Herschel: More On The Pizzagate Tangled Web



Bad people doing bad things.

Across the world.

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  1. That’s it? That’s your evidence, good god. This reads like a one of Jerry’s kids did the fucking investigation.

    Billy said, and then Bonny saw, and Johnny thinks.

    If I may suggest a format.


    Fill in these blanks with facts, you may gain traction.


    • Well, so let’s spend a minute or two on your objections.

      1.) Your statement that this sounds like a “Jerry’s kid” wrote it makes no sense. I cannot understand the connection this has to muscular dystrophy. You might have confused that with autism, in which case the irony is that most of the heavy lifting – at least initially over reddit and voat – was done by autistics.

      2.) Get a blog, post for a decade, and you’ll find several things. The most important is that if no one reads it, you lose the opportunity for persuasion. In order to sustain readership, you can’t write long posts that take an hour or two. No one reads them. That’s not just true of my work. I actually have my readers for quite a long time compared to most – an average of around three minutes or so, with about 1.5 – 2 times as many page views as visits. Take a look at Site Meter for most web sites. The time on pages is around 1 minute. You simply have to find a way to communicate what you want to say in under three minutes.

      3.) This post isn’t meant to be read without the context of the previous fifteen or so other similar posts.

      4.) One has to make a decision where to stop. You can investigate the dark web, burrough down into the details if you wish, but be prepared. This requires massive computer security. Tor and encryption don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what is required. Many researchers are doing that, and it takes all of your time. I do mean all of it. The corrolary is that much of this stuff is NSFW in a big way. All you have to do to get panned is post NSFW content enough times and no one comes to visit your site. Dig down into the links and see for yourself.

      5.) Most objections to my site have been that I provide too many links, my posts are too long, and my prose is too involved. I’ve had to learn to cut back.

      6.) Haven’t you figured out how this works, even now? How long have you been travelling on the web? Commenters are a big deal. Commenters provide editorial review. They take hints, links, and discussion threads, and add to them with their own investigative work. I don’t discourage that. In fact, that’s the point. I encourage that. I want it.

      7.) My task so far has been to connect the dots to the point that I am confident in the theme. I don’t do much of the original dark web research. But if you follow the posts at Voat and other places, you’ll find that nine out of ten ideas never pan out or are repeats of something already posted. If you wait long enough and do the reading, themes begin to emerge. That’s my job – to point out the themes.

      8.) If your objection is that you want someone to hold you by the hand and walk you through every step of the way, I won’t fill in for your laziness. Don’t be lazy. That’s not a good character trait. Read all of the posts at Voat. All of them. I do. Watch all of George Webb’s videos. I do. And then study his open source material on his slides. Contribute rather than bitch and moan that mommy isn’t shoveling food into your belly fast enough.

      In short, do your own damn research.

      • Ya. Well said Herschel.

        Dirk, what’s wrong in your brain? Seriously, I read your comment and was like what the fuck? Is this guy a troll or government paid agent provocutuer? Does this guy live in a political vaccum or something? Did you use your brain and cognitive powers before you wrote that comment?
        With all the links and connections, the evidence of something wicked going on piling up that just ain’t right, the same actors keep showing up connected to each other, and those same actors are who are trying to rule over us with impunity and all that implies.
        Dude, just who are you?

        And just how in the Lord’s name is something of this possible magnitude going to be researched, verified and exposed if guys like Hershel doesn’t do the work?
        The legacy media will do it?
        Our “government”?
        Give me a break.
        Those involved are going to come clean on their own?
        What are you even doing commenting on this blog for?

        • Hey mtn forge, I’m a guy who’s done 10.000 investigations. Im a guy who’s been thru more then 100 basic, intermediate and advanced investigative schools, or more. I’m a guy who has had his ass handed to him by some kick ass attorneys.

          I’m a guy who didn’t, sulk about those court room losses, i sucked it up and learned to be a better investigator, and how to be completely prepared, via very solid investigations, and solid report writing.

          Im a guy who recognizes this is a sub standard piece of work.

          I’m a guy who suggested a different standard be achieved for completeness. I’m a guy who laid out the very basic standards for complete and through detail.

          I don’t come to western rifle shooters assn, for piss poor shoddy work. I come here to learn, from time to time teach.

          Other then that I’m just like you, just another dude trying to get along, to keep world events in order.

          That I pissed your associate off, amuses the holly shit out of me.


          • You know Dirk, it is good to give people the benefit of the doubt. But you said what you said to Hershel, it was a smack down plain and simple, your not back peddling with me and getting away with it.

            Sounds like you worked as a member of the establishment/powers that be, and to be frank with you, those aspects of our government aren’t exactly been working out too well of late in regards to equal application of justice. The protected receive special application, or not of the “law”, or not depending how far up the ladder of power they reside.

            The glaring truth, if you want cold honest truth here, is the media, the judicial system, the political has been curiously absolutely mum on the subject of the allegations raised in the public sphere regarding Pizzagate, from Bill Clinton’s association with Epstien and his sex slave business, the numerous girls who have come forward with personal revelations of their being involved as sex slaves, to all the personal connections between various individuals and missing children, which seem to number in the thousands, the discovery on Anthony Wieners, a known sexual predator, of what has been said by NYC Detectives the most foul and perverted things they have ever seen.

            So, being I’m just a civilian, and you being an experienced member of law enforcement, you going to tell me there is nothing fishy or untoward that not a single member of the law or justice has even suggested publicly this matter and allegations should be looked into?

            Instead of providing excuses, why don’t you enlighten us as to what should be done about the total absence of investigative or exploratory actions by the very same part of our society, media, and government that has gone to the ends of the Earth to investigate Donald Trump or any person in the public spotlight that is not a left winger for untoward behavior?

      • Hershel, don’t think your going to fucking range mount me. Your objections, are in fact my observations. Your short on facts,,and long on hear say.

        I’m not interested in a following. A blog, a dog and pony show. My observation is your piece, this piece, is smoke and mirrors.

        The standard offered is the very minimum required to present a tangable case.

        Perhaps this tidbit might Further help your future investigations.,,a high quality information source requires the following.

        Have a good one.


      • Nice reply and quite patient, Herschel.
        I appreciate the effort and time you have put into this awful stuff. I get a little ill thinking about…and then I become more enraged at the rot that is this government.
        Keep up the good work.

      • MichiganderJim

        Herschel…I’m lucky as a simpleton since then I don’t have to spend time thinking about stuff where the thinking can’t get me anywhere. And there is no longer anything that qualifies as “beyond belief” in the human realm to me. I am curious about this though…

        “Furthermore, Voat.co/v/Pizzagate has sustained a hack attempt by DynCorp”

        I clicked two links to follow but the best I got was an IP address from the same city as closely affiliated Raytheon. Consistent, but not any affirmative evidence. Is that the only basis of the charge or is there something else to indicate who did the hacking? TIA.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The “Why” will always tend to be speculation. That sort of stuff rarely gets fully disclosed – even in confessions.

  2. Anyone who was employed as a “contractor” in the sandbox is and should be investigated for raping children. Who hires themselves out as mercs other than perverted criminal scum to begin with? I’ve said it before, mercs are no better than pond scum and need to be counted in with the Clintons, Bushs, and obamas..

    • That goes 2X for cops. We already know they diddle infants and rape everyday.

    • tfA-t,

      Great….you fancy yourself as a member of LSSAH and the Taqiyya-practicing moslem, Haxo Angmark, considers himself an assassin.

      What a duo you two make.

      • This country would and could be a wonderful place. Do you have any idea what it’s like trying to enjoy yourself when surrounded by millions of poor slobs? The scum- they ruin everything. You can’t have anything nice when they are around. Just need to get rid of 100-200 million useless breathers.

        • tfA-t,

          I’m one of those “poor slobs” you detest so much. Good to see you advocating a modern “holocaust” endorsing the killing of 2/3rds of Amerikans. Puts you in the same category of scum as the moslem Haxo.

          BTW….you couldn’t hold a candle to LSSAH soldaten. You’re just another Internet tough guy spewing lie upon lie.

          Oh, and tell us….how are things allegedly in Kuckland Kanada ? Don’t forget….I’m still waiting for that picture of your burning fUSA passport. Burned in Kanada….not fUSA.

      • I have assassinated no one. Even Rabbi Dan3 is still with us, providing spiritual comfort to the Zion-afflicted.

        • Haxo/Mohammad/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/ETC/ETC/ETC,

          “I have assassinated no one.” Perhaps not. But, you certainly have wanted to.

          In your sociopathic mind you ARE an assassin. Witness the screen name(s) you use across the blogosphere, your Twitter account, your Fakebook page, et al. You fancy yourself to be some brutal killer akin to the character in the dime store novel “Haxo Angmark” is extracted from. Only in your psychotic world you rid the world of the evil and detested Jew.

          Your extensive postings and remarks at dozens and dozens of sites takes lots of tiring effort, eh ? The call to morning prayer will be screeching soon enough calling you from your slumber to another hateful, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian day.

  3. “No matter how paranoid you are what they are actually doing is worse than you can possibly imagine.”
    _Ralph J. Gleason

  4. Some Guy in WA

    This is exactly what FBIanon told people to look into last year with regard to the Clinton WikiLeaks material on two separate occasions on the Chans. In sum, without providing explicit information, because that had too high a risk of compromising his identity as access to this data was so limited within the FBI, he encouraged investigation into The Clinton Foundation and its specific ties to corruption, arms trafficking, the overthrow of governments, and the trafficking of children.

  5. Here Dirk,
    I’ll take a stab at it:

    Who James Alefantis (friend of Podesta and Clinton Fundraiser)
    What Extremely questionable photos on his Instagram account indicative of
    pedophilia and suggestive of child trafficking activity
    Where – Primarily Washington DC but also abroad
    When – Within the last 5 years
    Why – Because Evil Exists and Satan is real
    How – The network provides sicko’s with children in exchange for cash. Some are the result of abduction, some the result of “charitable works”

    If you think there is nothing to it, please by all means look through these postings and if they don’t make you ill there’s a problem.

    Now does all of this mean that this Comet Ping Pong Pizzashop owner is a pedo? No it does not. But if you were a sex crimes investigator or a fibbie tasked with stopping child trafficking you’d have to look into it would you not?

    Where is the investigation into this shite? At least Herschel is staying on it.
    May God have mercy on us for not stopping this shit sooner.

  6. Don’t misunderstand my above, there’s something to this. We’re just never going to get their with that kind of speculation., professional investigators WILL, take a run at this aligation.

    Bottom line is, they don’t have a choice., what will flip this case is the assistant Attorney Generals. It’s been my observation that those Assistant AG’s, are allowed to cherry pick their cases they prosecute.

    They will have someone ” whisper” in their ear.

    I only ran maybe 5 cases thru the federal system in Eugene and Portland. Came away with two observations.

    1. Egos egos egos.
    2. These guys were fucking great white Sharks, they were shit hot attorneys, would eat their own, if it got them somewhere. They had three things most attorneys don’t.

    1. Popular support of the Govt.
    2. Unlimited resources, at their finger tips.
    3. Unlimited time tables. They didn’t ” bark” until it was time.

    Trust me, you do not want theses boys and girls on your tail.


    • I would love to think you’re right about that sir. I think any AG or asst AG who jumps in front of this train will be dirt napped. I think Breitbart was dirtnapped to shut it down. This isn’t just any honeypot operation, this is the levers of power on the entire friggin goobermint at this point. All of it. Levers that when pulled work every time cause if they don’t the weight at the end of the plank falls into a deep pit or jumps onto a small plane for quick ride. Seth Rich was/is unavailable to comment.

      • That’s right, right there what you said Tom.
        I too believe Andrew Breitbart knew what was going on and was going to expose them all, along with a number of others who have since mysteriously wound up dead.
        But Andrew, he was too big, to alive, too focused too committed to waging war on these scum, and was becoming a national leader to people, to permit him to exist.
        Tom Clancy, Justice Scalia, and others, they where in the way of these people and what they are doing.

        • Mtnforge, you’re exactly right. Breitbart had the goods on them regarding the pedophilia rings of the wealthy elite and govt elite. He was killed for this knowledge and the evidence he had in his possession.

          Dirk, trust me on this… NO GODDAMN CORRUPT STATE OR US GOVT LAWYER, PROSECUTOR, or AG is going to voluntarily get in front of this, as it’s already been labeled a conspiracy theory by ALL of the presstitute media, including Faux News. No story here… move along slave. Therefore it is highly unlikely that a professional investigation will ever occur. So it falls on the citizen investigators to try to bring sunlight to this sick and grotesque abuse of children by the “elite” and maybe someday justice will be served. I for one like Hershel’s updates and it is nice to know that Hershel and other concerned citizens will have played a part in bringing them to justice when the jig is up for these sick SOBs.

          Grey Ghost

  7. Virgil Kane

    I hope I’m wrong, but I figure it will be classified as a conspiracy theory and relegated to internet history.

  8. Is it really so difficult to contemplate the possibilities of a deviant perverted ring of “elites” involved in child sex slavery and worse?
    Is it really on the scale of things they are doing to us dirt people so far fetched?

    If you will notice, since the specter of Pizzagate has been discovered on Anthony Wiener’s computer’s, the usual arrogant smart ass big mouthpieces of the political class have been curiously silent and absent from the circus called the media, in fact if you didn’t know any better, you would not even know corruptocrats like Pelosi, Read, Shummer and all the usual water carriers of our political class are unusually reticent. And remarkably absent from the stage of shaping the approved narrative. Even the usual RINO’s and Cuck’s are very quiet compared to pre Pizzagate.

    Now I’m just a regular dirt guy, but I got this funny feeling it’s like the calm before the Tsunami. That the media is like a parrot, it is only opening it’s collective pie hole repeating the same program, doing everything it can to avoid everything but the delegitimization of Trump and our Great Fuck You. It’s basically stopped running with every little narrative and meme of convenience, and sticking to the one big narrative of an illegitimate election.
    Veeeery interesting. Wouldn’t you say?

    War and genocide for profit and power, strip mining the wealth of the dirt people, systematcally restructuring our representative government into a militarized system of organized crime and cold bloodily enslaving every man woman and child in the Western hemisphere. Deliberately importing a musloid army to assist in this enslavement?
    So far we have witnessed literally nothing beyond the pale these people are capable of. And the serious shooting hasn’t even started.

    What is probably so despicable about the possibility of Pizzagate, is two things, it is most likely far worse and involves more people than our law abiding moral minds can wrap around, and that these people are so morally corrupt, that the purported torture, snuff films, enslavement and lord only knows what else, is nothing to them but entertainment to salve and sooth the psychopathic tendencies of these people. Does it become understandable us dirt people are the Deplorable’s and Despicable’s? When do these “elites” not accuse us of what they are themselves deeply guilty of being?
    But you got to ask yourself, if these people are so fucking insane as to do these things to children, what is the limits to what these people crave to satisfy their addictions to power and wealth. Seriously, this is what you got to think about here.
    If you look back in just the last century, the genocide committed, is a biblical abettor of blood and tribulation come to life, it goes beyond mere political and cultural agenda. What I’m saying is the mass murder and subsequent by products of such misery of hundreds of millions of humans is only possible if those who orchestrate and partake in it have an insatiable desire to bath in the blood of diaspora.
    To me Pizzagate is allegory.
    I believe it would not be possible for it to be “rumor” and conjecture if there was nothing to it, that no harm is done by not putting it past these animals, that it is better to be safe than sorry, because if for no other reason, if these monsters are capable of even a fraction of what is purported, we all better be ready for what they will attempt to do to us to save their arses if they are cornered like rats, that they are in any case, or if they think the jig is up and they got nothing to loose by pulling the plug to dodge being held to account.
    Because if one thing is probably certain regardless, these are deeply seated political corrupt creatures, who infest every aspect of the government, and it is not beyond the pale considering everything else we know they have done, somebody has control of unaccounted nuclear devices, the just in case last ditch mother of all crisis as a means. Their doomsday deadman switch. Remember this is about absolute power. And what is more absolute than taking millions of your subjects with you to Hell.

    No matter what, pogrom, mass murder for political gain, hemisphere wide deliberate caused SHTF, world wide war, and genocide is always the ultimate outcome of these kind of humans, unless they are stopped before that stage is reached. History proves much out.
    History is circular, it may have an elliptic recurrence, but I’m old enough to have understanding of how cyclic human behavior on the nation state scale is, and I suspect Pizzagate is the tip of the iceberg. All these things do not occur in isolation, they are indications, symptoms if you will of something and people truly sick twisted and evil.

    • “and I suspect Pizzagate is the tip of the iceberg.”

      As do I. And if absolute power corrupts absolutely, then nothing is beyond the pale for the 3-headed monster wielding this power: BigGuv, the mainstream media, and academia.

      If you spell out the lengths, breadths, and widths of the iceberg for the left-coast lawyer Dirks of the world, you’re lucky if you’re only ostracized like David Seaman, rather than “suicided” like Seth Rich. It’s pretty naive for any regular visitor to WRSA to suggest alerting the government mechanism to police the government mechanism.

      I am thankful for the drilling and placement of explosives that folks such as Herschel have done thus far. And I won’t be dismissing his efforts for lack of a tidy little bow to wrap it all up.

  9. Uncle Larry

    I would like to remind everyone that the former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, republican from Illinois, is going to prison for banking violations related to bribe money paid to one of his victims. It seems Hastert was a wrestling coach and he molested several of the students at the school. Molested means he sodomized the young boys. Remember the Penn State pedophile scandal? Another one where the elite had the young boys to sodomize. Barney Frank? Remember his page scandal?


      Listen to Uncle Larry. People, for what it is worth, I saw it when I was investigating child abuse/sexual assault cases. Sometimes it takes YEARS for the complete truth to come out. But, it eventually does. Look at the movie SPOTLIGHT. How long did it take before someone was finally able to break the stories about the Pederast Roman Catholic Clergy?
      And, I am not talking about the bogus “repressed memory” meme which was profiled in a recent film from the Pedophile Capitol of the World, Hollywood. I have forgotten the title, but it starred Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson. That was sheer obfuscation for the Sheeple. And, mark my words. Once this Pizzagate thing gets legs, someone will get thrown under the bus and it will all disappear quicker than ice on a hot stove. TPTB cannot afford the exposure.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Maybe we could have a new French Pitchfork Day, where we all walk around hauling those guys out of their castles and setting their heads on a pole, no maybe that was Transylvania………….

    • Hopefully Trump will become Hitler but not attack white countries. Just confiscate all Jew wealth and reset the economy– and send all niggers to Africa. And no more immigration other than white European women.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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