Schlichter: For The Left, 2017 Will Be The Year Of Living Stupidly


Correction: Not just the left.

The 2018 BFYTW campaign began in the early morning of 9 November.

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  1. Heehee… and they can Dial:

  2. I want to share with everyone here something we all know, but in a way is a weapon of resistance that is devastating in it’s power that we haven’t quite grasped it’s incredible potential. A weapon we all hold within our power to employ.

    Please, don’t laugh, and bear with me, because I think there is something here that would really mess with the explody heads of the oligarchy.

    The entire political and self anointed “cultural class designators” aka cultural marxists, are in serious trouble because their “brand” has lost the “market share” that ever mattered, tacit consent of us dirt people, the power to coerce and intimidate, and the commiserate appearance of legitimacy connected to it.
    There is another class associated to this group of idiots, and you have to understand my use of idiot here, because idiots are what these people really are. They may be wealthy, they hold positions of high office and influence, they may have the power of “the law” to hide behind, but here is what matters above everything else, they are the component of our society that are idiots, idiotic in their behavior and their politics.
    What is so important about these points is that for all the presumed, and appearance of, political power these idiots have enjoyed for so long at out expense and suffering, they are a plurality of the lowest common denominator of our society, they only have the power they have had because they are a concentrated group, a idiot rich exclusive class, a club really, where they have obtained such idiotic political power by exclusion of everyone else.
    Elites? If they are elites, they are elite at one thing only, a class of exclusive idiots who rule the political roost of office by excluding any one who threatens to expose what idiots they are by way of public example of not being an idiot.

    With the advent of The Great Fuck You and Trump’s MAGA, it is literally a revolution that has defined public office, and being an idiot no longer qualifies.

    The target here is these idiots, they are now almost totally defenseless to public opinion, this is a battle field of hearts and minds, the possibilities of offensive actions are wide open, there is nothing they can do to stop even a mild attack on their legitimacy.

    Look how effective Trump is at outflanking them and attacking them in their rear, and how he not only out maneuvers them, he has bypassed many of them and leaves them to whither on the vine, to be mopped up later.

    MAGA is like pepe, it terrifies the idiots, it is like a ghost, and every time the idiots think they got us, it slips through their fingers to pop up behind the idiots again.

    The relative effect here is one of relevancy. The idiots have become irrelevant, The Great Fuck You is what is now relevant. The Great Fuck You was bitter, it was deplorable, it was a extremist, it was comprised of domestic terrorists, and white privilege, right wing hobbits, tea baggers and bitter clingers and raaacists.

    Which brings us to the point of all this. It’s real simple, all we all have to do is let it be known we are what is most relevant, in the easiest way it can be done. I know it sounds corny, but if every time any of us post a comment, write a screed, talk with our friends, family, co-worker, or acquaintance, we use the word idiot in reference or description of the idiots running OUR country. Idiots they are. What they are doing and have done to us only an idiot would do. If they where not idiots, we wouldn’t have half the serious problems we have now. We are not idiots we do not do the things these idiots do, nor do the vast majority of us even think of doing such idiotic things. It is idiotic having to put up with and tolerate the idiotic things these idiots do.
    Idiocy is the truth. That they are idiots is the truth. It is idiotic to put up with the idiots any longer. And I for one am not an idiot, nor am I going to be treated as an idiot by the idiot class any longer.

    I’m going on Gab, I’m going to try this social media thing for the first time. I hope I can start an Idiot tag line or whatever you call it. I’m going to use the word idiot in describing the idiots in power every opportunity, they are no longer The Powers That Be, TPTB, they are The Idiots That Be, TITB.

    Imagine 100 million people, not an unreasonable imagination, calling TITB idiots, the power of social media is transcendent, it is the most powerful medium of consent. Faceborg and Twatter would have to ban or shadow ban half it’s users to stop a viral campaign of withdrawal of consent. It would expose them for idiots also. And how would calling the idiots idiots be classified as inappropriate? Think about the idiocy of that.

  3. 34 Red Bull

    President elect Trump has successfully used one of us most effective weapons of a guerrilla fighter.

    He captured and reused the weapons of his enemy against them.

    For decades now the MSM and entertainment industry has tried to put the population to sleep using salacious and outrageous reality TV. The more absurd the show the better to distract people from public discourse and current events. It has become the modern equivalent of Rome’s “bread and circuses”. These media creations were perhaps one of enemies most potent weapons. Until now.

    These are the weapons he captured. The enemies TV and radio broadcast facilities by subverting their own subversions.

    While attacking and capturing reality TV directly, he also outflanked them by direct Twitter action.

    Trump used their weapons by becoming himself the more outrageous “reality show” by doing and saying in plain UnPC language the unthinkable. To speak out loud the things the citizens only previously whispered privately amongst ourselves. (He also defanged the other weapon of the left, PC language. Without the ability to cloak their words and actions with PC euphemisms, Trump has left them naked and exposed)

    He himself became reality TV and bread and circuses personified.

    People couldn’t help themselves to watch what he was going to do next. Much in the same way you can’t help but gawk at a crash scene on the road when you drive by. In the process the people saw, learned and awoke.

    With the leftists heads still spinning, 2017 is going to be a site to behold as President Trump continues to run circles around them.

    I am glad to see the “ends justifying the means” used for good finally.

    If you ask me, it was all pure genuius.


    • Some of us have been saying FAR LESS PC things than President Trump, but have not had a reasonable way to get them widely disseminated. I can stand on my front porch and yell to the world, but that still only gets me a rather minute audience.

  4. I will relish the lefts hysterical rantings.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. We are a long way from celebrating anything. The fight has only begun & a long way to go. As the BORG loses & senses it’s power wanning & it’s ‘death pangs’ more obvious it will get desperate & use it’s Technology ELF – SCALAR Energy – Enmod – BW’s etc. Trump is a a lull in the firefight but still not proven. Stay frosty & at the ready.

  7. Yet more treason by the Muslim in Chief:

    I wonder what the cuckservatives running the House and the Senate intend to do about it? ‘Twould seem that if BOTH houses of Congress are not in recess at the same time, such an appointment would be prima facie invalid. Do you think that Lyin’ Ryan and Post Turtle are sufficiently competent to execute such a thing? Do you think they REALLY care if Obama does appoint Garland, since after all he is far more in line with their views than anybody who President Trump might nominate???

    • Only the Senate matters. House has no role in approving appointees.

    • MM,

      Ryan of Wisconsin, McConnell of Kentucky, Collins of Maine, Graham of South Carolina, Toomey of Pennsylvania and a host of other treasonous bastards sitting ensconsed in the ivory hall of Decadence and Criminality ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. They are but a symptom, not the disease.

      If Garland becomes relevant it won’t be due to the cuckservatives Ryan and Mitchell grabbing their ankles. The blame will be on those millions who kept the illegal Kenyan and Marxist moslem soetoro-obama around along with his co-conspirators, the irrelevant 535 of Kongress.