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The Milo Yiannopoulos Book Deal Is Not Like Other Offensive Book Deals. It’s Worse.


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  1. Maybe they would like to burn dangerous faggots but do their books instead.

    • They, being faggots one and all, would like to burn dangerous apostate faggots who don’t suck from the same trough of bs that they do.

  2. Carly Simon&Schuster and Milo will make a good albeit platonic couple. He’s so vain…and of course it’s about him.

  3. Bolsheviks gonna Bolshevik. Let’s ban books, then they can have book burnings, then they can ban certain people and free thinkers and finally they can dispose of said enemies of the state who will not conform to their socialist paradise.what we are witnessing is nothing more than cultural Marxism. Does this ring a bell with anyone ???? If you haven’t read the gulag archipelago everyone reading this should . History has a way of repeating itself because stupid people never learn. I have a pretty good feeling once the new pres. Swears in the fireworks with the bolshies will commence. They will stop at nothing to try to bring about their Marxist revolution . If they cannot have it they will set out to destroy the country. It’s that simple. We all will have to stand in their way it appears. It is truly sad we have reached this point.

  4. Fahrenheit 451… assholes should recall that fire plays no favorites.

  5. Apple is trying to culturally crowbar Gab into committing to their thought police agenda in exchange for an Apple app.

    As Vox says, the harder the SJW’s try to genocide us, the stronger they make us.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t think I did….anyone else notice not one word about Milo being a homo? In the context, it doesn’t matter. But compare and contrast that with any article anywhere when a homo is doing the right and proper prog-tard work…..they can’t wait to tell you about the person’s sexuality and usually within the first sentence or two.

    • Excellent point friend! It just goes to show our side doesn’t give a damn what a person does in their private lives ….I personally believe it is sin against God to choose to live that way but that is between him and the Lord Jesus . We all will account at some point for what we did in this life. It is so obvious the left wants everyone to be forced to say it is ok to do that ….it’s not good enough they have the right to choose the way they want to live but they want us to give it legitimacy and that we won’t do . Personally I believe their desire to force their beliefs on us is evidence that they are convicted of their sin and this is their way to give them some strange rationale to their behavior . They know deep down they are choosing something contrary to God’s law . We should never lose sight of the fact all the crap going on in the world goes back to spiritual blindness. I hope everyone considers this as we go through our lives . This really is a battle between God and Satan warring over the souls of man .

  8. So tolerant, much inclusive. Leftists true nature exposed again for the world to see. I say let the vermin keep digging their own hole.

  9. Interesting. They can’t burn the man, he’s part of a protected class even if he ‘thinks wrong’. So instead they burn his book. A effigy for ‘wrong think’ for sure.

    Its funny the PC crowd cannot think this to its logical conclusion. They keep parsing groups into smaller and smaller sub groups in an attempt to define ever greater spread of their madness. Ann Ryan said that the the largest minority is the individual. Which lead me to ask, when the PC crowd finally gets to that end game sub group will they acknowledge that they are Ann Ryan apostles??

  10. lon a follower

    Is this even about banning books?

  11. That Elle article was pure vitriol and truth-stretching. These are very ugly times. #freeMILO

  12. Poor ol’ Sady Doyle and Elle Mag. Sometimes all you can do is lead people to a cliff before they jump right off.

    These idiotic Feminazis don’t even have the self-awareness to know their hysterical reaction is precisely what Milo wants. Like Pavovian dogs they drool at the sound of the bell.

    Fag or not, Milo has most certainly made them all his bitches. And the fact that he’s queer makes this all the more delicious. 

    This surely is glorious to behold, isn’t it?

  13. Notice how Elle, or Error, or whatever it is, has no comments? And also how they make not one reference to free speech, or the 1st Amendment? QuElle Surprise! They do everything but burn the book, not even published, and slyly try to offer that any means of stopping the book from being published is fine with them too. Yeah, I know, he’s a flit hack Nancy boy, but that’s HIS problem. He who is not against us, is for us. And as usual, the Left is making the classic mistake of making too much of something they want ignored.