Bracken On Alex Jones, 2 JAN 2017

Start at 1:59:00 and again at 2:22.

16 responses to “Bracken On Alex Jones, 2 JAN 2017

  1. ?? Saw Braken starting at just past 1:29??

  2. Great stuff from AJ and Matt Bracken.

  3. to bad Matt can’t finish a sentence………………..

  4. The “dead man switch” could also include that
    pedo etc. crappola.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  5. It takes two to tango, in starting a war. Putin’s position is not in danger domestically, and he can just afford to wait the 16 days left for the lame duck to die. No little provocation is going to yield any results; they weathered the attacks by Napoleon and by Hitler, so Obama with 16 days left is not going to give them any trouble.

    • Putin is not going to nuke the planet. That’s what the civilian population sheltering program is about. Russia will survive. Russians will survive and rebuild.

  6. Excellent as always!

  7. There are two parts to this video:
    Part 1: Alex Jones interviews Matt – 1:59
    Part 2: Matt Bracken solo’s on Infowars – 2:22

    If you can’t take Alex then just jump forward to 2:22
    If you are in a hurry, jump forward to 2:22 and get to the punch line faster.

  8. Haha , good stuff . Funny when Jones threw over the show to Matt. Like a SEAL he jumped in the deep-end with no problem.

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  10. This is NOT the first time AJ has turned the show over to Matt. For those that DON’T know, Matt has been on the show SEVERAL times and is now almost a regular on the show. AJ, like him or hate him but he has given Matt a very very LARGE platform to break the brainwashing, which in my mind is a good thing.

    You guys really need to get over the interrupting thing… it seems Matt has.

    Grey Ghost

    • I stand corrected it was Matt first time solo for an extended time. And he was not even in the studio.

  11. Alex, STFU and let the man finish a damn sentence!!!