GoV: When Did Leftism Go Bad, Or Was It Ever Any Other Way?



Keep them out of the cockpit.

Or else.


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  1. Read Ayn Rand’s essays on the proper role of government. Reflect. Rinse and repeat as needed. If you get the clue that government is going to be a hindrance to the survival of you and yours, congrats.

    Make youself stronger physically today than you were yesterday (a “soft” standard, per Mosby.)

    Look out towards your neighborhood or circle of people you know. Identify who in those circles share your values. Reach out to them as being the basis of the tribe you will need as things go North.

    • MichiganderJim

      “Read Ayn Rand’s essays on the proper role of government.”

      Better to read her for what she got right IMO. That was tons, but not this. That’s why when it came to brass tacks in her idealized society of the Gulch, she had to abandon her theory to reality. She wasn’t too brilliant about sex or kids either BTW.

  2. I look at that picture of all those skulls and I have to wonder how many of those DEAD PEOPLE VOTED for the HILDA-BITCH for President. I know a LOT of living & breathing AMERICANS who voted against that BITCH and against the Obama legacy. I am certain that Barak the Magic Negro (as Rush L. calls him) will leave a legacy that will take a loooong time to undo. I have full faith and confidence in the American People and the future of this Nation.

    • ‘have full faith and confidence in the American People and the future of this Nation.’

      You must have some good dope… 🙂

      • it’s a simple process, let me walk you thru it.
        Arrive at embassy.
        Declare your intent to revoke citizenship.
        Pay your 200.00.
        Do the paperwork.
        Complete wait period.

        Your free of this wicked nation.

        if your short of money, I’m guessing many here will kick in so your departure isn’t a hardship.

        O wait, that’s right your nigger rich, or so you keep telling us little people.

        • Ha ha ha…that’s too fat !!!




          Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, December 28, 2016:

          Oregon State Police: A trooper was found to have violated policy when he ran a red light and consequently striking another automobile and a pedestrian before crashing into a donut shop.
          Cuyahoga County, Ohio: A deputy was arrested and charged with OVI after a crash. It is his third arrest for the offense.
          Buffalo, New York: An officer resigned and pled guilty to filing a false instrument for faking an on-duty injury. He was sentenced to one year of conditional release.
          Update: Suffolk County, New York: Court documents in the long-running case of now-former sheriff James Burke revealed that six officers pled guilty to charges related to the beating and cover-up that led to Burke’s imprisonment.
          Orangeburg County, South Carolina: A deputy was arrested for DUI after a crash in his patrol vehicle. He was fired.
          Palm Beach County, Florida: A deputy was federally charged with identity theft for using a law enforcement database to collect and sell personal information.
          Coffey County, Kansas: A deputy was fired and charged with sexual exploitation of a child.
          Louisville, Kentucky: A detective pled guilty to stealing nearly $75,000 in cash from airmail packages he searched for drugs.

          Who you calling a nigger? NIGGER.

        • COPS: They exist off the backs of hard-working people. They commit 5Xs as much crime as the so-called criminals. Your time is running short. Karma is going to get every one of ewes.

          SCUMBAGS One and ALL.

          Do not accept it

          Do not give in to it

          When law becomes tyranny

          Resistance becomes duty

          Hanna Winston

          Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
          12:49 p.m Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016

          “WEST PALM BEACH , FLORIDA Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy has been arrested on federal identity-theft charges after investigators found he was using his department-issued laptop to gather and then sell people’s information.

          Frantz Felisma, 42, allegedly used a law-enforcement database to get personal identification information and sold at least 15 people’s information. With a co-conspirator, they set up credit-card and bank accounts and stole tens of thousands of dollars, according to authorities, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami said.

          Felisma has been a deputy with the department since 2009, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.”

          “Felisma was in court Thursday, represented by attorney Jason Kreiss. Magistrate Judge William Matthewman ordered Felisma be held in detention because he is a flight risk until his next hearing Dec. 28.”

          “Felisma’s wife was crying as her husband stood in court shackled and wearing a blue jumpsuit.”

          The whole story here:–law/pbso-deputy-arrested-federal-identity-theft-charges/oHtyyGDpwgJ0CBwEZQZGOI/?platform=hootsuite

        • For every one who speaks out about pig corruption, there are at least10,000 who agree. The numbers are growing day in and day out.
          I promise you and every other cop, the day is coming, you will burn those clown suits and deny you were ever one of them. Just like Saddam.s army did. But, it won’t help ewes. tic toc tic toc

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Given that the picture of those skulls looks awfully similar to one from Tuol Sleng prison in Cambodia, I’m guessing that none of them voted for Hillary.

    • Steven, regarding our floppy eared nigger in the big White House, far to many understand his failures. History may try and reflect kindly on his black ass, however we the people, will keep it real via “our nations oral history” .

      The useful idiots can pen what they want, red blooded america will not forget his attempt to crush this country. Bojangles has earned his title, may he wear it proudly.


      • Listen to yourself. You fucking pigs crushed this country long ago. You all sided with team tyranny and received your 30 pieces of silver, the, you all went out and stole even more by falsely arresting, torturing, and murdering innocents. Every ONE of ewes are guilty and you know it. I never had a politician harass, ticket, or arrest me. I think it’s safe to speak for everyone else also. It was not forgotten and the price will be paid.

      • MichiganderJim

        Congratulations, Dirk…first male stripper on WRSA.

  3. The Committee of Public Safety. Thank you. I had forgotten about the committee….perfect name.

  4. It’s always been bad. Would you trust a doctor whose textbooks were as unclear as the Communist Manifesto? Heinlein learned a government funding scheme he was fond of didn’t make sense when it couldn’t be reduced to specifics in a spreadsheet. Same test works for other brands of economic ideas. Does it have straightforward answers to hard questions?

  5. Socialism kills.
    200M corpses since 1914 or so can’t be wrong.

  6. MichiganderJim

    I get it—collectivism and tyranny suck. That’s something to know alright, but it’s tougher to understand that they equally suck no matter who does it.

  7. Continue to put some “meat” and gather your hearts, minds
    and souls, in flesh. The reason this stuff is happening all over
    this earth is just the ashes rising from the fires.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. I say again: Socialism is NOT an economic system. It is a control mechanism and it works perfectly, exactly as intended.