WaPo: More Fake News From Bezos’ Failing Blog

watergate-team“Once this Watergate ‘crusading journalists’ story is part of history, we and our successors will be able to say anything and still be believed.

ZH has the story.


12 responses to “WaPo: More Fake News From Bezos’ Failing Blog

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Cheech! way too early in the year to spread THAT MANURE. mebbe the Fake-News-Farmers think that by spreading this crap early, the seeds of hate will blossom much earlier. Nope! The ground and the Marxist minds are too frozen–too ossified at this point in time.

    …give ’em time, tho. they never stop.



  2. Greenwald is spot on when he calls the WaPo out for its “irresponsible and sensationalist behavior”, but then says the story was “wildly misleading”.
    Wildly misleading? Really? The story was a complete and utter fabrication, unsubstantiated by any real facts based on objective journalistic research. That is not misleading! It is a LIE! There is a big difference and Greenwald should know better. WaPo, NY Times and all the rest of their fellow travelers should be called what they really are – LIARS, plain and simple. This needs to be stated over and over until these lying bastards are shuttered for good.

  3. From ZH article: “…and Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept, who blasted WaPo for their “irresponsible and sensationalist tabloid behavior.”
    The above quote comparing the MSM to fine Tabloids such as National Inquirer is an insult to the tabloids. Just ask Dick Morris which entity tells the truth.


    It is not Fake News if the ignorant sheeple and the FSA believe it. Remember the “X-FILES”? Fox Mulder had a poster in his office with the caption: “I WANT TO BELIEVE”. Just look how convenient it is to blame the Russians for the defeat of the Hildabeest. Remember the old cliche: “Don’t confuse me with facts, I have already made up my mind.” I had a wife like that once. She has been my ex-wife for many, many years.

    • But does she not still pick your pocket on a continuing basis?

      Have you got your own SJW that you have to fund, courtesy of this country’s fine “Legal” system?


        Mr. Matis: I was completely rid of her both personally and financially in 1991. The way she chain-smoked I would estimate that if she is still upright and breathing, it is barely so; and there is probably an oxygen canula in her nose.
        As far as funding, my tithe goes to two pro-life ministries: Judi Brown’s AMERICAN LIFE LEAGUE and a pregnancy care center in Crescent City, CA. I no longer attend an organized church, so I am not putting anything in any collection plate which will put Mohammedans in my neighborhood.

  5. Mike Bishop

    Laugh at them.

    This is the best they’ve got.

  6. (((bezos)))

    anymore need to be said?

  7. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Seth Richard.

  8. WaPo caught lying in print?!?

    Stop the presses!!

    Oh, wait, that’s been their daily m.o for only 50 years, demonstrably.
    Nothing to see here.

  9. Fuck the Ministry of Propaganda. Fuck ’em.

    Anybody who cites WaPo in any article or blog should be laughed off the debate stage.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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