The Thing’s Lament


Porter looks behind the curtain.

Search for the “whale condom” reference.


11 responses to “The Thing’s Lament

  1. Henry Bowman would OFF this fucker !!!! now stop asking……………….

  2. If I had the chance to slip a long knife blade into Soros, I would do it in a heartbeat and not lose one minute of sleep from it. I would consider taking him out to be a PUBLIC SERVICE to all of humanity.

  3. The Usual Suspect

    This piece of shit is a Clear and Present Danger.

  4. Loose and runny article — but typical. NAME the enemy. Soros does what he does because of what he is./ S//

  5. He’s a lot like a crooked cop.

    well, not really.

    “…Yep, one day he is pulling you over on the highway

    The next he is masturbating to child porn

    Think about this:

    The day before he was busted, he was a “Sworn officer of the court”

    As such, his testimony would be given the weight of truth over yours

    He was an official instrument of the state

    Remember this pervert the next time you see a cop

    Remember this pervert if you ever listen to a cop’s…”

  6. To this day, I still don’t get how this sleazy cocksucker never garnered any attention from Isreali intelligence. Is there a hard n fast cutoff number for how many jews one asshole had to hand over to the germans before he was considered worthy of sanction?

  7. While Soros is not to be ignored, my greater concern are the dozen (?) or so of his top followers. Who calls the shots upon his death? And for that matter, at 86 years old, how “hands on” is György in daily operations. Another question unanswered, if not largely unasked, is who or what series of mentors did Soros have in his journey from young teen in wartime Europe to the worldwide personage he is today? Soros just didn’t “happen”, personal ambition aside, to some extent he was nurtured and developed.

  8. This meddling old son of a bitch is a walking miracle….a miracle nobody’s put a bullet through him.

  9. Even Soros answers to a higher power., That he hasn’t been ” arrested” or disappeared speaks volumes, he is clearly someone’s useful idiot.


  10. thesouthwasrght

    Saw somewhere he pockets a cyanide capsule in the event Putin ‘ s boys meet up with him.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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