Derbyshire: Israel Is NOT That Important To America



From an undeniable neo-Nazi.

Because propaganda and nonthink/badthink.

America for Americans.

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  1. Jews and Christians used to live peacefully in Mecca and Medina, cities in present day Saudia Arabia a Muslim Exclusive Zone. Most of the Middle East and increasingly countries in South East Asia are becoming Mooslem Exclusive Zones. ……of course that could “never happen” in Europe, the cradle of Western Civilization! Next you’ll be telling me Constatanople is in peril.
    “It’s not about Israel”, It’s about the spineless snivilling ProgreSSively weakened sheeples in the West and Gasp! Even here in the USSA.
    Just roll over and die, the Mooslems don’t really have to do much as the West crumbles quite rapidly on it’s own.

  2. “How many other bigfoot American pundits or political donors have kids in the Israeli military?” Or the US military for that matter. Did the Bush or Cheney girls or their significant others ever serve in GWOT? No.

    More to the point: A couple years ago I considered that FOB Israel aka The Global Warsaw Ghetto had outlived its usefulness for the Committee of Transnational Bosses. Young jews outside of Israel are not intending to permanently move there. Like white Europeans, jews aren’t growing anywhere as a group. Immigration will not maintain ‘the jewish state’. Without any outside intervention whatsoever demographics alone will force a political shift in Israel toward the non-jewish majority.

    Interactions between Sunnis and Shiites are more relevant to the future of the Mediterranean Union (the MU is real, look it up). The old game of distraction/divide and conquer by making ‘the jew’ the enemy of Shiites (despite the best efforts of Tehran) doesn’t hold water when the average Shiite on the ground sees the strings running back to Riyadh, Brussels, and London. Chanting ‘Death to America’ also doesn’t fly when it’s usually a Sunni Arab holding the knife and gleefully doing the beheading. Shiites and sunnis alike have been finding themselves on the wrong side of Riyadh’s knife. Being a sunni, but the wrong tribe can still equal death. And allah forbid he fall in love with and marry a shiite or Christian woman. Like any other extremists, Wahabbists keep hit lists and have no problem putting family members on it.

    However, given current events in Syria/Iraq, FOB Israel as a beachhead may still be useful in the future to keep the uppitties in line while the MU is hammered out. Who knows, maybe Tel Aviv and Moscow become buddies over the coming years. Maybe it’s Beijing. You’re just as likely to see an Israeli Ambassador Berg as a Mohammed chewing the non-pork fat in world capitols. Call it Israel, even use the same flag, but when cutting a deal for survival it will still function like Israkistan

    From a spiritual/faith/religious perspective: God does not need Israel or even Jerusalem. So much BS has been pulled out of so few words from the Bible on this topic. Does God need a physical temple? Of course not. So why does God need a patch of ground currently known as Israel. It’s strategic position on the geographic map for humans is obvious, but God doesn’t need a fixed location to do what He does. I’m often reminded of this:

    God doesn’t need any piece of real estate. Saying otherwise smacks of ‘the required trip to Mecca’ or some other “holy site” to be a “true ____”. Sounds a bit ‘kingdoms of the earth’ to me. God does scorched earth as policy and one of the bullet points includes the entire planet. See 2 PETER 3:10. Not religious? Fine. Go through the layers of fossils and ash and write it off as ‘shit happens and shit will happen again’.

    • General Services, in a windier than usual state of mind. The Zionists who rule Palestine via America will not permit their Promised Land to go off the map. They will exercise the Samson Option before that happens. Meantime, they will keep on rolling the Palestinians out of their orchards and villages and, by and by, either exterminate them altogether or shove them across one or another border. Nor do they fear a northern hemisphere nuclear war, brought about by the US/EU neo-conz, between ‘Murka and Russia. Zion Central calculates that is safely south of the main blast and radiation zones.

  3. Cold War Corpsman

    Wow. Where to begin? The strategic well-being of the United States is part-and-parcel with it’s spiritual well-being. And it’s spiritual well-being is part-and-parcel with Israel. The United States is a nation under God’s Judgement. And that judgement was brought about, in part, by turning our back on Israel.
    John Derbyshire does not speak for me. And I don’t believe he speaks for the majority of Christian Americans. Nor the majority of Americans for that matter. He certainly implies he does by using terms like “the rest of us.”
    And quoting Kerry/Barak – “Israel can be either be Jewish or democratic – it cannot be both.” – is ridiculous. Diversity and Democracy are not synonymous nor are they necessary for the other to exist. That is Clinton/Bush nation building BS.
    Israel has every right to expel any non-Jew it sees fit. Just as the United States has the right to expel any non-American it sees fit. But that should not imply that being an Israeli Jew is the same as being an American (or the same as a citizen of any other nation). Ot that being an Israeli Arab is the same as being an Israeli Jew. You are comparing apples and oranges. Israel is a special case, set apart by God and judged by God alone.
    Label me a Zionist and see if I give a shit. I’d rather be categorized with Harry Truman on this one than the self-important hypocritical John Derbyshire. May he fall into the same abyss as Hillary and Obama.

    • israel is a special case…? who told you that. ? ever set foot in that fucking country……….if you had you would come away bruised and battered like the rest of us, and then we come home and have to listen to our country men put that shithole first over EVEN our own nation. They curse you and your Jesus…..”synagouge of Satan”

    • FrozenPatriot

      Hear! Hear! Well said…

    • …another White Christian desperately in love with his Jewish executioner.

      and by the way, ignoramus, Truman opposed the entire Zionist project. It’s right there in his diary, available on the net. He correctly foresaw “Israel” as a catastrophe for Palestine, for the Middle East, for America, and for the world. But he and the entire Demoncrat party were subsequently bought by the Jew-Zionist plutocrats prior to the UN vote enabling Israel-in-Palestine. Truman surrendered because otherwise the shekels would have gone to Tom Dewey.


      • The only executioners I’ve seen out there are Sunni Wahabbist jihadis that you SS wannabe types would love to emulate here in FUSA.

        BTW, ever done a DNA test on yourself? Just to make sure you’re not more mongrel than man?

    • Have you considered the possibility that the majority of Christian Americans have been deceived?

      The people in the modern secular nation of Israel do not fulfill the fulfill the scriptures in the Bible as to who the Israelites were/are.

      You may want to grab your Bible and check the scriptures and other information at this site-

    • Cold War Corpsman’s anti-Biblical double-standard spew hurts the eyes to read.

      Read your Bible, preferably a complete and well-translated Bible, not the expurgated and bowdlerized post-Deformation frauds. Even before the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, the LAND promises of the Abrahamic Covenant were fulfilled:

      “And the Lord God gave to Israel ALL the land that he had sworn to give to their fathers: and they possessed it and dwelt in it…. Not so much as one word, which he had promised to perform unto them, was made void, but ALL came to pass.” Josue 21:41-43

      “Thou, O Lord God, art he who chosest Abram [N.B. when Abram was a Gentile and there was no Israel, no Israelites], and broughtest him forth out of the fire of the Chaldeans, and gavest him the name of Abraham. And thou didst find his heart faithful before thee: and thou madest a covenant with him, to give him the land of the Chanaanite, of the Hethite, and of the Amorrhite, and of the Pherezite, and of the Jebusite, and of the Gergezite, to give it to his seed: and thou hast fulfilled thy words, because thou art just.” 2 Esdras [Nehemiah] 9:7-8

      And the SPIRITUAL promises of the Abrahamic Covenant are fulfilled in Abraham’s SPIRITUAL heirs, NOT in the synagogue of Satan (Apocalypse [Revelations] 2:9 and 3:9):

      “As it is written: Abraham believed God, and it was reputed to him unto justice. Know ye therefore, that they who are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham. And the scripture, foreseeing, that God justifieth the Gentiles by faith, told unto Abraham before: In thee shall all nations be blessed…. And if you be Christ’s, then are you the seed of Abraham, heirs according to the promise.” Galatians 3:6-29

      Plenty more BIBLICAL evidence here:
      covenants, blessings, & curses

      It is also worth understanding the roots of the “Christian” Zionist heresy:

      • Oxymoron. Biblical evidence.Every swinging dick has a take on that rag. King James VI was an outstanding ,butchering motherfucker. I like his authorised version. James pushed his Black Acts against the Scots while writing the Bible.The Scottish were meant to rule the world. That is why they wrote the Scottish version of your bible. We got into your head writing the bible and we are still there. Better buy a kilt.

      • I think that by realizing that israel is a way, and not a place,
        would deeply reconfigure much of what is being expressed
        on this thread, and worldwide.
        The whole world (forms of governments) are under a strong

        Eyes & Ears
        “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

    • Serious question;

      Why are the Israelites who rejected Jesus held above the Israelites that accepted him?

      The earliest Christian communities were Jews that accepted Christ. These ancient communities are now being wiped out by jihadis to the complete indifference of global Christianity. The Palestinian Christians represent the direct blood/spiritual legacy of Abraham, through Moses, through Christ and to the present day. If God does, somehow have a genetic “chosen” people, wouldn’t it be them?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Turning our backs on “Israel”? Yahweh’s Israel hasn’t existed for thousands of years. It got conquered by every power in the alphabet from the Assyrians to the Romans. There is nothing of historical Israel left to turn one’s back on.

  4. Israel has been a thorn in America’s side ever since Truman, against all advice, decided to recognize Israel in 1948. The US had great relations in the Arab world before that point, but threw them over to support a penniless and lawless Jewish state the size of New Jersey. Wonder why, LOL!?

  5. Israel is the biggest drain on our national economy , they spy / steal / sabotage / and controlling the press {98%} they are the fake news. The House and Senate are controlled by Jews, the Banking is controlled by Jews. The DOD is manipulated by dual citizen Jews…..and on and on.

    The 17 Intel agencies are headed by Jews, Internal NGO’s are headed by Jews, most ambassadors are Jews. ISIS is controlled by Jews.

    Hamas and the Wahabist Saudis are controlled by Jews

    Very low population % world wide ….yet ?

    Israel and ZIONIST Jews are the biggest threat to our peace , prosperity , productivity and stability. All of these self righteous war mongering satanists should be the first deported and all those that worked within government to better Israel and weaken the republic should be summarily executed.

  6. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Ran out of 100 countries in 1000 yrs.


    I believe there is a Higher Power who will settle things. Psalm 121 tells us: “…He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.” Amerika needs to pull its military forces out of the Middle East and let those countries who have a vital national interest settle things their own way. And, if it be by force of arms, then so be it.
    The time is long past for this corrupt, arrogant, crony-capitalist, fascist septic tank to MYOB. I doubt that it will. Since the days of that sawed-off belligerent psychopath, Teddy Roosevelt, TPTB have been looking for “new markets” and steamrolling any nations or peoples who have protested. Our dance card is all filled up.

  8. Breathlessly awaiting enlightenment from Hack-so Hangman, in 3,2,1…..

  9. israhell needs to be wiped from the face of he Earth.

    It takes a special type of retarded people to exist in a damn desert to begin with. Let em all fucking die at the hands of the rightful owners of that forsaken shithole. I truly wish they are all pushed into the sea, Nothing but criminal parasites. And that goes for anyone who supports them.

    It’s disgusting that so many have been brainwashed to give a flying fuck about some perverted demons who wear skull caps and pollute the air with their breathing.

  10. Derbyshire is always on top of things.

  11. I surely feel sorry for the Israel haters above. For anyone to believe that Israel’s enemies would not murder them all given the chance, and want that. You folks are either Muslim or work directly for Satan their boss. And you know what it doesn’t matter if you believe in God or Satan. You will.

    • When you understand the difference between Israel and “Israel,” you may have something worth hearing. Until then, we leave you with God’s big hint to you: “…the synagogue of Satan, those who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie” Apocalypse [Revelations] 3:9). None of God’s covenants were with the synagogue of Satan, talmudic Judaism, or the liars who stole the name Israel.

    • “that Israel’s enemies would not murder them all given the chance,”

      Sounds like a winner to me.

  12. Jews control Hamas and Wahabi Islam are you ought of your mind? Stop the medication immediately.

    • you need some global world travel and some boots on the ground life experience……I will pit my first hand dealings against your bullshit book learnin’ any day………..medication ? there is non , but in your case it is simply head- up- ass normalcy bias and wishfull thinking so in closing I will quote TFAT and just say…………………….FUCK OFF

  13. CA, your takeaway overstated the case:
    Israel is less important than Mexico or Japan, but not unimportant.
    They are, in fact, our only semi-consistent ally (the Liberty incident was policy, not an accident), as well as philosophically, in the Mideast.
    Anyone alive in 1974, or who buys gasoline for their cars since, could explain why.

    Secondly, the Arabs and Persians being, collectively, a bunch of low-IQ bloodthirsty savages and world-class fucktards, they can’t keep their shit in one bag and keep getting their heads handed to them semi-annually by Israel over there, so they instead spread and carry their conflicts to the outside world, to soft targets ranging from airliners, to oil summits, to Paris neighborhoods, Berlin discos, Italian cruise ships, and Manhattan skyscrapers.

    Given that they would and do happily kill Americans anywhere in the world for sport, they are our natural national enemies (esp. the average Saudi, despite our policy of pretend with their plutocrat nominal leaders), which makes Israel a wartime ally as well.

    One cannot say anything like the same about, say, Mexico’s enemies. Neither Guatemalans nor arcane mestizo indian tribes have ever hijacked American airliners nor attempted to build weapons of mass destruction because of our friendship with Mexico City.

    Therein lies a crucial difference.

    If someone were to argue that we could mostly ignore Israel, once we wreak genocidal slaughter on the worldwide population of Arabs and Persians, a la Carthage in the Third Punic War, (probably including their Muslim spiritual allies all the way to Indonesia and the Philippines, if not Berkeley and Georgetown DC, just to be consistent), I would have no serious quibble about relegating Israel policy afterwards to the equivalent of the Lichtenstein desk of the State department.

    Call me when we do that.

    (Just a suggestion, but Eastern Europeans are far more agreeable, and long for warmer climes; resettle them and the poor frozen Ukranians and disgruntled Russians and such in the newly depopulated Middle East; the Jews in Israel would get along with them for their mutual benefit as thick as thieves, oil prices would drop until gasoline was the inflation-adjusted equivalent of 40 cents a gallon in 1973 dollars, and the only wars in the region would be on soccer fields for the first time in 5 millennia.)

    IMHO, using only two nuclear bombs has been far too lenient, by at least a dozen to a hundred, in honestly pursuing our national interests since 1945.

    And Africa mainly exists in its current state to show the world it should have been treated like the American plains were one to two centuries ago.
    When Europe and Asia finally figure that out, Trump’s wall will be relegated to third place, behind China’s and the future one around the dark continent.

  14. Geostrategic, Israel places us at a disadvantage. Not a defensive position and its a miracle the country has survived as long as it has.
    Morally. US is a Christian nation and has an affinity for the region if no other reason that its religious significance.

  15. The Talmudic Jew has been murdering, or causing to be murdered, Christians for nearly 2,000 years. Any notion that Christians and Jews lived peacefully together is just so much Jew propaganda.

    “Mamilla Pool
    By Israel Shamir
    April 26, 2001
    by Israel Shamir

    Things move really fast nowadays. Just yesterday we hardly dared to call the Israeli policy of official discrimination against Palestinians by the harsh word apartheid. Today, as Sharon’s tanks and missiles pound defenceless cities and villages, the word barely suffices. It has become an unjustified insult to the white supremacists of South Africa. They, after all, did not use gunships and tanks against the natives, they did not lay siege to Soweto. They did not deny the humanity of their kaffirs. The Jewish supremacists made it one better. They have returned us, as if by magic wand, to the world of Joshua and Saul.

    As the search for the right word continues, the courageous Robert Fisk proposes calling the events in Palestine a civil war. If this is civil war, the slaughter of a lamb is a bullfight. The disparity of forces is too just too large. No, Virginia, it is not civil war, it is creeping genocide.

    This is the point in our saga, where the good Jewish guy is supposed to take out his hanky and exclaim: how could we, eternal victims of persecutions, commit such crimes! Well, do not hold your breath waiting for this line. It happened before and it can happen again.

    Jews are not more bloodthirsty than the rest of mankind. But the mad idea of being the Chosen ones, the idea of supremacy, whether of race or religion, is the moving force behind genocides. If you believe God choose your people to rule the world, if you think others but subhuman, you will be punished by the same God whose name you took in vain. Instead of a gentle frog, he would turn you into a murderous maniac.

    When the Japanese got a whiff of this malady in 1930s, they raped Nanking and ate the liver of their prisoners. Germans, obsessed by the Aryan superiority complex, filled Baby Yar with corpses. As thoughtful readers of Joshua and Judges, the father-pilgrim founders of the United States tried on the Chosen crown and succeeded in nearly exterminating the Native American peoples.

    The Jews are no exception. Outside of Jerusalem’s Jaffa gate (Bab al-Halil), there was once a small neighbourhood called Mamilla, destroyed by real estate developers just a few years ago. In its place they created a monstrous village for the super-rich, abutting the plush Hilton Hotel. A bit further away, there is the old Mamilla cemetery of the Arab nobles and the Mamilla Pool, a water reservoir dug by Pontius Pilate. During the development works, the workers came across a burial cave holding hundreds of sculls and bones. It was adorned by a cross and a legend: God alone knows their names. The Biblical Archaeology Review, published by the Jewish American Herschel Shanks, printed a long feature by the Israeli archaeologist Ronny Reich on this discovery.

    The dead were laid to their eternal rest in AD 614, the most dreadful year in the history of Palestine until the 20th century. The Scottish scholar, Adam Smith, wrote in his Historical Geography of Palestine: until now, the terrible devastation of 614 is visible in the land, it could not be healed.

    By 614, Palestine was a part of the Roman successor state, the Byzantine Empire. It was a prosperous, predominantly Christian land of well developed agriculture, of harnessed water systems, and carefully laid terraces. Pilgrims came in flocks to the Holy places, and the Constantine-built edifices of Holy Sepulchre and of the Ascension on the Mount of Olives were among the manmade wonders of the world. The Judean wilderness was enlivened by eighty monasteries, where precious manuscripts were collected and prayers offered. Fathers of the church, St. Jerome of Bethlehem and Origenes of Caesarea, were still a living memory.

    There was also a small wealthy Jewish community living in their midst, mainly in Tiberias on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Their scholars had just completed their version of the Talmud, the codification of their faith, Rabbinic Judaism; but for instruction they deferred to the prevailing Jewish community in Persian Babylonia.

    In 614, local Palestinian Jews allied with their Babylonian coreligionists and assisted the Persians in their conquest of the Holy Land. In the aftermath of the Persian victory, Jews perpetrated a massive holocaust of the Gentiles of Palestine. They burned the churches and the monasteries, killed monks and priests, burned books. The beautiful basilica of Fishes and Loaves in Tabgha, the Ascension on Mount of Olives, St. Steven opposite Damascus Gate and the Hagia Sion on Mt. Zion, are just at the top of the list of perished edifices. Indeed, very few churches survived the onslaught. The Great Laura of St. Sabas, tucked away in the bottomless Ravine of Fire (Wadi an-Nar) was saved by its remote location and steep crags. The Church of Nativity miraculously survived: when Jews commanded its destruction, the Persians balked. They perceived the Magi mosaic above the lintel as the portrait of Persian kings.

    This devastation was not the worst crime. When Jerusalem surrendered to the Persians, thousands of local Christians became prisoners of war, and were herded to the Mamilla Pool area. The Israeli archaeologist Ronny Reich writes: They were probably sold to the highest bidder. According to some sources, the Christian captives at Mamilla Pond were bought by Jews and were then slain on the spot. An eyewitness, Strategius of St. Sabas, was more vivid: Jews ransomed the Christians from the hands of the Persian soldiers for good money, and slaughtered them with great joy at Mamilla Pool, and it ran with blood. Jews massacred 60,000 Palestinian Christians in Jerusalem alone. The earth’s population was probably about 50 million then, 100 times smaller than today. A few days later, the Persian military understood the magnitude of the massacre and stopped the Jews.

    To his credit, the Israeli archaeologist Ronny Reich does not try to shift the blame for the massacres onto the Persians, as it is usually done nowadays. He admits that the Persian Empire was not based on religious principles and was indeed inclined to religious tolerance. This good man is clearly unsuitable to write for the New York Times. That paper’s correspondent in Israel, Deborah Sonntag, would have no trouble describing the massacre as retaliatory strike by the Jews who suffered under Christian rule.

    The holocaust of the Christian Palestinians in year 614 is well documented and you will find it described in older books, for instance in the three volumes of Runciman’s History of The Crusades. It has been censored out of modern guides and history books. It is a pity, as without this knowledge one cannot understand the provisions of the treaty between the Jerusalemites and Caliph Omar ibn Khattab, concluded in year 638. In the Sulh al Quds, as this treaty of capitulation is called, Patriarch Sofronius demanded, and the powerful Arab ruler agreed to protect the people of Jerusalem from the ferocity of the Jews.

    After the Arab conquest, a majority of Palestinian Jews accepted the message of the Messenger, as did the majority of Palestinian Christians, albeit for somewhat different reasons. For local Christians, Islam was a sort of Nestorian Christianity, but without icons, without Constantinople’s interference and without Greeks. (The Greek domination of the Palestinian church remains a problem for the local Christians to this very day.)

    For ordinary local Jews, Islam was the return to the faith of Abraham and Moses, as they could not follow the intricacies of the new Babylonian faith anyway. The majority of them became Muslims and blended into Palestinian population. The accommodation of Jews to Islam did not stop in the 7th century. A thousand years later, in the 17th century, the greatest spiritual leaders of the new-founded Sephardi Jewish community of Palestine, Sabbatai Zevi and Nathan of Gaza, the successors to the glorious Spanish mystic tradition of Ari the Saint of Safed, also embraced the law of mercy, as they called Islam. Their descendants, the comrades of Ataturk, saved Turkey from the onslaught of the European troops during WWI.

    Modern Jews do not have to feel guilty for the misdeeds of Jews long gone. No son is responsible for the sins of his father. Israel could have turned this mass grave with its Byzantine chapel and mosaics into a small and meaningful memorial, reminding its citizens of a horrible page in the history of the land and of the dangers of genocidal supremacy. Instead, the Israeli authorities preferred to demolish the tomb and create an underground parking lot in its place. It did not cause a murmur.

    The Israeli guardians of the Jewish conscience, Amos Oz and others, have objected to the destruction of the ancient remains. No, not of the tomb at Mamilla. They ran a petition against the keepers of the Haram a-Sharif mosque complex for digging a ten-inch trench to lay a new pipe. It did not matter to them that, in an op-ed in Haaretz, the leading Israeli archaeologist of the area denied all relevance of the mosque works to science. They still described it as a barbaric act of Muslims aimed at the obliteration of the Jewish heritage of Jerusalem. Among the signatories, I found, to my amazement and sorrow the name of Ronny Reich. One thinks, he might tell them who obliterated the vestiges of the Jewish heritage at Mamilla Pool.

    Why do I find it necessary to tell the story of the Mamilla bloodbath? Because there is nothing more dangerous than the feeling of self-righteousness and perpetual victimhood reinforced by a one-sided historical narrative. Here again, the Jews are not unique. Eric Margolis of the Toronto Sun2 wrote about Armenians inflamed by the story of their holocaust. They massacred thousands of their peaceful Azeri neighbours in the 1990s, and caused the uprooting of 800,000 native non-Armenians. It’s time to recognize all world’s horrors, Margolis concludes.

    Censored history creates a distorted picture of reality. Recognition of past is a necessary step on the way to sanity. The Germans and the Japanese have recognized the crimes of their fathers, have came to grips with their moral failings and have emerged as humbler, less boastful folks, akin to the rest of human race. We Jews have so far failed to exorcise the haughty spirit of the Chosenness, and found ourselves in a dire predicament.

    That is why the idea of supremacy is still with us, still calling for genocide. In 1982, Amos Oz3 met an Israeli, who shared with the writer his dream of becoming a Jewish Hitler to the Palestinians. Slowly this dream is becoming a reality.

    The Haaretz published an ad on its front page4, a fatwa, signed by a group of Rabbis. The Rabbis proclaimed the theological identification of Ishmael, i.e. the Arabs, with the Amalek. Amalek is mentioned in the Bible as the name of a tribe that caused trouble for the Children of Israel. In this story, the God of Israel commands His people to exterminate the Amalek tribe completely, including its livestock. King Saul botched the job: he exterminated them all right, but failed to kill nubile unwed maidens. This failure cost him his crown. The obligation to exterminate the people of Amalek is still counted among the tenets of the Jewish faith, though for centuries nobody made the identification of a living nation with the accursed tribe.

    There was one exclusion showing how dangerous the ruling is. At the end of WWII, some Jews, including the late Prime Minister Menachem Begin, identified the Germans with Amalek. Indeed, a Jewish religious socialist and a fighter against Nazis, Abba Kovner, hatched in 1945 a plot to poison the water supply system of German cities and to kill six million Germans. He obtained poison from the future President of Israel, Efraim Katzir. Katzir supposedly thought Kovner intends to poison only a few thousands of German POWs. The plan mercifully flopped when Kovner was stopped by British officials in a European port. This story was published last year in Israel in a biography of Kovner written by Prof Dina Porat, head of Anti-Semitism Research Centre at Tel Aviv university5.

    In plain English, the Rabbis fatwa means: our religious duty is to kill all Arabs, including women and babies and their livestock; to the last cat. The liberal Haaretz, whose editor and owner are sufficiently versed to understand the fatwa, did not hesitate to place the ad.

    Some Palestinian activists recently criticized me for associating with the marginal Russian weekly Zavtra and for quoting the American weekly Spotlight. I wonder why they have not condemned me for writing in Haaretz? Zavtra and Spotlight have never published a call to genocide, after all.

    It would be unfair to single out Haaretz. Another prominent Jewish newspaper, the Washington Post, published an equally passionate call to genocide by Charles Krauthammer. This adept of king Saul cannot rely upon his audience’s knowledge of the Bible, so he refers to General Powell’s slaughter of routed Iraqi troops at the end of the Gulf war. He quotes Colin Powell saying of the Iraqi army, “First we’re going to cut it off, then we’re going to kill it.” For Krauthammer, with his carefully chosen quotes, multitudes of slain Arabs do not qualify for human pronoun them. They are an it. In the last stage of the war in the Gulf, immense numbers of retreating and disarmed Iraqis were slaughtered in cold blood by the US Air Force, their bodies buried by bulldozers in the desert sand in huge and nameless mass graves. The numbers of victims of this hecatomb are estimated from one hundred thousand to half a million. God alone knows their names.

    Krauthammer wants to repeat this feat in Palestine. It is already cut off, divided by the Israeli army into seventy pieces. Now it is ready for the great kill. Kill it!, he calls with great passion. He must be worried that the Persians will again stop the bloodbath before the Mamilla Pool fills up. His worries are our hopes.”

    This article can be freely transmitted and published on the Web, for hard copy publications apply to the author. If you do not wish to receive Shamir’s articles, reply with the word remove as the subject. You can write to the author on, or visit the site

    • Excellent précis, Pat Hines!

      Truly! For millennia, since ancient times, Jewish belief and behavior have caused and continue to cause “antisemitism.”

      Promulgating Jewish Master Race supremacism, instigating gentile-against-gentile wars, fomenting revolutions, suborning heresies, undermining Christian society, false flags, big lies, inflicting multiculturalism, and perpetrating vice, ritual murder, genocide, slavery and economic crimes against humanity, including usury, fractional reserve banking, swindling, and tax farming have consequences. The perpetual pose of Jews as innocent victims is a fraud. Are there innocents among the Jews? Initially, many! But those innocents, in shielding the guilty, have made themselves accomplices of the guilty, over the millennia earning the expulsion of Jews from hundreds of nations, principalities, and city-states.

      Are (((they)) responsible for all the evil in the world? No, but (((they))) are millennia overdue for honest reflection and recompense for what ((they))) have actually done.

  16. What a crock of shit. Every country that has nukes is important to the USA . Crazy motherfuckers would love to light the candle on a nuke. Sure makes life simple,neat and easy to understand when you have a bogeyman to point at.Remember local,local,local? Be more concerned with the commie libtard and pavement ape down the street from you than the Jooooos in Israel. Be more concerned with the local constabulary than the Joooos in Israel. Right now someone in your AO,or close by, covets your women and goods. Be more concerned with the meth addicts and junkies who want to steal all your shit and hock it.
    Run away! Run away! Baba Yaga is coming. She is masquerading as a Jooooo. I am more concerned with the Norwegians. I heard from a reliable source that they want to steal all our fish and Akevitt.

  17. It ain’t just the Jews. Evangelical Christians are just as prominent in this.

    I have a friend in Wyoming, an old cowboy. Possibly the nicest man I ever met, and enjoyable to be with. The one time he got angry with me, was when I commented something like, “It’s not the job of the U.S. to defend Israel.” Boy, was he mad!

    I actually like Israel, have been there a couple times on business trips. It’s a beautiful country. But Derbyshire is right – they need us a lot more than we need them. I’d also add that US Jews are what Aaron Zelman called “ghetto Jews” – why they would support gun control, given their history, is sheer lunacy.

    There is a tendency among Jews toward seeking the halls of power and influence. I guess Armenians did that sort of thing too, in Turkey. Guess what happened to both populations when things went bad? Maybe they should adopt some “scapegoat avoidance tactics”. Ceasing support for gun control and other such gross impositions would be a good start…

    • it’s not “lunacy” at all. Now, by way of the Central Bank, Zion rules. But Zion cannot conveniently exterminate the Whites until the Whites are disarmed. That’s why most of the noisiest gun-grabbers are Jews or employees of same.

      • Agreed, not lunacy, just evil. Chabad is the largest and most influential of all “orthodox” groups. Chabad’s rabbis discuss Maimonides’ and the other “sages'” advice on killing Gentiles:

        “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

        Scroll down to Jews and Gun Control—a hostile “elite”

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  19. Simply mentioning the words Israel or jews makes normally sane people come unhinged and they don’t even know why.

    It’s like an on-off switch in their brain that they cannot control.

    I keep my tribe intentionally small.

    • What I find pathetic are those who have the evidence presented to them on a silver platter and continue to deny that the Jew is THE problem.

      I don’t know of a single Gun Confiscation Lobby member organization that does not have a Jew in charge, or major Jew funding, or both. Bloomberg spent $20 million to implement total background checks on every firearm bought and sold in Nevada.

      Jews are major advocates for open borders.

      The Anti Defamation League wants open borders, including as many muslims as want to immigrate.

      The SPLC is run and funded by Jews, demanding open borders.

      The ACLU, begun as a result of the righteous hanging of murderer and serial rapist Leo Frank, wants and defends open borders.

      Nearly every restriction upon freedom of association, freedom of religion, and more were fought for by Jews.

      Yet, many deny that the Jew is a problem.


        The NAACP would have folded a long time ago if it wasn’t for (((their))) continued funding. I have posted before how they first infiltrated the LA Unified School District in the 1950’s and it was bye-bye to any mention of Christmas. They are determined, destructive of my culture and religious beliefs, in the vanguard of divide-and-conquer cultural and social movements, and very patient. Res ipsa loquitur.

      • “Yet, many deny that the Jew is a problem.”


        Many wahabbist Sunnis already agree with your way of thinking. In fact, they inspired it. Example:

        “Abdullah b. ‘Umar reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: You and the Jews would fight against one another until a stone would say: Muslim, here is a Jew behind me; come and kill him.”

        To complete your journey to the other side simply visit your nearest mosque for conversion and later make a trip to Mecca. You’ll circle counterclockwise around the kaaba “the cube”.

        Or, you could turn around now and return to the narrow gate –that way is through Jesus.

  20. I figure Israel will keep doing what it thinks is best for Israel.
    I would do the same.

  21. Stealth Spaniel

    Oh good grief! Derbyshire is a Hillary worshiper, he would’ve been oh so excited about “new possibilities”. Kerry is an Elite Idiot and should be shot on sight. Israel is important, but not our top priority. We need a “good country” relationship, but I wouldn’t trust either Mexico or Canada with my freedom or liberty. Both places restrict your right to defend yourself, your right to speak your truth, and your ability to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures. (Remember the houses searched & looted during the fires?)
    As Americans, our first priority is our country and its welfare. Period. Every GD muslim country should be bombed to oblivion, that solves a lot of our problems.

  22. There is no such country as “palastine”.
    Was there ever a president of palastine?
    A King?
    A Democratically elected government?
    What is a “palestinian”? A “palestinian” is basically a Jordanian Arab for the most part.

    Arabs who chose not to abandon ship in 1967 are Israeli citizens. Those who did became refugees at the behest of the Arab nations who attacked Israel, who refused them entry.

    The Jews, on the other hand, have had a documented, continuous presence there for over three thousand years. They have turned a barren speck with few natural resources into the free-est, most prosperous nation in the middle east, with a GDP that exceeds all it’s neighbor states combined.

    The only reason the Arabs want it, or any part of it is because Jews aren’t Arabs, and their objective is not a two state solution.

    Their objective is the annihilation of the Jews, and the total domination of every square inch of the middle east, and beyond. Then they will continue to exterminate the remaining Christians.

    • invasive Ashkenaz, 90% of the Jews currently occupying Palestine, have no genetic connection to ancient Israel. They are Asiatics, by way of the c. 700 AD Khazar conversion. The claim of continuity rests with Arab and Jewish (i.e., sephardic) Semites. Israel itself is a gross parasite on America and, but for ‘Murka’s current Zionist Occupation Gubmint, would dry up and blow away in a matter of weeks.

    • Ah, another familiar Big Lie of the tribe, “a land without a people for a people without a land”

    • So, by that token, it would be ok if Protestant Irish-Americans (most of which aren’t even 100% Irish) decided Ireland was theirs. They could invade Ireland and put all the Irish Catholics into open-air prison camps. After all, the Irish have had a presence in Ireland for thousands of years…

      • If they moved there first, out-bred the native population, and purchased the majority of the land there, then yes.

        Call me when that happens.

        Pardon, your strawman is showing.

  23. behind enemy lines Ct.

    I have no use for dirty Jews .Especially the gun grabbing dual citizens in the District of Criminals.

  24. America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She well knows that by one enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standards of freedom. — JOHN QUINCY ADAMS (1821)

  25. Everyone’s been working so hard to get the Jew out of their space and replace them with Muslims. How’s that been workin’ out for ya?

  26. there is no doubt having read many these posts and historical accounts, that Earth is an Insane Asylum (dumping ground) for the Milky Way Galactic Command.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Nothing like some good old religious brainwashing to keep the masses killing each other, in the name of peace of course.
      Ego based exceptionalism, from God.

      • Kay de Leon

        Probably the only sane thing I’ve seen in this thread.

        ‘My book says to kill you when I get the chance.’

        ‘Well fancy that! My book says to kill you when I get the chance!’

  27. Average citizens are people with consciences, not robots. These bad policies would be mere streetcorner ranting if average people didn’t choose to be accomplices and obey it. Everyone in the Mafia is guilty, not just the guys at the top. Why are you letting 300 million people off the hook for their bad behavior? Might makes right, and a criminal gang ceases to be criminal after it accumulates X members?

  28. There should be complementary hip waders at the door, for most of this bilge.

    But it opens up a whole new meaning of “low-hanging fruit”.