You Did Build That


2016 YOY 2015.


I’m impressed.

Thank you to everyone who put their shoulder to the wheel in 2016, as contributors, commenters, reporters, reposters, forwarders, and in every other way.

You did build that.

Godspeed in 2017.

22 responses to “You Did Build That

  1. Congratulations! A well earned milestone. May your footprint and success in winning hearts and minds over to the cause of FreeFor continue to grow in 2017.

  2. Does this mean a million people looked at the site an avg. of 8 times?

    • “Visitors” (dark bar) = unique visits.

      “Views” (light bar, higher) = clicks on this or that post, and is the more significant stat. Some “visitors” bounce away immediately.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yessir! And it all happened because of you, Pete! Heartfelt thanks for all this “build.” Now that we got the foundation laid up–it’s time for the first floor and framing to go up! Seems like a tiny carpenter’s Son recently born will help us with all that;

  4. Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.

  5. No, we didn’t build that. You did. That’s what you get for being the Jeff Bezos of non-SJW blogging!

    Happy New Year!

    And I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas as well.

  6. thesouthwasrght

    What’s not to like about this hangout? From the Confederate infantryman (with what looks to be a Whitworth gun), to the humor, to the info disseminated I find WRSA to be top shelf. I mention this blog to all of my trusted associates, including our hogs and chickens but their lack of opposing thumbs hinders their access.

    So thank you for your time and efforts from here in North central florida.

  7. Peter/CA,

    Congratulations. Certainly you have worked hard and most diligently at maintaining WRSA. On my tablet homepage I have WRSA & DrudgeReport links side-by-side. The only question for me is which one do I use first.

    A Happy & Safe New Year to you and yours.

  8. TimeHasCome

    Well done all . I have not purchased a newspaper in 10 years . Had a land line in 8 years . Listened to radio in 2 years . And this last year I can count the times I watched TV on one hand . So in 2017 the TV subscription will go .
    I am a news junkie and your site is one of cutting edge news and views I can’t get anywhere else, well done.

  9. Lost Patrol

    You have indeed worked very hard. Kudos out to you. Because of your work, I now have more friends of similar beliefs and values. You have been a force that has brought those of us together which can work together within our mutual area of operations. We would not of probably ever met without you. And that is the real blessing you have brought into our world. As an individual I am nothing but with other good folk as part of a community … a community you have built. Sooo many more positives we can all work for. God bless you, LP

  10. behind enemy lines Ct.

    As I followed the Dutchman .I now follow you !

  11. CA,
    Thanks for having a warm place for us to visit and unload our frustrations, for prodding us into useful thought, and for being a festering thorn in the flesh of Clintonistas and Liberals in general.


    Thanks for allowing me to participate, CA. God Bless you and yours. Have a safe and prosperous 2017.

  13. I believe that history will judge CA a better Patriot than most.

  14. WRSA,we perhaps worked on it,but,you gave us the land and foundation start with,hence,you built it and we just joined in to in a small way build it bigger,thanx,and look for more building in the New Year!

  15. Congratulations, indeed, but most of all…

    Thank you.

    As I’ve said to you several times, I don’t know how you stand it!

  16. Thanks for having the patience and Grace to put up with all of us…Your efforts have far reaching effects and the people I have come to know from this site have been a blessing on my life and gave me hope that we will prevail… God Bless You and all My Brethren…

  17. Solid. Shows there can be a successful counter-narrative to the insanity Big Media is pushing every day. We. Don’t. Need. Them.

  18. I used to support cops
    I used to support the “system”
    I used to be proud to be an american
    I used to fly the flag
    I used to vote
    I used to only have 5 guns


    Thanks Pete.


  19. 39,401 comments. All you viewers and lurkers who are skeered to comment, know that by simply navigating to this website you’ve been put on a list somewhere (really, it’s true). People you’ve never seen before and will probably never meet will add notes to your file in some fusion center somewhere noting that you read this comment.

    In for a penny, in for a pound. You’re already “all in” you just don’t know it. People like Pete shoved their chips in the pot a long time ago and paved this road.

    May God have mercy on us all.

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