That’s Crazy Talk


Only cuckoo-birds would order these or similar themes.

Don’t you know that the answer to everything is more rules and more rule-enforcers trained to dominate every situation with their authority.


14 responses to “That’s Crazy Talk

  1. ummm…..only an idiot would pay $25 for t-shirt!

  2. “…unless they try to do it to you first”

    I hate to support people without knowing if they are leftists, which looks likely considering the heart and V.

  3. Eff them all. Of course your ability to enforce that is real dependant on where you live. ‘Nuff said on that to both the choir, and to those who have their issues about relocating from their currently effed-up places of comfort.

    About thirty years ago, the guy who is currently the prosecuter in this county, was the assistant prosecutor. He also taught classes at the college. In a class, he talked about the outlying communities. I live in one of those neighborhoods where the prosecutor said that people there solve their own problems and “I prosecute the winner of the knife fight.”

    Those neighborhoods are good places to be. Smart people might want to pick one, if theirs is bad.

  4. Well, they do have “taxation is theft” tees also, so probably not leftys. Have to agree with Kev tho, 25 bucks? Pass.

    • Could be, but if you aren’t sure that libertarians are explicitly rightwing, they’ve probably been infected with sjw nonsense. Voluntaryists are an especially mixed bag. 25$ makes me suspicious, like the literal Marxist writers who sell their books at outrageously high prices

      I see commies everywhere :^)

  5. The first I heard this was on Jason Stapleton (who advocates spanking, but either hasn’t explained how he does it without hurting, or had some bizarre justifications).


    Use the money to buy ammo or other needful things. At this stage of the game, do not advertise. Go gray man. Bleib ubrig.

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  8. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Sure miss those 100 Head Life & Casualty tees.RIP Dutchman 6.