The Responsibility To Criticize Islam


Succinct and to the point.

A death cult, used by turncoat Westerners as shock troops for the destruction of civilization.

Submission or death.

16 responses to “The Responsibility To Criticize Islam

  1. The time for peaceful criticism was when they were over there.
    That point is now a shrinking spot in the rearview mirror.
    The only question is how long it takes the collective body politic to spare a glance and notice.
    Trump’s election should be seen thusly as a signal that an electoral majority (though not a popular one) has already figured it out, unlike Europe.

    The next phase goes from frisky to sporty, rightly, followed by Reconquista after the pattern of Ferdinand II of Aragon.

    Mere conversation and criticism is a tactic for adherents of reason and logic.
    Monomaniacal irrational fanatics deserve solely the argument of the bayonet, the bullet, and the gibbet. If their homeland takes offense, the argument of the fissible atom.
    It would be perverse and cruel to deprive them of their just desserts.

    • Virgins everywhere are waiting to take your call Mohammad, act now and we’ll throw in a free pound of bacon. Yummy bacon.

    • My only amendment is to suggest the fusible atom in place of the fissible one.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    …same old war…different weapons….

  3. Like any culture, there are good musliums, like their are good whites, blacks Indians, gooks.

    Until the good in each culture stand against their bad, the entire culture is held responsible. A matter of economics.

    ISIL, like BLM, is a useful idiot orginization, propped up, payed fed, assigned targets by Intel,agencies,,specifically ours. But other NATO nations are using these tools As well ” NATO , not so much involved in BLM.”


    • “Until the good in each culture stand against their bad, the entire culture is held responsible. A matter of economics.”

      Seems the history’s of cultures flows like nature so in the end, the strong will prevail. Living where I’ve lived for decades has taught me one universal truth….good, bad, nature doesn’t give a shit….the strong will prevail.

  4. “That was the official line. Anyone who deviated from it could expect censure, possible job loss, or even a criminal trial. Say something negative about Muslim immigration on your Facebook page and you would be visited by police. Say it in public and you would receive a court summons.”

    As Voltaire put it, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    Of course if you do not value free speech, then don’t be surprised when the lack of free speech works against you, as in this case. Being a “Good German” has downsides after all.

    And don’t forget, to have free speech, or any other freedom, you first have to be armed – so you can kill anyone who presumes to trample your freedom. Maybe not right away, but at least the option must exist. Disarmed people are cattle.

  5. Nice to see there’s some Catholics who get it,other than Barnhardt. What should be opening the eyes of my other brethren is that fact that this shit goes on, right in their faces, and their “leaders” clamor for more invaders, ostensibly to commit more of the same. You would have to be a certifiable lunatic, to keep committed to an act that preys on your women, children, elderly, and the fit youth, like they were in a candy store, and then PROTECTS these pieces of shit from swift and sure justice. And there is the problem, right out in the open for all to see. The Lunatic Left is forcibly importing moslems into western countries, to upset the economy, prey on the populace, REPLACE the populace, destroy the status quo, destroy the rule of law, destroy whites, destroy modern facilities and replace them with “greener” options (18th century), and bring about the Leftists evil version of a collective utopia, where basically everyone is a peasant. Except the Elite. They tried their blood drenched communism experiment for over 70yrs, and despite murdering and enslaving and ruining the lives of millions, fizzle. (Quelle Surprise!) They tried their Watermelon Gambit, ( communism on the inside, green ecology supposedly on the outside) for thirty years, and no, not fast enough. Wait! Those moslems hanging out all over the place, they’re frustrated, they’re without means, and they’re disgusting to look at, but hey, they think they should conquer the world for Allah, (crawling shit be upon him, but he don’t exist, so fuck him anyway) and they don’t mind dying for their bullshit at the drop of a hat! They’re the perfect vector to eliminate the Christian, White, normal working people. Moslems are germ warfare used on the West by the Left.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. SemperFi, 0321

    The majority of people I know live in their own little protective bubble (not just here, but across the country) formed by friends, family and neighborhood, most haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m raving about most of the time. They go play golf and ski and hang out with their friends after work. And they should give a shit about a few people being brought in to Twin Falls or Minneapolis? It’s a non issue, because it doesn’t affect them in the least.

    So why would anyone care to band together and drive out an invading army, that to them doesn’t even exist? What percentage of people in this country even care? Or live in a perpetual state of denial?


      Word. You have just described the community I previously lived in and the one I moved to in 2015.

    • NorthGunner

      Greetings and Happy New Year SemperFi!

      My ‘protective bubble’ is composed of my loaded Fal and Glock..nuff said.
      I’m not at all shy about speaking my mind about the threat posed by ‘Team mo’ and their eliist enablers and simpering sjw useful idiots..have no intention of my AO here in Western Arizona becoming another ‘Twin Falls’ let alone a ‘little mogadishu’ or ‘dearbornistan’!

      I visited Wyoming back in 2007; beautiful state, camped out with and met lots of great folks at Ken Royce’s FSW Jamboree. Consider Wyoming my second home and hope to ‘get home’ as soon as I can (trying to save up for a affordable RV and outfit it with solar power). Loved the fact that there was almost no mohammaden trash polluting Wyoming’s environment!

      Keep up the good work up there and keep your powder dry!

      Yours In Liberty – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
      NorthGunner III

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I too speak my mind, and always have something like my FAL, G-3k, M-14 and Glock 20/23 handy. Hard to find someone who has any backbone left in them.
        Met Boston at a memorably hot shoot in Worland in ’05, and several of our other commenters were also there, but none of met until later. It’s a great place, and as you know, large wide open areas of nothing, which I love. Can spend the day Jeeping and not see another person all day. Go follow the Oregon Trail on the Sweetwater, now that’s desolate.
        Please let me know if you’re coming thru the NW corner, love to show you around. There’s several of us here scattered throughout the state to play gracious host to visitors. Just got a card today from Korea, gave a backpacker a lift last summer to get around one of the forest fires we had, and gave him a can of bear spray since he was headed north thru the park. Poor little guy was clueless about the grizzlies. Glad he made it home OK.

    • In my estimation 100-200 million are either the enemy, or enemy supporters. Cull 2/3’s of the murkin population and start over.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Seriously, you need to learn at least one more note on your kazoo. Your current one is pretty well played out.

  8. Stealth Spaniel

    “One of the basics that non-Muslims need to know is that Islam divides the world in two – the House of Islam, and the House of War (all non-Islamic societies).”
    We are the House of War, and we need to be ready. I personally have no intention of:
    Bowing to the east.
    Praying 5 times a day, with my hiney in the air.
    Wearing a blanket and a face mask, 24/7.
    Visiting the local voodoo man for surgical procedures.
    Getting rid of my dogs.
    As a woman, Islam offers me NOTHING. So I will proudly display the House of War membership.