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GVDL: CalExit? Make My Day


Read both text and comments.

Why would freedom-minded people oppose such a thing?

And for those who are counting on the US .mil to suppress a domestic insurrection, think a little harder on the gap between mission and means.

Quote Of The Week


…This is all about money and a lot more than $50 million. The Mexican central bank tracks how much money Mexicans abroad send home and in 2016 it was $25 billion, almost all of it from Mexicans in the United States and much of it from Mexicans in the United States illegally. That remittance cash accounts for more foreign exchange than Mexican oil exports. The remittance income is rising. It was nearly $22 billion in 2013 and is expected to rise to $28 billion in 2017, unless the United States enforces its immigration laws like Mexico does. Mexico has for decades tolerated illegal migration to the United States because the corruption and bad government in Mexico did little to provide jobs for the growing number of unemployed Mexicans and created a lot of potentially troublesome young men and women. Tolerating and, for many Mexican politicians, openly supporting the illegal migrants, was a popular policy and the government came to regard it as a right. But it was also about money and the remittances created a huge source of foreign currency flowing back to Mexico…

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SLL: Riptide


Lay down not in the scorpions’ den.

You’ll be sorry.

Merkel’s Coalition Breaks


GoV has the details.


New Woodpile’s Here!



Three From Mosby


A reader sends:


Two From Max Velocity On Why You & Your Family Should Be Training Now


Training the Right Way, and without the Intimidation Factor

Memes of Bravado and Blades of Grass Quotes


Remember When…


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See Ya


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Gonna be one helluva SCOTUS nominee review, starting tomorrow.


Can the Reds out-Bork the original Borking?


Today’s AJ Interview With Bracken

Matt’s on from just after 8:25 to 17:20.

There was mention made of a two-hour Bracken segment on Friday.

More as we know more.


How to Culture Jam a Populist in Four Easy Steps


Insights from dying Venezuela.

Here’s hoping the Reads don’t take it to heart.

Don’t Git Ketched


A series of lessons.

Most times, freedom is a choice.

Bracken On AJ Now


1405e: Segment over; vid asap.

Present Reality, Honestly Discussed


“The Western world is on the verge of a civil war to determine if Islam has the right to conquer western civilization or not. Think about that.”


Vegas line now 17/5 pro-Muzzie.

Do you understand yet?


Day By Day


From Chris Muir.

A Central Part Of The Problem


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Government Repair Kit

gallows govt repair kit

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Herschel: Immigration Perspectives


America First is not popular in many circles.

Neither is reality.

Two From MDT


The Nuke-O-SPOT Report

Personal Protective Equipment For A Post-Nuclear Environment

Related material from the WRSA “Practical Resources” margin.


nuke-o-spot-picEven “Vault Boy” from the game “Fallout 4” knows how to use the “Rule of Thumb”. If the mushroom cloud is wider than the thumb, seek cover immediately. If not, you have a little time.