Foward Observer: 2017 Roundtable Podcast #1


Recorded by Sam Culper last night, a current-affairs hour with Matt Bracken, David Codrea, Stewart Rhodes, and some hoople who sounds like he’s been gargling with Drano.


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  1. FO rated #2 of “99 of the Best Intelligence Resources on the Internet”

    • Kudos to all but one of the panel participants!

      Let’s take Bracken’s advice on one point–ridicule.

      After all his appropriate criticism of “the left,” “Communism,” “globalists,” and “bankers,” Bracken uses the “defector-believer” oxymoron “Judeo-Christian.” Bracken foolishly places the most organized opposition to Jesus Christ, organized Jewry, in the lineage of Christianity.

      “The left” is disproportionately…. Communism was and is disproportionately… globalist power is disproportionately… the promoters of “diversity” for everyone but (((themselves))) are disproportionately… the international bankers and swindlers are disproportionately…. abortionists, NAMBLA, ACLU, neocons, pornographers, gun banners, “surveillance-state “social media,”, etc. are disproportionately…… well, figure it out, Matt, or get the memo since you apparently haven’t been able to figure it out in your 60 years.

      Bracken, you are the same guy who appropriately wants to “profile” jihadis, but who double-mindedly*** laments that 1940’s Germany “profiled” the (((tribe))) that:
      (1) killed thousands of Germans in (((their))) Berlin and Bavarian revolutions,
      (2) killed millions in neighboring nations, and
      (3) declared international war on Germany in 1933 using the same weaponized banking that we suffer today.

      Put Bracken on the bench. He is second string, blind in one eye.


      ***Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter. Isaias 5:20

      Woe to them that are of a double heart and to wicked lips, and to the hands that do evil, and to the sinner that goeth on the earth two ways. Ecclesiasticus 2:14

      No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. Matthew 6:24

      That with one mind, and with one mouth, you may glorify God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 15:6

      The double-minded man is inconstant in all his ways. James 1:8

      • Hey! Al!

        You, despite you cherry picking quotations, are not fit to suck the mud from the soles of Matt Bracken’s boots.

        You, by your blind eye to everything but your own monomaniacal, myopic world view, are way down the hierarchy of valuable insight.

        Write a book… y’know, like Matt has done. Expose your “ideas” to more broad criticism.

        Then, FOAD.

  2. WTF is a hoople?
    Other than Mott the Hoople,some weird book I vaguely recall reading,and my dad describe some neighborhood whacko-it’s not exactly a term in common use.

  3. Ha I like Hooplehead– Al Swearengen

  4. Bracken’s comment re; How many guns do you need? How much preps are really necessary? As opposed to just buying stuff for the sake of having it.
    I’m headed for 60 and have been thinking about who should get my guns and gear before I begin to fade or before I expire. Serious stuff to consider and I am curious what others may think on the topic.

    Another point he mentioned about radical leftists / commie sympathizers who have converted to Islam. I think it is important to point out that communism/ Marxism share similar platitudes about poverty and helping the less fortunate. This type of propaganda sells. It is a tool for recruitment and it is nothing less than collectivist clap-trap. This is the same rubbish being peddled in schools by the leftist controlled academia. It needs to be mocked, ridiculed and shouted down at every turn.

    • “I’m headed for 60 and have been thinking about who should get my guns and gear before I begin to fade or before I expire. Serious stuff to consider and I am curious what others may think on the topic.”

      I’m headed for 62 in Feb, have two biological children, 5 years and 7 years and I’ll be needing my guns when I’m 102. Hope that helps.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Very thought provoking. While I hear the need for team building, I’m just not interested in a team, I’m and always have been an individualist.

    How much is enough, fair question someome will eat it, shoot it, clean it.

    Lastly while I was at LaVoy Finicum’s funeral in Kanab Utah, while I saw well wishers and men and women who represented what I truly believe in. Freedom, and the constitution, I also the failures of the movement.

    My spidey senses told me that certain percentages of those present were their on the behalf of govt agencies. A logical observation.

    Then a year later we learn that, at least ten snitchs/ agents were present at the refuge here, in Oregon. I would further state that only ten agents, snitchs were identified, many more were present,,and still active in this freedom movement.

    I’m not interested in being fodder for fucking retards. I thought ok, I’ll join Oath Keepers, and I’ll join the Constitutional Sheriffs Assn. and did so. Took me about 7 months to,realize we OK and CSA members are nothing more then cash cows.

    I’m done with both groups. ” like we were in some sort of loop anyway” what a joke.

    I enjoyed this round table, I just listened to, helps me think thru my exact positions. And re affirms my need to remain an individualist, not a crayon in a box, sorted and named for social scientists convenience.

    I’ve written this here on wrsa at least seven times now. Old hells angels saying.

    Three can keep a secret, if two are dead.

    I don’t know the freedom movement, and you don’t know me.
    I’m an outsider, as I wish it to be.

    Just yesterday, mtnforge accused me of being a provocateur, a troll.

    All I could do was laugh. My training and experience has taught me that if one Can’t attack the facts, attack the individual, which is weaker then a the group.

    Clearly right out of Alinsky’s play book.

    Thanks for the podcast, you,guys did good.


    • “I don’t know the freedom movement, and you don’t know me.
      I’m an outsider, as I wish it to be.”

      Ditto Dirk. It’s the guy who says little, shoots straight and listens to his own council that the true provocateurs fear. You won’t find him saddling up next to a Bundy or attending a Vanderbogeh event (BTW, anyone ever find out what “shook Matt to the core?) even though he follows these events with studied interest, but preferring to remain in the shadows. I think there are many like you out there because in our bones we know…we just know.

  7. Prepper tip for the hoople: Hall’s Mentholyptus. In bulk.

    Seriously, good work. More = better.

  8. AL- L (a little closer to home, hmm?) There is no book of Isaias in the Bible. There is a book of Isaiah. By the way, sporto, as far as placing Jews in the lineage of Christianity, with a few exceptions, nearly all the first people who were Christians, were Jews at the time of Christ’s Birth. Christ Himself, born to a Jewish mother and father, Joseph actually being a step-father, a Jew. Jews are the spiritual G*dfathers of Christians, the Gospels and most of the New Testament written by, you guessed it, converted Jews. Christ lived almost His entire physical earthly existence in……Israel. Born in Bethlehem. Israel. Circumcised while an Infant. Went to Temple, not to learn, but to teach. Observed the Sabbath( but also explained to the disciples that the Sabbath was created for the Lord, not the Lord for the Sabbath) Was buried by sundown on the day He died, according to Mosaic ordinances (Duet. 21:22,23) Look, Jack, there are all kinds of bad people, and they come in every variety. Calling the Jews a bunch of people that are trying to take over the world is the same as saying all black people have no honor. If you really are a Christian, let it out once in a while, let it go for a walk. Eternal hatred and condemnation of the Jews is the opposite of a Christian trait.