Leech City: The Georgia Open Records Act


Hoisting state and local officials on their own rules set.

Check in your state for this kind of tool.

Then use it.

13 responses to “Leech City: The Georgia Open Records Act

  1. MichiganderJim

    It can be fun in the way a football game can be fun, but it can’t be of any more use. If anything it’s counter-productive because too much brain time is focused in the wrong direction. Better to use brain time for a person you can do something about IMO.

    • On the contrary, this has been the most useful tool in our bag so far. Our attorney will probably be the most useful tool against local tyrants, but we haven’t really even pulled the pin on that yet. Open meetings and open records actions kick open the door to discovery in a powerful way.

      Don’t get discouraged, I know you’ve been taught to be helpless, but there is plenty a citizen can do to shape his surroundings and modify the behavior of public officials. No gunz required.

  2. Well now…..off goes a letter to my congresscritter asking if such a law exists here behind enemy lines in occupied Maryland.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Tom-you rock! Keep being their own specialized pain in the ass. God, I love the smell of burning brains of Elites in the morning!

    • SS,

      I challenge you to be a “pain in the ass” to your local .gov scum.

      Set aside time in your day to attend their meetings. Bring a tape recorder/video to record their conduct (if your .gov allows recording devices), make sure you have gas to drive to the meeting, plan to miss meals as on top of your job and family responsibilities you can now add monitoring your elected and appointed .gov scum to be righteous and honorable. Something you thought they would be without your having to be a watch dog.

      From the dog catcher all the way up the political ladder….your “represemtatives” don’t serve you. You serve THEM ! These Open Records, Sunshine Laws are quite simply….bullshit.

      So have at it Spaniel….go monitor your “Elites”. For they will always be better than you when you consider them above you, “elites”. For me, they are little more than the scum at a sewer plant. And you….are just an untermensch.

  4. Many states call it the “Sunshine Act”. You don’t need a congressthing to find it. Search online.

  5. Thank you Mr. Baugh, my state does indeed have such a law. Very useful info, again thanks.

  6. ALCON,

    One can wipe their behind with these feel-good, Open Records laws. Why ? Simply because the .gov agency can stonewall any request. Then what does the requestor do ? Although I noticed Mr. Baugh responding with a reference to “our attorney”. Imploring an attorney implies money, costs. And LOTS of it !

    If one decides the .gov entity you are imploring to be forthright and honest is righteous….you MAY get your written request complied with, without hassle. Maybe. Possibly. But, if the .gov entiry you are begging to disclose information created through the expenditure of your tax dollars, chooses to obstruct your effort for .gov info….you are fucked ! It will cost you time, money and extensive effort to force compliance. Then after you’ve worked at trying to get compliance with your request you’ll spend more of your time, your money and your effort to gain compliance.

    Cynical ? Damn right I am. I once believed in the simple system that allowed common citizens to hold .gov accountable. Well, my .gov told me to go fuck myself. Tens of thousands of legal expenses, four years and a jury trial later….I found out one “can’t fight city hall”. It’s a small club and you the citizen, are not in it.

    Let your conscience, your pocketbook and your trust in the scum of government be your guide. Good luck.