Z Man: 2017 Predictions



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  1. Some Guy in WA

    1. r.e. Sportsball – fewer and fewer people will give a fuck.

    2. The alt-right will NOT “fall prey to infighting and squabbling and slowly burn itself out over the next year” – rather, the “alt-light” who are seeking sinecure will either go completely mainstream or burn out; the hard right will become like the hard left wing of the Democratic party, i.e. incrementally driving rightists to the right and serving as a check on Trump and the mainstream GOP. There is tremendous energy there, and they are not going to go mainstream unless the mainstream meets them on the right. There is TOO MUCH information driving people to the right and, however distasteful some of their ideas or tactics may seem, whites of the millennial generation don’t have anywhere to go except to the alt-right because they are living in the toilet created by the mainstream Democrats and Republicans.

    3. Trump’s implementation of actual immigration enforcement will drive the people on the right farther to the right, more whites on the left to the right, and leftist minority groups (Latinos, Asians, blacks, etc.) farther to the left. “Anti-Semitism” amongst the Democratic party will drive a good 40% of Jews out of the party, but they will likely not join the Republican party. 2017 is going to be more “sporty,” but with right wingers visibly pushing back using both the power of the state and non-state actors.

  2. Uncle Larry

    My top three predictions are: Immigration will continue unabated, the Establishment will not surrender, and Obama will not go away. Other than that, everything should be ok. Not.

  3. 1. US dollar loses World Reserve Currency status
    2. US experiences hyperinflation
    3. FSA ( Free Shit Army ) takes on takes on the Deplorables and gets schooled.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. 1. poverty
    2. misery
    3. death


  6. All predictions will be wrong. He has a bad case of normalcy bias. I suggest that he doesn’t try to predict what Trump will do or what the economy will do. Predicting Trump is a fools game.

  7. The Alt-Right isn’t going anywhere, their passion, energy and focus on the truth regardless of who’s (((nose))) get’s bent out of shape, was the eye of the Trump hurricane. And as the democrat party officially becomes the POC anti-white party and banishes the white girls and bernie bros to the sidelines, the pro-White aspect of the Alt-Right is going to appear more reasonable for more and more normies.

    What you’re seeing right now in the Alt-Right is simply the coalition that came together to get Trump elected, now splintering again over the ability to discuss the JQ and the ability to be openly pro-white. The left explicitly wants whites dispossessed and dead. They are the ones driving normies into the arms of the Alt-Right, which is the only political movement willing to explicitly defend whites and point out that there is no Western Civilization without a white majority.

  8. These are always fun.

    Hilary and crew are tried and convicted.
    Hilary and crew are hung for treason.
    Hilary are crew are buried in Benghazi.


  9. Carlos@danger

    1. I will continue to work hard.
    2. I will continue to enjoy good cigars, good scotch, fine food, and my Celtic culture, family, and tribe.
    3. The rest is pointless so I endeavor not to give a damn unless the problem can be solved within the range of 45acp.

    It’s all bread and circuses boys. The only moment that truly matters is when you stand before the creator.

  10. 1. The BLM movement (consisting of Black Lives Matter Inc. and its peers) will continue to agitate in the streets as Brownshirts/Storm Troopers/Sturmabteilung via social media. Police who respond to these incidents will step up their intelligence-gathering efforts on social media (and possibly infiltrate via help from the Feds). Knowing that the Trump administration is far more likely to support police restoration of law and order than President Jug-Ears was, certain police departments will let such info slip in advance to certain members of Team Deplorable who they trust, who will deploy neighborhood defense teams to screen, block, and divert peaceful protestors, disruptive protestors, and rioters from their AO. The press will label these as “Right-Wing Death Squads.” If you know individuals in law enforcement who you trust and in return trust you, maintain those relationships, if only as an intelligence line. But in any event, do NOT trust the police in general. They work for The State, not you, despite the privilege you have of paying for their salaries.

    2. As more Americans who believe in hard work, individual responsibility, self-sufficiency, being economically productive, etc. come out of the shadows and into the light, expect a resurgence in interest in “traditional American values” as well as in the concept of “Western Civilization.” Be prepared to speak intelligently on both matters and to inform your brethren as to what both of those terms mean.

    3. The Left will arm themselves (this is already beginning in baby steps). They will NOT suddenly become supporters of RKBA or 2A; becoming a gun owner is merely a means to their end — stopping a Trump presidency by any means necessary. Do not be seduced by wishful thinking about “Well, now that they are gun owners, they will be just like us! Welcome to Liberty!” Guns are not magic wands which turn their owner into FREEFOR. Castro liked, owned, and used guns. Mao liked them so much he exported the saying, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Be VERY careful who you invite to the range; the Committed Lefty next door who asks you for shooting lessons is not a new devotee of Liberty; instead, he’s plotting your demise.

    4. Do not expect the GOP-elite Republicans to act as a monolithic entity, especially in the Senate. They did not want Trump, they do not like Trump, they do not trust Trump, they resent Trump for stealing iJeb!’s turn for President, and they fear he will damage the GOP brand for the 2018/2020 elections. These people in Congress are not intelligent, they are merely cunning enough to keep their jobs (most of the time). This presents opportunities for voters to urge Congress to block or support any given Trump initiative, because Congress WILL be watching to see which way the wind blows.

    5. McCain and Graham have made it clear they plan to disrupt in the Senate as they please, based on whichever party promises them the most. Thus, the most powerful man in the Senate at any given time will be the third Republican who announces that he, too, is in play on any given issue, because the Dems and Repubs will court him/her mercilessly for that vote.

    • “Be VERY careful who you invite to the range; the Committed Lefty next door who asks you for shooting lessons is not a new devotee of Liberty; instead, he’s plotting your demise.”


      I really hope the dirt people are smart enough to understand this. The committed lefty is not like us. Their brain does not function in the same way as us. He has no loyalty to you whatsoever, you are merely a means to an end.

      Please, for Gods sake, do not help to train your enemy – and he is your enemy.

  11. Predictions:

    Trump derangement syndrome and soviet style propaganda campaigns.

    Hollywood cgi manufacturing fake Trump speeches to make him say outrageous things.

    Micro manufacturing becoming more prominent. The costs for advanced manufacturing tech has fallen dramatically in the last 3 years.

    System D

    Bit coin volatility and the mafias using it to launder illegal gambling money exposed.

    Some big tech fad will come out of left field and amaze us all.