Let Them Go


A reader sends.

Let the multiple Californias go.

Trade with the sane remnants.

Shun and blockade the loonies.

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60 responses to “Let Them Go

  1. The patients are running the loony bin that’s California.
    All I can think is when that hell hole of hedonism cognitive insanity explodes, it will be spectacular. Nothing that fucked up can last.

    • MichiganderJim

      Hey, let’s leave some room for rational hedonism.

    • this turd could be in federal prison this time next year.
      They say you get the government you deserve. Good on you California.
      Bunch of fucking loons.

  2. Simple Action Plan:

    1. Create the State of Jefferson as the 50th state of the Union.

    2. Build a stout border wall to separate the rest of the state.

    3. Cut off our water from their territory.

    4. Closely guard the wall.

    We are very tired of the children under the dome in Sacramento ruling over the masses. Something is about to blow.

  3. I can see that that “wall” is in for a lengthy extension….from Mexicanistan right to the Cannukian border.

  4. The Trump administration needs to make the cali progs’ heads explode early and often so that they commit to secession. If we can rid the fUSA of those electoral votes, we might be able to right the ship. It would be an enormous step. New England might possibly follow. At that point, we’d have some self-determination. Add in some term limits, etc. etc.

    • Refusing to fund the UN would drive the Big Craphole into seceding along with Mexifornia.

      • Thats a rather lucid point there and a great place to start. If anything it would change the entire dynamic of moon bats having credibility, could start a snowball effect.
        I say nuke the UN from orbit, just to be sure.

  5. Short of that, shun any from that state that try to move into yours. For the handful left there who are not fucked up marxists, sorry to paint you with the broad brush, but don’t expect the welcome wagon from me if you try to come here. There is just way too much risk in embracing anyone coming from there. Colorado found that out the hard way. Texas is about to learn the same. Glad the frozen midwest isn’t attrative to those leftists yet.

    • MichiganderJim

      “Glad the frozen midwest isn’t attrative to those leftists yet.”

      Careful, that’s gettin’ close to classified. Peeps get wind of that and they may start claiming 40 acres for themselves in the National Forests. Better they stick with what they’re permitted…better for the rulers anyway.

      • Yup.
        It’s ugly, barren, gray, nothing grows, and uninhabitable up in the frozen midwest. 3ft of snow here, snows everyday, and the wind blowing from across Superior is un-survivable. Go south or stay west… Nothing here worth coming for. Stay away at all costs.


        • No. NO. Not the South.
          Heat. Humidity. Bigots. Bugs. Gnats. Rednecks. Snakes. Fireants.
          Why I’d move out of the South myself iff’n I could afford to.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Glad the frozen midwest isn’t attrative to those leftists yet.”

      Much of the midwest is as much Marxist utopia as anywhere in California. They’re already there in force.


        Jimmy nails it. Look at that socialist mook, Tom Harken. He was an Iowa Senator for way too long. The squareheads, farmers, and other Remoras all wanted to suck off the FEDGOV tit and he obliged them.

  6. MichiganderJim

    I don’t care how many words how many people use to develop their thoughts beforehand, there’s still only one way to stop a person from being put in jail. Is this seriously arguable? Here?

  7. I gotta head over to Calguns to see how crazy the law abiding wanker measuring contests are.

    • A lot of so-called conservatives have a real fetish about being law-abiding. It’s like being proud of the good job they do, licking boots. I can’t imagine a mindset so submissive.

  8. Why do Libs want our left flank disarmed?

    So much anger, think about the strategy. It’s not “public safety” and it’s not “for the children.”

    No foreign power would “do business” with Sacramento in the midst of an armed populace. The best way to cripple an enemy is to attack his logistics which is what these measures do.

    Those of you staying in CA should know what you’re up against. It’s not just disarmament and the gentle tyranny of your known elected statists. It’s something far worse. GTFO now. Take your “equity” and buy a house in Colorado for cash and help us turn this one back!

    The weather, babes, and job (hey, you’re not making that much after you factor cost of living anyway) aren’t worth it!

    • Fuck. That.

      I’ve put up with thus happy horsesh*t lifelong, and by God I’ll live to see the statues of Lenin pulled down in flames before I die, if I have to provide the cable and bulldozer myself.

      1) Short of cavity searches at the border, ammo sales from Vegas, Phoenix, and Reno will be a growth industry. Go long on Bass Pro stock.
      2) If they start trying to do actual ammo confiscation stops and interdiction runs anywhere coming into the state, they’re going to need some new CHP guys. It will be a career-ending option, rather quickly.
      (Quick, anyone: what was the success rate of the entire effing US Army at interdicting weapons supplies across the Paki-Afghan border, 2002-present? Anyone? Anyone?)
      3) The state’s pension shortfall is a couple of years from eating the entire budget of the state, and every municipality. To the point not a few cities will have to allocate >80% of their annual revenues to pay retirees. Or default, declare bankruptcy, and then the EBT cards don’t pay out, and things get sporty, fast.
      4) Anyone hoarding now is a latecomer. When they find out how much ammo is here already, they’re going to be unpleasantly surprised.
      5) The new law, IIRC, doesn’t cover components, or home manufacture.
      Go long on Dillon, RCBS, FedEx, and UPS stocks, too.
      6) Don’t be fucktards. If you want to go all Ronnie Barrett, and cut off supplies to TPTB, i.e. state and local agencies, go ahead on, with my best wishes.
      But don’t be a bunch of parochial dickweeds like twenty companies I could name, cut off your nose to spite your face, and write off 10% of the gun owners in the country, in this case the 10% behind enemy lines from here on out.
      We’re going to need all the help we can get.
      7) Srsly, WhyTF would anyone want to import a shitload of Californians to their own AO?
      50% of the internetz would be ecstatic, with an endless supply of reasons to bitch, moan, whine, and piss themselves when that happened. And a notable number of your toothless, banjo-playing kinfolk, many of whom either voted for this nonsense, or didn’t vote at all, would leave Californy, and move back in with you. Is that what you really want to see happen?
      Yeah, didn’t think so.
      8) At worst, leave us the hell alone.
      At minimum, lend some moral support.
      At most, lend some immoral support: send care packages to your friends and relatives here. Or bring them yourselves on a visit. See Disneyland, and drop off a case of contraband with your buddy for cost, and save him from having to buy it at the State Approved Bullet Merchant at retail, and all that nasty paperwork and sales tax.

      These Communist assh*les want to create a ready-made underground organization, then I say,
      “Fuckin’ A, dipshits, you got your wish, by the metric fuckton!”

      Not even a little bit.

      They want to push it even harder than that?

      Say…what was the objective of that redcoat march to Lexington & Concord?

      Keep pushing us, fuckers.
      Bring it.

      • We don’t want “Californians,” we want you.

        Demographic change for sake of political change can work both ways. If states’ rights now have the final say on RTKBA, then we need more states. That starts with the ones we can turn. CA/NY/IL are lost mostly because of their urban utopias, a weakness that can be further exploited by the loss of producers.

        I admire your courage, but did it occur to you that they don’t want, nor do they need your compliance? They can deal with outliers. In some ways, that’s a “shovel ready job” that helps train up the willing to do bigger things.

        • Maybe, but it sucks the fun right out of enforcing those diktats if it’s an everyday game of You Bet Your Life.
          Solzhenitsyn had some pithy comments about those who waited complacently to be picked up, instead of beating their oppressors with fireplace irons every time they knocked on a door, since they’d have nothing to lose anyways.

      • Serious question Aesop. What will go down if what happened in NY and Connecticut happens in California?
        I mean, they still have to enforce such diktat.
        Will this be the straw that breaks the camels back?
        It’s a big freakin’ State, it’s the size of half the nations on earth. Talking a lot of people. A war of rebellion against the fucking clowns running the state government in California could be comparable to the war of northern aggression participant numbers and geography wise. And would it spill over into bordering states?
        Not for nothing, seems to me the armed outnumber the unarmed citizenry.
        These gun restriction and confiscation diktats, especially the non grandfather clauses the moonbats are imposing are ludicrous. Somebody is going to say I’ve had enough of this shit, and it’s on.
        Here in WV they tried that statist crap it would be impossible to enforce it.

        • They have no plans for active enforcement. If they stumble over something incidentally, it’s game on for the poor schmuck they catch, but TPTB know how quick they’d run out of cops if they tried anything more pro-active.

          They’re trying to choke off the tree at the roots.

          And ceding them the territory just gives them a base to expand outward, and start picking off outliers in the other states.
          The answer is to fight tooth and nail here, NFY, NJ, etc., because they’re already outnumbered.
          No safe spaces for leftists.

          And nota bene a healthy swath of strict constructionist appointments to the 9th Circus and this all goes up in smoke for them for a generation, if not forever.
          Once they lose the courts, you can start fighting them for the legislature and the population on the ground.

          You lose 100% of the battles you concede.

          • Seems to me that agitating the um….. “urban element” could work in our favor if you get my drift. Think WW2 era Russian penal battalions. Decent return on the effort and ZERO concern for personnel attrition.. They’ve already proven themselves just dumb enough to be goaded to violence by inflammatory rhetoric, why not benefit from their usefulness? Turn Soro’s best weapon against them.


          Sir: It has gone down in Kalifornia a long time ago. About 1992-1993, I bought a Bushmaster lower AR receiver for an AR upper. I had to fill out the mandatory “assault weapon” form at the dealer. A few years later, the socialist deviates in Sacramento passed their “assault weapons ban” law. To this day, no one from the CA State AG’s Office has made any attempt to contact me about my completed Bushmaster.
          This is all smoke-and-mirrors, feel-good fluff. Yes, the Kalifornia Stasi does send their ORCS to hang out at neighboring-state gun shows and write down license plates. But, necessity is the mother of invention. They can be overcome. I hope The Donald neutralizes this on the federal level. In any event, if I was still living in that septic tank of sexual deviates and communism, I would not comply.

        • The enforcers who are willing to do more than be informers are outnumbered 100 to 1, and have the poor battle prospects to match. Look at the refusal to obey gun registration in Connecticut in 2013. There was no “war of rebellion”, rather there was nothing.

      • Thanks Aesop. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I was born here 66 years ago and can’t leave because I’m tied to my (family’s) land, so here I’ll stay. Just want you to know you are not alone.
        BTW, Your #3 point is right on. The city of Loyalton cannot make their payments to CalPERS and their retirees are now being paid 40% of what they were promised.

  9. Ben Richards

    To the first poster. It is exploding as we speak. A friend of ours who lives in LA had to call 911 because of a medical emergency. Nobody ever came.
    The once nice and safe suburbs are now crime and drug infested hellholes where home invasions are the norm.
    The place is cursed.

  10. We sneer at California, but gun control measures get ignored there like they are everywhere else. Look at New York for example.

  11. Pablo Honey

    Let them go, cut off the Colorado water supply, quadruple the cost of electricity we send them, impose a 60% exit tax on any US good going to California and a 300% import tax on anything coming in from California– that oughta do it.

    They will align with China. Then we declare them a clear and present danger and declare war against Cali. Line up the B52’s and Bomb all of LA county and the Bay area into the ocean. Bomb Sacramento and half of San Diego into rubble. Sieze all Apple and Google assets and breakup the companies. The rest will fall in line and we can readmit them as a territory. Deport all the illegals. We will still have nice beachfronts– without the loons.

  12. I smell a ammo running opportunity in the future. Looking for discrete dealers and mules. Being able to keep their trap shut is a must.

  13. 173d Viet Vet

    We all want Mexifornia/Looneyfornia to go.

    But if they do, won’t we have to make The Wall twice as long ??

  14. Anyone giving odds on the increases in murder, rape and home invasions?

  15. Another mediocre ,magic negro shithead in California. How do they continue to attract the LCD[lowest common denominator] shitheads to the state? Holder,Jarrett,Podesta and their ilk need to feel very uncomfortable wherever they decide to locate. Make it so.

  16. TimeHasCome

    The one to watch will be magazine destruction or surrender , that one will be a hoot . My guess will be less than 1% will be surrendered or destroyed.
    Making millions of people criminals.

  17. “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  18. Yep. I can hear it now, millions of magazines being crushed and destroyed on July 1st starting at 12:01 AM. All those millions of M4’s, button or not, being turned in, or registered. All those thousands of button M4’s bought – pre-law – will now be turned in for registration. Sure.

    • The thing about it is Curtis its not about the control of the object whatever it may be guns, ammo, knives etc it’s about the control of the mind and ability to control what your actions are…Will you still take those mags or guns that have been outlawed out and about with the plan that if that law enforcement person trys to take them and arrest you then he bites the dust…Some might but most will hide them away so in essence are being controlled by the law…

      • There’s that about people control Lineman, is there also the complimentary object of what they can get away with in California as a dry run, seeing what obstacles and unintended consequences develop, never mind the temper of the dirt peoples resistance and compliance are, for attempting the same nation wide, and or other collectivist hives, at a later point in history, as in so goes California so goes the nation?
        You can’t put nothing past these commie vermin. They just made defacto state diktat which decriminalizes phedophelia, ala Pizzagate.
        The brains behind statism think down the road long term. Pretty sure bet The great Fuck You and the ascendence of Pepe the Trump is viewed as a mere hiccup in the long march.

        • Its a dilemma for sure mtforge and one Freefor won’t end up solving because by the time we actually get our act together it will be too late…I hope I’m wrong but the way things look right now I highly doubt it…Save a remnant is all we can do at this point which even that is going to be tough…Sad That…

      • law enforcement person?

        You mean scumbag ‘bucket of cold stale piss’ cop don’t you?

        • Oh I think you and MM have the corner on that market;) I don’t want to horn in on your territory…

      • Who said anything about be arrested? My wife and I have already had this discussion… and we agree.

      • P.S. “Controlled by the law.”

        Aren’t we all?

        • Wasn’t really directing my comment at you Curtis was just commenting on what evil was doing in CA…

  19. They tried that here in NY 3 yrs ago. The ammo ID check was trashed by the State Troopers . The ammo – shipping ban was dropped as they knew it wouldn’t survive a court challenge under Interstate Commerce Clause. 52 out of 62 Sherriffs publicly stated they would not enforce it. 4% registration rate.
    Handgun permit ‘recertification’ is still in place though. Hi-cap mag ban still in effect . These scumbags are flailing and can still damage individuals but the deplorables are digging in their heels.

  20. colddeadhandsdays

    I would say Unintended Consequences/Bracken scenarios need to play out but that would be “evil”

    • I’m already an “irredeemable, deplorable RACISSSSSS”. What the fuck do I care about one more adjective being tacked on?… I’m “evil” now too? Cool.

  21. Sir Lord Baltimore

    Lineman is dead on in his observation of the California situation. The same points could be made for those “living behind the lines”, in other equally onerous jurisdictions. Australia’s rate of noncompliance after their raft of BS laws was/is quite high. As are those in New York State and Connecticut.

    The thing is that the affect of these laws are not being looked at by many in our community as a cultural one…The more these laws get passed the more firearms in general (and those of the black rifle variety in particular) lose circulation among the young and those that otherwise would have possibly been exposed to them and constituted the next generation of the gun owning public. These items go from being another mundane tool not really given much of a second thought to an object that by its very nature is an implement of evil.

    One only need to look at those in attendance at gun shows or the shooting range to see that our enemy is winning. What I tend to see skews…old, male, and out of shape. Not a lot of new blood filling the ranks. Not trying to be a downer…that is just how I see it.

    • Yep they don’t have to go door to door because they are smart enough to know that would be suicidal and bad PR… It will be exactly what happened after the 1934 NFA people started hiding them and probably said the same thing over my dead body or out of my cold hands but they didn’t ever take them out again and in essence gave them up because they didn’t teach their kids that shooting full auto was normal and was part of their natural rights…The Communist’s definitely know how to play the long game…Its always been about people control…

  22. Alfred E. Neuman

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  23. All niggers to Africa.

    All Jews to Israel.

    We want a white country.

    We shall have it.

  24. The problem with writing off folks in California is this. How long until we no longer have a hill to fight on? Do you guys honestly believe these sociopathic fucking control freaks are going to stop at some imaginary line? I don’t. They will not stop unless and until We the People stop them, whatever means that may require is their choice to make. I’m damn tired of the death by a thousand cuts attack on my rights though.