of diplomats much less any more warlike measures.

    I think mad dogs like McCain and Lindsey Graham ought to be taken out and shot, personally. The way one normally deals with mad dogs.

    • McCain and Grahmnesty are just the ProgreSSive flag bearers for the ChamberPot Repubs, much of the Repub Senate are just Traitors, as well as All of the DemocRats. Trump will have to keep up the “campaign” against his enemies or they will let him die of a thousand cuts. These “rats” in Con-gress are not above Impeachment if they can “create” a scandal big enough.
      The Feral Gov. is in a state of anarchy or an internal cold civil war currently.
      After Jan. 20 the Great Deplorable counterattack really begins on the NWO Elitists………..hopefully.

    • ….an affront to SFC Jerry “mad dog” Shriver…….these guys are just plain rotten foul douche’ bags…..Mc Nasty is a lying cowardice piece of crap traitor. as you were !

      • Oh wait, that did not come out right…..I did not mean “you were” I meant it as a command…,,”as you were “, ….. go back to berating all these worthless assholes in DC and every other capital !!!! WEW !

        Damn, I gots to learn sum diction…………sorry

  9. “Peanut”Carter was a pu$$y,he got punked by a mad bunny.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Carter was a misguided do-gooder. Obama just hates every foundation that America founded upon.

  12. The Usual Suspect

    SFC Jerry ‘ Mad Dog ‘ Shriver now that is a name I have
    not heard mentioned in quite some time.
    And that is a shame, another hero of our country.

    • May Jerry and Fat Albert rest in peace , drunk as monkeys and wishing they were here to enjoy the festivities……they don’t make them like that anymore