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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I truly don’t know whether Trump will turn out to be some or most of what he projects and which many of us hope he will.

    But I am far from of selling him short. He my not be an eloquent speechifier (but we’ve had enough of those to no good effect to last for EVAH!) but he ran rings around every locus of power in this country from the get go, and he continues to do so in the most effective and efficient ways.

    If “Confusion to our enemies!” is a First Principle of the Way of War, Trump is an Infantry division with armor, artillery and air support.

    They are losing ( NOT ‘loosing’ dammit!) vtheir “collective” minds and he’s nit in office yet.

    All I am saying… is give Trump a chance.

    If he’s a trojan horse condom, it’s all out war.

  3. Naw bad analogy. A Hail Mary implies it is a one time shot. He keeps killing it with Twitter.
    Twitter is Trump passing over the blitz.
    Good quarterbacks throw into the pass rush and hit the open guy who sheds his block.