SLL: Causes Lesser Than Yourself


Money quote:

When someone recruits you for a Cause Greater Than Yourself, run – especially if it’s a government doing the recruiting.

Governments – consisting of other people – almost never have your long-term best interests at heart.

Don’t fall for the con.

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  1. People would do well in this case and most all others, to delve into the short essays of Ayn Rand. They tell you all you need to know of your desired position ‘twixt you and those who desire to rule you. Aetheist that she was and all, her thoughts are still mostly right.


      Word. Sometimes the messengers are atheist. Sometimes the messengers a Jewish. Do not kill the messenger.

      • As long as Truth is spoken it doesn’t matter who it comes from… Let us all be seeking Truth…Blessings be upon you Brother…

  2. Millions of healthy, young white men have been sacrificed on the altar of CGTY and entire bloodlines extinguished forever, solely to make rich men richer. No more. One can only hope that the recent awakening WRT “fake news” will translate into open resistance against any future call to arms that doesn’t directly impact the safety and security of our own local environs.

  3. The operative word here is “understanding”. Right up there with wisdom. When a govt. comes along and wants you to either help them do something, or they want you to just do something, always consider first, “Why do they want/need/intend to use me to accomplish this end?”. If you really and truly understand what’s going on, and what govt. is trying to accomplish, you probably won’t want anything to do with the whole mess. They are only ever involved in two enterprises. Taking something away from somebody, or doing something to somebody. If you understand this from the beginning, you’ll know you don’t belong in the equation.

    • Well said Brother… Hope you and yours have a safe and productive New Year ..God Bless…

  4. Closing statement: “It is SLL’s New Year’s wish that you freely choose the causes you deem worthy of your time, energy, and money, and spend not one second more than you’re compelled to on causes less than yourself.” Yep. I have been seeing a lot of guilt-tripping being used to coerce well meaning people into using their time and money to support some of these progressive causes for the “greater good” / “good of the community”. Been there as one of those supporters that myself. My wake up call was the reaction of all the people I thought were so kind and open minded turn to hatred against those who did not vote for Hillary (and especially those who voted for Trump). They are going out in force to shut down any pro-Trump views as hate speech or supporting sexism, racism or violence. Any argument that people had other reasons for voting the way they did they will not hear of it. They refer to confronting and harassing and shutting down Trump supporters as “fighting hate”. Well, I’ve decided that no more will I support people who react like that when they don’t get their way. People who behave like that I do not consider fellow citizens. Going forward I will simply be giving such people nothing. Along with the true believer Social Justice Warriors and Social Progressives at the head of these organizations and groups large and small, they need plenty of sympathetic and caring and concerned supporters who are beta males and females to put their shoulders to the wheel to keep things running and help with the funding (and to also keep their own opinions to themselves). Am now putting my efforts into training and stocking up for myself and working with those who I can count as being on my side if things truly go to Hell. No longer will I be wasting any more of my time or treasure supporting those whose tolerance and support is dependant upon my actions always being politically correct enough to please them.

    • Thankfully, Wendy, my race card has expired. But I have renewed my IDGAFA membership for 2017. Best money I have never spent ever. 🙂

      • Found this cool logo here doing a Google search for IDGAF: Yep. IDGAF is the best response to the guilt tripping to make you feel sorry for your white / male / heterosexual / having marketable job skills and working hard and making a decent income “privledge” and to get you to support these causes with your time and money.
        To comments such as “You know you’re supporting a person who advocates sexually assaulting women if you voted for Trump” (or whatever they are trying to make you feel sorry for) “I Don’t Give A Fuck” would really shock them and knock them back. After they recovered their response would have to be to either engage you as to why you don’t care (giving you a chance to explain why you said that), walking away in disappointment shaking their head, or their not so nice side would come out in full force attacking you. I think the implied meaning of the SJW “engaging” you is that if you are not for them then you are against them, and that if you don’t apologize and repent them you are admitting that you are their enemy. No one wants to make enemies (friends may come and go but enemies are forever and all that). I would think that saying IDGAF would send the message that you are confident in your own abilities and in your own tribe and do not need their approval and be the equivalent of saying “Yes, I am your enemy, and I am ready for you to bring it on.”
        I also agree with your point further on in another post that getting involved in Causes Greater Than Yourself should be Local, local, local. I would add that at least those who think like you and support the same things you do (NRA, local businesses, sportsmans clubs, self defense training, etc.).

        • Well said Wendy and would just add that if your environment is not conducive to doing local, local, local then you need to be moving to somewhere that does…Something to keep in mind…Happy New Year…

  5. “Thankyou for your Service.”

    Right there, a poisonous meme.

  6. “When someone recruits you for a Cause Greater Than Yourself, run – especially if it’s a government doing the recruiting.”

    How has rugged individualism been working for the liberty (sorry to write this next word as it will offend some people here with a micro-aggression) movement so far? What ground (actual or abstract) has been gained?

    I get that some people here suffer from a sense of betrayal for different reasons stemming from some past sleight again them. Some of those reasons are from actually being part of causes greater than yourself (military/war, the party, the agency, the corporation, the church, etc). Some of them are much smaller and personal in scale (divorce, wayward kids) or even quite petty (a friend or business partner who didn’t pay you back). Everything ever so slightly negative that has happened after that key betrayal is yet another self-tailored confirmation that no cause/leader/partner/other person could be trusted ‘ever again’. This is bias taken to an extreme.

    If this happened with electronic or mechanical equipment or a gun, it would almost always be off target and you wouldn’t hesitate to adjust it so it worked better. Yet, when it happens with the mind, the failure to modify the thought patterns are rationalized as self-protection. What Bullshit. Why keep eating this daily? If what I’ve wrote so far has only made you feel butthurt or enraged (kill the messenger), then you’ve got work to do.

    I really don’t want to diverge into a ‘harden the fuck up’ speech because it might only feed some form of self-pity and create more recycled edible BS, but would advise that the old thought patterns must be modified. Start with this bit of honesty: By keeping your old thought patterns how is this any different from the perceived victimhood of the SJWs or lefties or (insert “the other” group here)? What does keeping the problematic old thought patterns serve?

    The changes to make are achievable, but you also have the freedom to do nothing. Start by making a New Years resolution that matters and stick to it. 2017 doesn’t have to be same as 2016. Never surrender applies to the self.

    • Well said.

      To Robert’s point, however, sorting the legitimate (if any) pleas from the corrupt ab initio pitches requires skepticism and discernment.

    • “Rugged individualism”, eh? Smells like a pejorative, or maybe a straw man.

      I don’t know how many times and ways we around here have been promoting community or tribe, but it has to be quite a few.

      Even so, one has to realize that self interest is strong in people, and for a very good reason. This does not conflict with community, by the way.

      I should add that your analogy of equipment failure being similar to our trust in other people, is a poor one. Equipment is inanimate, and can be fixed. The idea that you or a government can fix people, other than very modest successes in that direction through direct personal involvement, is one of the most pernicious memes this world has ever seen. Betrayal is never to be forgotten, although one might be forced to continue interacting with the betrayer – with eyes now wide open. It would be exceedingly foolish to do otherwise.

      • My metaphors are what they are. Imperfect. An animate living mind can learn, change and adapt. Those who were betrayed can find a new way with others.

  7. I thought Mr. Gore was going to go there with his piece but did not quite make it there. CGTY, or as some call it NGOs are big business. Fact Big Religion are pikers compared to the totality of the NGO crowd. They are the fatted calf that pricks your CGTY guilt.

    ASPCA based on charity navigator is from a business perspective a well run organization. 98% of their funding ($190m) is thru appeals, you have seen them on TV. Those ads are 74% of their expenditures. Net assets are $206m. Their CEO is paid a little south of a half mil a year. That would be considered a fair sized midcap company in the private sector.

    Salvation Army is extremely hard to assess as the organization is decentralized at the state level in the US and being a religious organization is not required to file a form 990 with the IRS. Be that as it may their commissioner’s base pay is under $15k but represents a $2Bn organization if you totalled it up. Their primary income is gifts and the annual bell ringers. SA has little in the way of assets as they expend most of the funds on given programs.

    The point is CGTY is $$$. Any of the nationally known charities (e.g. March of Dimes) have sizeable income streams that would qualify them to be on the exchanges as a private enterprise. Their leaders make sizeable incomes above the national average. Due to the nature of most NGOs they are left of center in outlook almost as a basis for being. This in a sense is what one is opposing when one wishes to turn off the CGTY spigot.

    As is said here often, ‘Local, local, local’ is the way to go if you get that CGTY itch.

  8. Hey you all, and a New Year indeed!! Many do not understand
    what “New Age” really means. Simply it is, I believe, a turning
    point in history, which is nothing new, similar to that “New Deal,”
    which was nothing “new” at all:

    “Attempting to serve a neighbor to the point where you would feel satisfied is what many people do. But we are supposed to serve according to the righteousness of God. Some think they have served because they started a prayer chain or just helped a little. Early Christians were the entire social welfare of their society and would take none of the offered benefits of governments who exercise authority. Christianity lasted for generation after generation because that was virtually the only welfare system that survived when Rome fell. Any group or individual calling itself a Church or themselves a Christian that is not daily striving to become the only welfare system within their society through charity alone is not really seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness and therefor they are not a Christian nor can the honestly call themselves a Christian. Christian did that all over the world for over a thousand years. Modern Christians do nothing like that and are clearly deluded.”

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

    semper vivium

    • I think that Socialists are often pretty cool with Christianity … because the word of Christ is so open to interpretation and subversion.

      The word of God, not so much … especially as expressed in the Commandments.

      Very rare to hear a Christian speaking of the Commandments, in my experience.

      • Yes bogbeagle. Entanglements have much to do about that.
        That is the reason “for your welfare will become a snare” comes
        up in old and new.
        Baby steps… baby steps…

        “Every man to his family and his belongings”

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  10. Stealth Spaniel

    The only charity that I fund is cocker spaniel rescue. I know the woman who runs it, and the only mission is to rescue dogs-from shelters, backyard breeders, etc. 100% goes to vet bills, food, therapy, and boarding, if there is no foster available. So, know your charity up close and personal.