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7 responses to “Hatespeech

  1. One of the 21st century’s GREATEST men. And the rarest of politicians: Honest, Dogged, and Brave.

    (I feel privileged to have merely been in the same room with this man and to have listened to him speak – at the Draw Mohammed Contest in Garland, Texas – back in May 2015.)

  2. we must deal with the Judeo-globalists’ violent and totalitarian nature, because if we fail to do so, their Black, Brown, Yellow, and Muslim Invasive Armies will destroy Western Civilization and the entire White Race.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Capt. Hinde

    Yeah, give us another jew fag spokesman, WRS.

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    The ONLY politician in Europe worth listening to; he is the single person in authority who speaks the truth. The rest are useless blowhards who will do anything to save their own asses. I hope that he can lead the Netherlands out of the darkness.

  6. Wilder must give up his “Israel love”, Gates of Vienna must give that up as well.

    • What do you mean “Israel love”? Do you mean the real estate or the people? You often seem to include both.

      Maybe he has enough God-given discernment to know that “the Jew behind every stone and tree” so ‘let’s blame them for everything that’s wrong with the world and your life’ thing is a product of Islam, its allies, and ultimately satan.