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Looking forward.

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  1. Pick all the scenarios one can envision. None of them are under your control (Assuming you don’t hold the levers of power). But like the Valkyries, what is not under the control of those WHO DO hold the levers of power? No not the natural disasters. Try the federal debt on and off book.

    The debt has ballooned so large so fast that it is truly out of control. Fact ZIRP is almost required now by the govt. Should the interest rate on the debt rise significantly it may not be able to pay even the interest on the debt back. Hence my first order preps are fiscal and food. Second order preps are defensive.

  2. MichiganderJim

    Wow, a guy doing what he wants. That’s refreshing. Lucky for the Bad Guys not too many do it at once.

  3. Could not have said it better myself:

    “The better way; the Stoic way accepted by warrior cultures throughout history, and throughout the world though, is to take responsibility for yourself. Accept that you have absolute control over what you have control over, and don’t worry about the rest of it. If you take the responsibility you need to take, then you will perform. If you don’t, you will fail.”

    Good motivational and down to earth words there.
    In recent events here, been doing some research, and
    this flows on what Mosby wrote. Cutting down to the basics
    and adding to his summary – Nutritional Food Intake!
    Strong meat, bones with marrow, keeps fluids flowing!
    Mineralization. Heck, even in our teeth blood and fluids
    flow! There was a gentleman by the name of Weston A.
    Price (check his research out).
    Been applying, not only for love one with MCL and sharing
    info with others, but for myself too, since making a decision
    of to “root canal or not to root canal.” But OVERALL, it strengthens
    the whole body!
    People in flyover countries are fortunate to have better access
    to “free range” food, so take advantage of what you have!
    Dr. Ron at has good info on this, and
    he takes it a step further by supplying via “capsule” form, but
    the best is the opportunity to have it Real Time! Get your own.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  4. Here is part to what I was commenting about earlier on
    this post:

    Eyes & Ears

  5. Where is the article with the description of the numbered items?????

    Thank you !

  6. Sounds like someone who has taken “Captains of the Soul” to heart.

  7. “While I willingly concede that pretty much anyone, including a half-trained ape, would have made a more desirable POTUS than Hillary Clinton, I do not now, nor have I ever, believed Donald Trump is going to actually change much of anything, for anyone in the US.”


    Government will continue to get bigger as liberty gets smaller, IMHO!

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. I’ve got an SOR (Special Operations Rig) to replace that clearly well worn and well loved rig in the photo. You want it Mosby? Email me and I’ll send you one, with admin pouches to add to the rig!

  10. Marlo Stanfield

    2017, 97.3% of Americans are listed as unhealthy. 80% are on Meds, 87% admit to drinking, and at least 10% use illegal drugs. (Lots of over lap) 52 % of males suffer from ED. The army’s marksmanship unit says big army can’t shoot. The Air Force is loosing the battle to keeps men’s waist lines below 38 inches and the women’s below 35 inches. They also have trouble getting people to run the 1.5 mile in less than 16 minutes.  I think we need to train in cross country 10Ks and doing a 100 pull ups and carry a full kit when we travel since our enemy will be medicated out of their minds.

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