Fred: The Sisterhood & A Profound Weariness


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  1. The feminists who need to adjust their worldview the most probably quit reading after Fred’s first paragraph.

    There are also two kinds of self-appointed feminists and the main dividing line seems to be age based around 45. The older ones will say “I’m a feminist” but after some discussion when comparing their views with the “new” views of the younger ones, they’ll say “I’m not like *those* feminists.”

    There are a lot of smart girls under 18 and I have no problem writing that they show more capability studying STEM than the guys simply because they are more focused; but, the problem is they still get corrupted at the college/university level. Combine that with a marriage and divorce in their early 20s to a permateen male (or just an average man who doesn’t want to be her permanent doormat) and the propaganda from college is ‘confirmed’.

    The reversal of the corruption is possible once she’s in a corporate or agency hen house where there’s no rooster to be seen and she later decides for herself that the corrupt selfish matriarchy is far from the meritocracy she was promised was awaiting her in the Sisterhood Utopia.

    Similar to men who go mad in herds, women go mad in flocks and have to return to reality one at a time.


    Feminism does not border on psychosis. It is psychosis. Being an old man, I have had the opportunity to witness its rise in the late 1960’s and its infection both in the Army and in the Law Enforcement community. Psychiatry used to have a name for it: “Penis Envy”.
    We all have known and grew up with girls who, through no fault of their own, had one more chromosome or gene, that gave them mannish features, broad shoulders, and other features that culture did not ascribe to desirable female traits. Sadly, these homely, unfortunate creatures have translated their differences and/or misfortunes into a rage that will not be quenched. The focus of their rage is men, but men are not the cause.
    The hand of the Creator and my genetic inheritance gave me average height, small bones, knocked knees, and small hands. I did not curse my mother or my father. As a man, I was trained, schooled, and evangelized to accept who I was. My boss, the Jewish Carpenter, said no one can add a single inch to their height by worrying about it. He also told me not to murder. And there is the main focus of this horrific, satanic movement.
    These screaming, satanic Harpies are all for the homicide of helpless, unborn American citizens. Corrupt, satanic politicians from both sides of the aisle exploit this National Socialist ideal to solidify their power base. This is why I maintain that these Feminists are psychopaths. Yes, CRIMINAL psychopaths.

    • POd American

      Put them all into a blender…grind them up and then do a serum test on the sample. Bet there would not be enough estrogen for one real woman.

  3. Hell hath no fury like a bunch of crazed manhating lesbians in there own reinforcing zone of reality exclusion/insanity.

    And the list grows on….

  4. turn em upside and watch the flies gather…

  5. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Barefoot in the winter. pregnant in the summer. Natural order of things. Any thing else is chaos.

  6. Good one by Fred.

    A minor nit: “using the schools as indoctrination centers”. Feminism could be wiped from the face of the Earth, but government schools would still be indoctrinating kids.

    A reasonable (that is, old-fashioned style) feminism:

  7. Fred gets 10/10 for that one.

    Men are realists; feminists are insane.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Had two separate heated conversations with two different women (unknown to each other) and both in the course of things told me I wasn’t their Daddy and couldn’t talk to them like that.
    Are women all just nothing more functioning idiots with ‘Daddy’ issues ?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Fully agree on the Daddy issues. It’s a major driving force for most of their idiocy.
      My sister, AND my GF, are both second born. And they both have an unbelievable rage towards their older sibling for not getting enough of Daddy’s attention. Constantly playing headgames, even as they leave middle age, the childish games don’t stop. And all because they weren’t first born, and Daddy’s favorite.
      And we actually spent our youth away, chasing crazy females, who then turn on us and try to kill us during menopause.

  10. From the link: “When your sense of self depends on being oppressed, you cannot afford to run out of oppression.”