Fear The Giant Russian Manure Rooster


We simply can’t defeat this level of technological supremacy.

Except by recycling video game screenshots:

CNN Uses Screenshot From ‘Fallout 4’ to Show How Russians Hack Things


19 responses to “Fear The Giant Russian Manure Rooster

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. That’s some chicken shit outfit.

    Manure rooster! Widely applicable to our most prominent enemies…
    except o’bunghole who is a manure capon.

  3. Milo said he likes black cock, so perhaps it is a tribute?

  4. It looks EMP proof, but there’s no visible shielding.


    I can’t believe they developed this right under our noses and we never caught a whiff with our expansive intel networks.

  5. Published on Jan 3, 2017
    Alex Jones talks with Dr. Steve Pieczenik

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  6. Manure….. It grows things. I like manure.
    (With apologies to the movie Idiocracy)

  7. That Cock looks like Shit.

  8. Virgil Kane

    That looks a lot like the shitbird Obama.

  9. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Bet it smells like the cock eating Marxist bath house whore too.

  10. POd American

    I guess I’ll be the only one here to stick up for Obama; his entire legacy is very much on par with the best Russian chickenshit.

  11. This whole blame Russia thing reminds me of the ‘blame a YouTube video’ scam they tried to run after Bengazi. The fascist dems don’t seem to have many tricks in their bag.

  12. behind enemy lines Ct.

    WORD !!!

  13. Beware that Toilet Cobra as well.

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