GoV: New Year’s Eve In Germany – Once More, With Groping



Sure glad such things can’t happen in FUSA.

You see, diversity is our vibrancy here in America.

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20 responses to “GoV: New Year’s Eve In Germany – Once More, With Groping

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. You know what’s funny? If they did this last year, people would have screamed racism. Then the virtue signalling politicians would have dropped all security for this year and the rapes would occur this year. Any way you cut it, German women get raped.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Is it really rape if the German women have “Refugees Welcome!” tattooed on their thighs?

  3. SemperFi, 0321

    Been to Reutlingen several times, my dad’s best Fallschirmjäger buddy was from there. Beautiful place just outside Stuttgart.
    What is it about Nein that neither side understands? No groping, and no hanging out mit den Affen!
    Also shows those blacks have no fear of the authorities, or German law. They KNOW they’re going to win.

  4. When I was stationed there in the 70’s, the RAF (Red Army Faction, for you young’uns) was the big threat in-country. And the Polizei wouldn’t hesitate to split you in half with their MP-5’s. My, how things have changed.

    • When I was sent there for a long, pre-deployment FTX, we got into some little scuffle when we walked into the wrong bar full of Albanians. We were having some fun when the Polizei showed up and started hitting people with their batons. They whipped them out and started swinging. We managed to escape without getting hit.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      I hear ya, straycat. Back in the 70’s a buddy ‘o mine lost his front teeth to a swift Polizei baton in the puss responding to a small smart aleck response to the German cop’s “What’s going on here?” They took no shit back then…

  5. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Angela Merkel should be hanging from a lamp post by now.

  6. just plain todd

    sorry. fresh out of fucks to give for europe. or for most murikans too for that matter.

  7. Thank the pigs for this. It is THEY who enable these bastards, Nothing but fucking dirkheads, one and all.

    • Mark, I’m honored. dirkheads, I’ll wear this one with honor. FYI, I’ve got a polzi story of my own, we had flown in, up north, to monitor the Russian fleet coming out after the ice broke up.

      We got into a difference of oppinion in a bar while their. The yurmans decided they didn’t like our attitudes,,and started throwing beer steins. One of our pilots was about ten feet behind me and drunk off his ass.

      We thought it great sport,,dodging the flying missles. The before mentioned pilot got trashed by a stein, the German police arrived, I didn’t move quick enough actually I didn’t understand what he wanted. ,anyway a dirkhead took a swing at me with his stick, I zigged and the same pilot took the stick across his mouth, fucking him up pretty good.

      When their leaders got their, they realized we didn’t throw anything, or punch anybody, that we were not responsible, after looking the pilot over and seeing the damage done to him,,we were allowed to leave.

      Long story short, the pilot lost teeth, and needed stitches. He was done flying for awhile. We called him LT smashmouth, the rest of his stint at the Q. A dam good man.

  8. Had one of my very few liberal coworkers tell me we should let refugees in because “WWJD”. I told her that if she doesn’t want to know “WWJD” in regards to abortion, then she doesn’t need to worry about “WWJD” in regards to anything else. Besides, Jesus never gave us any mandate to commit suicide. I do believe in helping the helpless, but thousands of military age male Muslims aren’t helpless. We see that when they immigrate to Europe and quickly secure jobs driving trucks (a decent, vital and respectable job in Western civilization) and then use it to kill people.

  9. The Thing’s Lament

    Soros must go.
    Probably 95% of the shit going down in the western hemisphere is because of this piece of shit.

    • mtnforge,

      Everytime I read reference to that POS Soros I ask myself why hasn’t Mossad terminated his existence ?

  10. No one dare say it’s a Central Banker Governmental System Conspiracy.
    Until that day & to those that have it coming.

  11. See how deep the rabbit hole goes.
    The neo-con-psychopath McCain is neck deep in it.
    A smorgasbord of connections and documentary accounts.
    The Russians stopped them dead in Syria.
    It no wonder why they are out to get Putin.
    He spoiled their billions of dollars payday.

    Absolutely Stunning – Leaked Audio of Secretary Kerry Reveals President Obama Intentionally Allowed Rise of ISIS…

  12. “Nafricans”.

    The gifts of Obozo and Shrillary’s Arab Spring that just keep on giving.

    One can but wonder how that’d go over in a country with a tradition of unlimited legal hunting against nuisance species.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Took me a minute to figure it out; Nord Afrikaner = Nafri, probably abbreviation from their paper work.