RRW: Put Big Meat, Big Poultry, & The Chamber Of Commerce On The List


Ann Corcoran explains.

You’re going to need a bigger list.

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  1. EVERY murkin is a scumbag until proven otherwise.


    • now that your a Canadian perhaps you could jump on some of that free socialist, “Mental Health” care.

      If you act quickly, and be the first on the island to get your paper work into mental health, you might score and receive treatment within the reduced window of oppertunity of say, one to two years.

      But you must move quickly, act now.

      Reading your drivel day after day, reminds me of the wealthy white kids, who are pissed because their not pooo white GETTO rats.
      Not even trash with cash level.

      Yea I know, fuck the police.”

      Happy New Year to you all.


      • U.S. Marshals Service (New York, NY): A deputy marshal was arrested after he pulled a gun on a fast food cashier during a drunken off-duty incident. ow.ly/Eepo307g7yV
        Shreveport, Louisiana: Three officers were fired and two were suspended for separate and apparently unrelated incidents. One of the terminated officers was previously fired and reinstated after he was accused of statutory rape while serving as a school resource officer (see August 12, 2016 recap for first report). One of the suspended officers was recently arrested on a contempt of court charge. The other three officers faced administrative action for unspecified violations. ow.ly/TEyQ307ghL6
        Update: Alameda County, California (First reported 03-31-16): Two deputies were fired for beating a motorist in San Francisco’s Mission in an incident caught on video. A third deputy remains on leave. ow.ly/ixkE307gFJf
        Whiteville, North Carolina: An officer was fired amid a criminal investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation. The investigation is ongoing. ow.ly/JcSV307gMpN
        San Antonio, Texas: An officer was suspended one day for flirting with a teen via a text message after she was involved in a traffic accident. The suspension was served in October but was recently brought to light by a request under the Freedom of Information Act. ow.ly/fT21307gPOF
        Update: Niagara Falls, New York (First reported 11-14-16): A now-former officer has new charges filed against her in a drug conspiracy case. ow.ly/d3Ww307gSAL
        Update: Harris County, Texas (First reported 09-07-16): A now-former deputy constable will not face indictment for destroying more than 20,000 pieces of evidence in closed and open criminal cases. ow.ly/kzWR307gUtc
        Cross Plains, Tennessee: A school resource officer was charged with sexual battery by an authority figure. ow.ly/AELT307gVB2
        Fresno, California: The City agreed to pay $2,200,000 to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit for the shooting death of Jaime Reyes Jr. Reyes was unarmed and climbing a fence when shot and then one officer shot him three more times in the back as he lay on the ground. ow.ly/k964307gVT5

        and these are the mentally healthy “good” murkins?

        The whole country is filled with losers like these slime bags.

        100-200 million dirt naps are in order…

    • Same goes for dipshits that spell it “murkin”.

    • Two things: 1. you forgot to rail against the joooooos and 2. Eat shit.

      • It’s ok grasshopper. You either ‘get it’ or you don’t. To defend the stOOpit is your right. But i will continue to tell it like it is…

        The murkins are pathetic and not worthy of freedom or anything else. If you find yourself one of the working poor, at least you have earned that lofty position. Stand with israhell and be a good goyim.

        FFS, will the murkins ever remove their heads from their asses?

        100-200 million dirt naps here in Fusa.

      • hbowman,

        “….you forgot to rail against the joooooos….”

        You’re evidently mixing up tfA-t with the Internet troll and Taqiyya-practicing scum, the agent who goes by many different Internet monickers….Haxo Angmark the hahahaha….”assassin”.

    • tfA-t,

      You’re in Kanada (so you brag) now with pajama-boy Trudeau. Direct your “fucking losers” remarks toward your fellow Kanucks. Oh, and if you’re such a tough guy….in celebration of your new home and the New Year….





      Just do it.

      Put all that money you claim you have, where your mouth (keyboard) is….burn your fucking passport and post a picture of it going up in flames !

      Happy New Year !

      • Actually, I’m only surrounded by Canada on 3 sides. The murkin mainland is to the south of me.

        Beneath me as it were… 🙂

        Happy New Year!

  2. ALCON,

    Ghana is another shithole contributing their share of invaders to fUSA. If you think these invaders are working just in meat plants you’re wrong. They’re being enlisted AND commissioned into the United States Army.

    We are in deep trouble in this once great nation. And soetoro-obama has been the mechanism used to split this country like the Bosnian War of 20 years ago.

    • In reference to my MOS you asked for back on “A message to …from an American Infantryman (it’s been closed to comments now it seems)” I was a 31C single channel radio operator. Yes…O’bama The Great Divider has started Balkanization for our country and yes it is troublesome having these foreigners in the Army ranks. I suspect it will weaken our Army further and the standards shall be, yet again, lowered. How does one fight Red China with such an Army conventionally? BTW, Uncle Larry is right for I have seen this.

    • Dan III,
      It’s not just the Army. I recently was on vacation and met a black man from Ghana… he was rather high up in the state govt of an east coast “blue” state after having been in the country less than 10yrs.

      Grey Ghost

      • Capt. Hinde

        Which state, GG? We who are trapped here in the megalopolis shithole on the Atlantic want to know.

  3. No One You Know

    With the rare exception of a restaurant meal, I haven’t had “store bought” meat in years. It’s flavorless, unaged crap, which explains why processed food has to be laden with salt to make it palatable.

    Animal husbandry is a lynchpin of civilization. It’s hard to shoot, move and communicate on an empty belly. Beef gives you leather, sheep give you wool, rabbits give you fur, chickens give you eggs and the lowly squab gives you a secure low tech communication system.

    Our agrarian ancestors would have been horrified at the thought of some consumption-laden, booger-eating, unwashed Mohammedan jackanapes handling their food.

    • Dude you bring up the most salient point here. The foundational issue here isn’t third world savages as cheap labor, or those who usurp our republic to enrich and politically/economically empower themselves at our expense and liberty, those these things are grievous threats to our freedom and prosperity, it is as you say a question of agrarian culture and way of life.

      This industrial food chain is not just killing us through tyranny over our diet, it separates us from our self determination and self sufficiency, which are both they keystones in our liberty, and this industrial tyranny also usurps our economic freedoms through a monopoly of economic power, as unfettered economic freedom of the individual is the bedrock of liberty, without that economic freedom it is very difficult to live in liberty, you become shackled by the planned organized monopoly of singular corporate leviathan’s that control the most vital thing of life after breathing, food.

      The duplicity of this tyranny is horrendous, not only is it treason upon our self determination for profit, it employs invaders foreign, and personally, tribally, and culturally anathema and enemies to everything we as men of this republic know. And we eat the food this unholy marriage of evil produces, we exchange our hard earned wealth for this travesty of corporate rape and pillage.

      There is a high probability we are eventually going to have to resort to violent redress in order to defend ourselves from this tyranny, but that still doesn’t address the deeper issues at hand. Things that begin with each of us, and only start and become viable starting with ourselves. It is a evolution of a revolution within a revolution.
      The agrarian thinking and way of life. There are noble and deeply honorable reasons well proven and long established for it.
      One of which is We become the honorable resistance through self sufficiency and provincial action.
      It is a great and noble life, time tested and approved.
      Where self determination and individualism is not an idea, it is a way of life.
      Where family and tribe, local community, having skills, where craftsmanship and ingenuity, productivity, are the resources, the tangible assets that create personal wealth and rich life, hence liberty lived.
      The rest of the world could go down the crapper tomorrow, and you are hardly effected.
      Because you are tomorrow, you live a legacy, where you create tangible assets and carry on your legacy.

      Just as the political class has become unendurable by us dirt people, so to goes the corporate tyranny in partnership with the political class. They are as much tyrants in this tyranny breathing down our backs. One goes, they both go. The idea in winning, is to live in such a way that you don’t go down with them by not being dependent on either as a first principle of winning resistance to tyranny.

      Sure the whole thing is FUBAR, that is the whole point.
      To make it unfixable by dirt people, you have power over the timid and the reluctant in that way, it is why some say resistance is futile, they hold out no hope or faith in better and happier.
      Look on the positive side. We all who have the courage and the wherewithal get to upgrade from the FUSA. This is the honorable resistance out there, it is real, it is tangible, it is happening because it begins with each of us who choose it, and you can join right now. All you have to do is choose Liberty, the rest is natural as primal rights and self determination, as profound as individualism.
      The real division is not between the the political parties, the ideologies and agenda’s they pursue, but between a tyrannical political class, it’s slavery to the state, and Freemen and their revolution of hearts and minds. You can have the FUSA, it’s tyranny and all it implies, or you can have civilization and all it offers.
      You only get to pick one.

      Reject the state matrix.
      Join the honorable resistance.
      It’s out there.
      It is a growing concern.
      It’s membership is free.

      • wealthy farmer

        Thanks. Farming is the only right livelihood, and I don’t mean debt-laden monoculture industrial corporate farming. I tell young people you can really write your own ticket in diversified ag now, the paradigm has shifted radically and will continue to move toward the family farm in a way unimaginable just 10 years ago. Corporate monocultural ag takes a very heavy toll on the soil and landscape. Even the CEO of Danone said so last week in the WSJ…

    • Capt. Hinde

      Excellent summation, NOYK. I was about to say that we beat the mega food corporations by producing our own protein. In my case I’ve got plenty of deer around my place. Clean (grass, roaming) beef is 3X-5X more than toxic feedlot beef. These black animals working in the meatplants do get out on Saturday nights and they will be looking for white women. Coming soon to your town!


    These communities and the small-town, corrupt political hacks who run them have sowed the wind. They will reap the whirlwind. These cockroaches will never leave and continue to rape and pillage the local white populace, just like they have been allowed to do in Twin Falls, ID. So who goes to the top of the list, the Ubangis, or the cosmic white Marxists who allowed them in?

    • shoot the traitor

    • behind enemy lines Ct.

      Bloody well past time Soros, & Co. get taken out for good. Bloody Mooslime Wogs are the symptom. So they need to die also. No matter how much blood & treasure we spend in the Middle East. Useless until we cut off the head which are globalists . We will never prosper. .

  5. That’s just the Somalis. The Mexicans have taken a toll on American jobs in the meat packing plants in Iowa and elsewhere. All the Americans get laid off and displaced by the invaders. Taking jobs that Americans won’t do is, as usual, a lie.

    • The murkins all want jobs, but don’t want to actually work. I’ve heard every bs excuse there is. It’s always something- ALWAYS.

      At least the turd worlders will make it to work and produce.

      It’s pathetic and won’t get any better til after the big die-off

  6. The reason the Koch bros didn’t want Trump.

    Send the fuckers home. We have enough uneducated US citizens due to a failed education system.

    • They are not, unfortunately, “uneducated”. They are instead “miseducated”. They know very well how to put a condom on a cucumber. They know the founders of this country were pale stale white males, and thus could never have had a good idea. I hope you get the picture…

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Brings a whole new meaning to Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”.

  9. And the invasion of America continues apace….

    Not at all surprising that the middle somali dindunuffin is making the ‘Team mo’ hand sign to the camera/audience..he and his are signalling that they’re jihadi’s just waiting to go operational in your AO.

    Carry daily everywhere you can and be ready at a moment’s notice to
    drop these misbegotten sons a ‘mo’ when they go ‘sudden jihadi’ and before they finish howling out their allah snackbar cry.

    Yours In Liberty! – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

    • History is circular. Crusades might be the next Infidel fashion rage.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        For a crusade to come back in vogue, you’d first have to instill some sense of community in the infidels, then a sense of purpose/mission, and some religious framework to it. As all three are currently either lacking or non-existent, it will take a while before any crusading really gets going.

  10. I did business with the poultry industry on the Delmarva peninsula 10 years ago and it was near 100% beaner then. Allens, Mountaire Farms and Pedue to be specific.

  11. A bit off topic, but then again, all these fuckers are connected some way in their culture by corruption.
    Excellent piece by Pat Buchanan. Be cool if Trump selected him to be one of the new black robed Nazgul’s

    The Real Saboteurs of a Trump Foreign Policy
    by Patrick J. Buchanan

    • mtn,

      Pat Buchanan….in my world he is a national treasure.

      Here’s wishing you a safe New Year.

  12. List? Nah. Set up a booth that says ‘Free BLM tee shirts’ they are directed to the back of the van, zapped and shipped out. Self selection, no list required.