GoV: The Routes Used by Organized Crime to Traffic “Refugees” Into Europe


It is a deliberate murder of Europa.

With the US to follow by the same means.

You are watching a dress rehearsal.

Team Mo is serious.

It is winning.

And it has many, many associates and allies here in FUSA.

17 responses to “GoV: The Routes Used by Organized Crime to Traffic “Refugees” Into Europe

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. While it may technically be murder, those who wish to commit suicide cannot blame the euthanizers they have summoned to give them their desire.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Balderdash-it needs to be stopped right now. The Europeans-ALL Europeans-need to reacquaint themselves with big bang firesticks. Those lovely things known as G-U-N-S. It is time to remember who and what the Europeans are, have accomplished, and eradicate your “Betters” and these invading Orks. N.O.W. The Elites, in any country, have plans to save themselves. Do You??

    • Jimmy the Saint

      They need balls as much as they need guns, probably even more so.

    • SS,

      You care about Europe but, not your Kalifornia homeland ? Perhaps you should offer the same gun advice to the subjects of Governor Moonbeam.

  4. Find those allies and kill them, publicly.

  5. This isn’t Rocket science.
    KissmyASSinger’s NSSM200 said & told us ‘depopulation was of the highest order’. Henry KissmyASSinger is a crypto-jew Zionist working for Rothschild. The research of known facts reveals his family escaped Nazi Germany in 1938. He the went into the OSS (which then became the CIA) & was all part of Manhatten Project, Operation Paperclip et al etc. He knows all the dirty secrets & is at the top of the pile. This is his ‘Magnum Opus’ to humanity. He’s part of the old school MAJ12 – JASON Group – Council of 9 / 12 et al etc. This is planned Democide using ‘Hijrah’ (Jihadism using immigration & refugee diaspora caused by the conflicts) It’s politically sophisticated sub rosa deliberately because of it’s low footprint signature & high concept stuff. It uses political polemic parties as patsy’s to accomplish it’s efficacy. Arc of Crisis’s polemic paradigm to complicate the methodology & prey’s on governmental bureaucratic red tape to create the Cloward – Piven – Alinsky effect for Chaos. All think tank Machiavellian 4GW / 5GW stuff. You either take the ‘Red Pill’ & do the research & develop a scent to recognize the ‘Spoor’ or ‘Sign’ or cognitive dissonance will overwhelm you.

  6. I already posted here more than a year ago about using an air bridge into FUSA. No one would notice at first, but with only 3 full Janet type flights per day (spread around the country) a few hundred thousand people would accumulate EACH year.

    Suddenly you see all sorts of new people still in their native garb buying up whole sides of lamb at Costco. They go when everyone else is at work or sleeping in on the weekend.

    Pork sales have remained unchanged.

  7. Don’t tell me, same routes as the poppy to heroin trade? No way!

  8. Uncle Larry

    Historically, 7 out of 10 “refugees” that make it to Europe, end up in the US. Don’t feel sorry about them. Our demographics are way worse than theirs.

  9. Uncle Larry

    I forgot to mention this, once they have refugee status, they are legal and can legally bring their entire extended families here. After a 90 day wait, the relatives can apply for SSI and all of the benefits related to that if they are ill or elderly. Also keep in mind, the quota system and affirmative action programs are still on the books. They and their children go to the front of the line, in front of you and yours. What a country.

  10. We’ll have our own “house cleaning” to do here, to be sure. But once we’ve taken things in hand, Europe is on it’s own. There are enough of our boys in the ground in Normandy, and they don’t need more to keep them company. It’s about time those fucking bastards who are always looking down their noses at us took care of their own fucking problems. Besides, if we saved their ass again, we’ll just have to keep on saving it, forever. You can’t just shit on people and walk away, it don’t work that way.

  11. Well, well, would you look at who supports this destruction of Christendom/

  12. Marlo Stanfield

    Three world wars, counting the cold one, and the Europeans still won’t shoot back?

    From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Tuesday, January 3, 2017 9:57 PM Subject: [New post] GoV: The Routes Used by Organized Crime to Traffic “Refugees” Into Europe #yiv3464684046 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3464684046 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3464684046 a.yiv3464684046primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3464684046 a.yiv3464684046primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3464684046 a.yiv3464684046primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3464684046 a.yiv3464684046primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3464684046 | Concerned American posted: “It is a deliberate murder of Europa.With the US to follow by the same means.You are watching a dress rehearsal.Team Mo is serious.It is winning.And it has many, many associates and allies here in FUSA.” | |