Opening A Second Front On The Left


Listen to Cappy.

He’s cutting to the core.

Leave ’em (and any other mooch) on the street and off the dole (including student loans and financial aid eligibility) following conviction for disorderly conduct, obstructing government administration, destruction of public property, or any other of the usual riot charges.

To get the cucks on board, require that the triggering (heh) conviction date be after they started to receive public assistance. Stated another way, that DisCon you got before you went on the dole won’t DQ you, but that one six months after Official Parasite Status sure will.

Cappy rocks.

19 responses to “Opening A Second Front On The Left

  1. Sounds familiar, some how.
    “How many worthless eaters would be moping around causing trouble if their student loans dried up overnight? How many colleges could they hide in if that gravy train went away? How many communist hack refugees from the 1960s could live on tenure if their institution depended on delivering value for the dollars spent, absent any government support for the endeavor for anyone not working towards actual useful skills like engineering, law, medicine, et al? Anyone want to see those old hippies pushing a broom, or greeting at WalMart? Beuller? Beuller…??
    Turn the money spigot off. Game over.

    … you’re going to have to take back the government. That means doing to the bureaucracy, and to union employment, at every level – which is overwhelmingly public sector unions – what happened to PATCO in 1981, and Wisconsin teachers in the early 2000s. It’s going to be mean, ugly, nasty, and brutal. And absolutely necessary.

    You take out the government unions, you defund the opposition by the time Trump is out of office in 4 or 8 years.”

    Oh, and I agree, wholeheartedly, with the sentiment.
    Stop subsidizing the Left’s bullshit, and make them all look for a job in the private sector.
    With the imminent deportation of 30m Mexicans et al, McDonald’s and Burger King will be hiring, except in the states where $15/hr minimum wages makes automation cost-effective.

    So the liberal idiots in those states will just have to starve to death, or move out.

    Boo frickin’ hoo.

    • Never saw that. Good piece.

    • MichiganderJim

      That did look like a strong one at a glance…so sensible. Maybe it’ll be the one in a billion that succeeds working with a false founding premise. Oh wait, it’s provable that not even one in a billion can do that.

      Maybe we should revisit after the idiots starve themselves.

  2. Hope you’re including the cop welfare clan in this plan. The badged hypocrites are all complicit in the legitimization of theft from the productive classes by “just doing their jobs”.
    It amazes me the tone deafness when some speak about dealing with certain leftist parasitic classes yet willfully ignore the biggest of them all who take their marching orders by the same corrupt system that attempts to oppress us all on a daily basis. Cops are leeches on the ass of society, tell the truth about that or shall we continue with giving them another excuse for the evil they commit knowingly by enforcement/revenue generation of all mal-prohibita laws? Oath-breakers hide behind the rich-man’s laws and the swine unions which is a club most of us aren’t a part of.


      Samz: One of the ways out of the predicament you have opined on is ridding the body politic of the Malum Prohibitum laws. When the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic Of Oregon decided to legalize Marijuana, the ones who screamed the loudest were the cops. Why? Because of the revenue stream of asset forfeiture and fines which would be cut off from them, not because they gave a rat’s ass about “kids on drugs” or some other meme. I saw this first hand when I lived in Curry County, Oregon.
      I was a Peace Officer for over thirty years in SoCal. As far as my pension is concerned, it was an agreed-upon CONTRACT, whereby I paid so much into the fund EVERY MONTH, and that amount was matched by the county. And I also, along with my co-workers, paid into a Medicare Trust Fund set up by my union to offset the medical insurance costs when I retired in 2002. With any raise I received, my contributions into the pension were automatically adjusted upward. I did my job fairly and under the rule of law. Look up California Penal Code Section 4. That was drummed into my head by my trainers from day one. I never had to back up to the pay window.
      The real problem is with ANY public pension fund which does not demand its employees contribute to it. Regardless of what these tax termites of today think, public employment means public service. And, if you are not contributing into the public coffers, you have no stake in your community. Sir Robert Peel, in his rules for police stated: THE POLICE ARE THE PEOPLE AND THE PEOPLE ARE THE POLICE. Oregon and other jurisdictions think otherwise. The result is a separate Praetorian Guard mentality of “us versus them”. And, the local lick spittles in the American Legion, VFW, Chamber of Commerce, Elks, Masons, etc. will hold benefits and fund raisers to enhance their good-old-boy status with TPTB. The result is a free pass for DUI and other public indiscretions. I saw it with my own eyes.
      One more thing needs to be said. The elephant in the room is not only the rise in shootings and killings of cops. It is in the recruiting of same. More and more agencies nation-wide are having a devil of a time finding qualified people who want to even do the job. My take is that the Leviathan has made it so difficult for folks to survive and prosper out there due to the onus of the Malum Prohibitum laws, that the public is fighting back, violently. Cops do not want to be in the middle of that. And, I hope this will not motivate these political hacks to lower or modify their standards further. The idea of some tatted-up, shaved-headed, steroid-using, bloated mutant-with-a-badge working as a “private contractor” because my city/county can’t hire a qualified man or woman, scares me. Stay tuned.

      • DTW.

        It’s a breath of fresh air when you write the truth about cops.
        You Sir, have my respect.

      • I don’t have a problem with PAYING police officers for their job. It’s a thankless job with about 2/3rds as much danger as a bartender (yes, tending bar generates 50% more casualties per 100K employees per year than the same worked hours of policing) but people love their bartenders.
        The problem is the politicians negotiating a contract with the police union (public servants should be prohibited from striking or group negotiations for pay and benefits, imho) that contains escalation of retirement benefits exceeding the actual increase of the retirement benefits fund gain. The State can not mathematically pay a benefit that is guaranteed to increase at 8% a year for decades that average 1.5% a year increase in GDP and the fund getting an average/safe increase of 1-3% with occasional 30% drops with the markets. Only a few years of mass-inflation (16-90% annual rate) will clear this up, at great pain because the currency and contracts will turn to crap.

      • Dweezil, I bet just the domestic disturbances must be
        a pain, constantly. Heck, not too long ago, someone
        took a mouthful bite from my leg, and that was just for trying
        to help out 🙂

        “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  3. Yeap, it is about helping mankind get stronger not weaker.
    That is why, for example in this nation, one puts pins in all
    high welfare etc.areas, then places an overlay and puts
    pins in high crime etc. they ALL match!
    [audio src="" /]
    Do it in other nations, and see the same results.
    “The whole world (world meaning form of government. See
    Bouviers or Thayers) is under a strong delusion”
    Remember? – “My Kingdom is not of this world”

    It is tough you all, I know, but…. baby steps.. baby steps…
    Gotta learn how to crawl before we walk in “The Way.”
    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness…”
    …”that we MIGHT be saved…”

  4. I have been clamoring for exactly this for years including writing to my state politipukes, obviously without affect. I add random drug tests too. If the scrotes have time and resources to get dope, they don’t need public funds. Also high on my list is time limited benefits, just like unemployment.

  5. I like it, but…

    You’re never going to selectively cut the “bad” people off because the system is sustained by those bad people (either directly on election day or indirectly by they dysfunctional and immoral behavior). Even those who have paid into the Ponzi scheme and seek an earned entitlement (not to be confused with welfare) because useful idiots.

    It’s the entire “system” that has to be taken down and that can still happen, without firing a shot.

    There are ~89 million full-time gainfully employed adults in the United State of Federal Supremacy. 27 million are government workers = 62 million people who create the value for the other 258 million (320 – 62). If just half of those 62 million would stop the whole thing crumbles.

    Oh, I know, people have bills. If the utility company, mortgage “servicer”, and, even cable company roll up to government, who are you paying?

  6. This idea is what Harry Browne used to call the “If I Were King” syndrome.

    Sorry, R’s in Congress are not going to dismantle the Warfare/Welfare State. They are part of the problem, and thus cannot be the solution. Not only that – most of us are on the dole as well. Find a so-called “conservative” who does not send his kids to a government school, or who does not plan on taking Socialist Security or Medicare, or who does not support government regulation or war to benefit his own company. Good luck on that.

    “The state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.” — Frederic Bastiat

    • Paul, Social Security and Medicare are not “on the dole.” You pay into that all your working life.

      • I pay into food stamps all my working life too. THAT’S WHAT THE DOLE IS.

        There is no box of cash in Washington where the money you sent is being patiently saved for you later. It’s all pissed away as soon as you send it. SS recipients are being supported by the current working generation, just a classic wealth transfer.

        If it was a real retirement program, the ratio of recipents to producers would be irrelevant. But that is why SS is going bust – too many recipients for the number of workers currently supporting the program (workers who, by the way, will never see a dime of it).

        I notice you didn’t object to the inclusion of government schooling. Of course that is socialism and welfare too.

      • “How is the legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime…”
        — Frederic Bastiat (THE LAW, p. 21, 26; P.P.N.S., p. 377)

      • Social Security Disability is a huge vector for people on the scam. Social Security Retirement is a different deal, but it has been massively mal-invested in war instead of productive assets.

      • Not exactly.
        I defer to anyone with exact statistics, but you pay something like 5% of what you can expect to pull out of SS, Unless you die a year after you hit 65. Medicare is even worse. The rest is a tax you roll over onto your kids and grandkids.

      • @ asslickan

        up there in trailer park and shit-shack land, welfare is a way of life.
        You turds are on your own when the Russians and Chinese invade(they already have) because ain’t no one going there to save you. LOL so enjoy your table scraps while you can.

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