Auld Lang Syne


Virginia Freeman looks fore and aft.

With sentries posted and wary.

It ain’t over.

It ain’t even begun.

Happy 2017.

5 responses to “Auld Lang Syne

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yes, great words and summary from a fellow warrior. We got your back, Jesse!


  2. Lost Patrol

    I concur with C—C and Lineman’s remarks. Nice to know there are others of a similar mind set. My hope and action is that 2017 will be a time of building between other such individuals and communities.

  3. God bless Jesse James, then and now.

  4. We are legion Brother;) Thankful that your with us Brother as well as a host of others here…

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

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