Now With Extra Mightiness: Mighty Kenyan Nominates Self For Distinguished Public Service Award


Breitbart: President Obama Awards Himself Distinguished Public Service Medal

Words fail – on both the story and the pic.

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60 responses to “Now With Extra Mightiness: Mighty Kenyan Nominates Self For Distinguished Public Service Award

  1. Why not a medal of Honor. After all he’s el heffe.
    Trump should recind this very publicly. Perhaps during a state of the union addresss.

  2. Truth Corps

    Hate Crime in Chicago is breaking news. White racist teens kidnap a black special needs adult, torture and assault him while live-streaming to Facebook…

    Oh wait, it was the other way around. Nevermind

    • NorthGunner

      Yep, heard the news on KFI on the radio while driving the patrol truck at work. The announcer mentioned that they’re ‘still investigating to determine if it is a hate crime’….typical pc bullshit pussyfooting around so as to not enrage the already rabid dindunuffin chimps and chimpettes…surprised that the announcer actually mentioned that all the suspects were blacks (hmmm wonder if he’ll be beaten up behind the watercooler for that slipup?…).

      Why Black America Must Be Careful

      White Girl Bleed a Lot (Colin Flaherty’s Site)

      Here’s visuals of the proper response to such ‘underprivileged utes’ playing their favorite ghetto games on non-blacks:

      My take?…I don’t owe a single black for ANYTHING!
      I don’t harbor ANY guilt for my WHITE heritage, such as it is!

      If one unfortunately finds oneself about to become the play token in the knockout game or polar bear hunting one should not hesitate to clear leather and ventilate the chimps and chimpettes attempting to play the game until they change shape or catch fire..if in a vehicle, run ’em down and keep going!
      This goes double if you’re about to be set upon by the somali dinduffin variety that inhabits Minnesotastan and other such locales.
      Then slap yourself for being in their putrid AO in the first place!

      Yours In Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

      • SemperFi, 0321

        All those assholes on stage at the press conference deserve a thank you card, air mail delivered at 3,250 fps.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “If one unfortunately finds oneself about to become the play token in the knockout game”

        Generally speaking, you find out you’re playing the knockout game when you get hit from behind – it’s usually a Pearl Harbor job.

    • NorthGunner

      And speaking of coverage of this…

      BLACK LIVES “DON’T” MATTER when they kidnap, tie up, torture, and torment a mentally disabled teen Trump supporter

      Fucking worthless sack of ambulatory shit dindunuffins!
      Definitely time to take out the garbage imho!

      Yours In Liberty w/o ANY sympathy for dinduffins and their ‘cosmic white’ sjw supporters!
      NorthGunner III

  3. The narcissism, the arrogance, the horror of it all.

    15 more days until we wake up from this 8-year nightmare. Please God, let there be light at the end of these dark days.

    • I prefer to refer to 0bama’s presidency as “the punishment”. That’s what he’s there to do. That’s what his goal was. To punish us, for being white. For being American. For being Conservative. For being veterans. For being males. For living in non-urban areas. For earning money. For owning guns. For being Christians. Etc.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      +1. This idiot is a real tool.

  4. Trump should rescind every g-d damned thing o’fuckwit has ever said or done.

    Give him a chance. Nothing gets done on day one……

  5. Just like a dog… sniffs his own ass then licks it.

  6. Meaningless trinkets and baubles….. Kind of sums up his entire presidency, don’t it?..

    • I wonder if his medal has the “nugget” finish? I recall that being very popular with a specific set.

  7. 173d Viet Vet

    1 of 3,073

    Obama Nominates Himself For Distinguished Public Service Award
    Karl Ivey

    I just got this in. Deserves to go out to ALL you know.

    It is sickening. I am aghast at the self-serving gall of this narcissist-in-chief who still has an unexpired Indonesian passport.

    How the military must loathe him. They know what true Valor is……..

    They know what true sacrifice is…..

    They know that those who receive the award are truly deserving. They know that the recipients do not call up the Secy of Defense who works for them and say, ” Carter. what kind of fancy medal can you pin on my chest before I leave office?”

    He must have consulted John Kerry on how to put yourself in for awards that you do not deserve….Kerry was good at that but the Swift Boaters proved he was a LIAR and a FRAUD about his four month Vietnam service !!

    Reminds me of the Nobel Peace Prize he got before he sent jets into Libya without Congressional approval to start a war that has destabilized Europe and got our Ambassador killed. Hell the Swedes and Norwegians are as clueless as most Americans who cannot see anything beyond next Sunday’s football game.

    A 173d Viet Vet, Disgusted in Kentucky and everywhere else I might roam at Woebamaz pettiness and perfidy

  8. Can’t wait to see the ridicule trolling and agitprop this will inspire, this is priceless, he couldn’t shat on himself any better. Ho doggie!
    He just made the left the laughing stock of the world too. Their “Savoiur”. The Won.
    It isn’t possible to create insane optics like this, it could only come from this ridiculous fool himself. He has be-clowned the entire federal regime in the process, guilty by ass-sociation.
    He just made Trump the most legitimate leader and POTUS imaginable. I’d give a right arm to see the look on Donald Trumps face when he hears about this. Trump better watch his six though, obama is still dangerous.
    What an encore to an unmitigated disaster of a regime, this redefines the meaning of feckless, ah, ahem, leadership. Castro and Chevez have nothing on this priceless jackoff. Oh ya, he’s going to stick around Washington and inspire the next generation of leaders.

    But I’ll bet anything, he tops this performance before he’s out. If he does leave. You got to watch this sneaky bastard. See, he really believes he is the water walker, the second coming of Nubukanezzer, there is no higher seat of power a narcissist like this can obtain. This was his pinnacle, he isn’t going to go quietly. He’s got something else planned, his strutting and pouting will go down in history as the most ridiculous performance of statesmanship imaginable if he doesn’t pull a fast one on us. His spite isn’t done he has 15 days to go. That is a long time, an eternity to do something really bad. And we all know how he signals his intent, by lying about what he won’t do. He guaranteed a smooth continuity of transfer of power in his speech. Know what, he used that key word, continuity, as in the federal plans of “continuity of government”, not transfer, in case of some national disaster or emergency. Like an assassination, a coupe, or declaration of Martial Law under some false pretense, or all the above. All I keep thinking about is these guys running things are in serious fucking trouble the moment Trump puts his left hand on the bible and raises his right hand and says I Do. The shit they have pulled, the treason, the violations of freedom and liberty, the theft of the wealth of a nation, the rivers of blood and piles of dead bodies they are guilty as sin of causing. And there is no possible way to cover this shit up once they loose the power of the presidency. “Continuity”, oh ya, right there, he’s telling his sycophants and cadre something. And the talk of a 3rd term, how he would have beat Trump if he was running, crap like that. He has always signaled, from the beginning. “Fundamentally Transform America”, “Hope and Change”, “Transparency”, a Nobel Peace Prize, he has no plans on leaving Washington in order to inspire the next generation of leadership, and now this self awarded distinguish service award. Somethings up here.
    Putin was right about when he talked about how dealing with him was like playing chess with a spoiled brat who can not win and can not deal with loosing.

    Check them Zero’s boys. Things could get pretty sporty.

  9. Hero of the Soviet Union would be more like it.

  10. That “medal” has zero meaning outside of the degradation of the idea of medals. Last I checked, writing and awarding yourself a medal was considered bad form. Exciting times.

  11. Camacho2016


  12. ALCON,

    Will this soetoro-obama shit stain ever go away ?

    This Marxist moslem is going to be fomenting trouble long after he leaves. This will be a difficult presidency for DJT, courtesy the scumbag soetoro-obama.

  13. When I thought he could not be anymore of a national embarrassment he outdid himself again. Amazing!

  14. Here’s your participation trophy Mr. President. And here is a coupon for a free Whopper at Burger King with purchase of medium fries and drink . . .

    Its hard to look at, the pathetic ‘Look at me – look at me’ actions. I think even the press is embarassed for Obama.

  15. Libs/Progs are big on awards. I guess Globalist/Marxist/Statists are too. But this is the first time I’ve heard of one of them giving an award to himself.
    Make America Sick… Again.

  16. Howard E. Dennard

    Being the slanted cencered subject it is, history will put obumo at the top of the list as our best president. In 5 years there will be monuments to him, same as there are to Lincoln.

  17. Virgil Kane

    Wikipedia says Bill Clinton and GWB also received it. Is it a new tradition for 2 term presidents?

  18. Nothing to see here. Any of us who served have seen or know of instances of “farewell” (or even simply PCS) decorations awarded “just because.” Bureaukrats are the same; it’s the civ equivalent of the senior NCO’s MSM or some retiring ossifer’s Legion of Merit. Not worth getting my vinegar up; it’s a participation trinket, I’ve got a few somewhere in a box.

    Instead, how about making sure that we don’t have a legislature in the future that does something like award this critter the Medal of Freedom previously awarded to those he’s not fit to be in the presence of.

  19. Meanwhile Russian Marines go on charm offensive without using high heels:

  20. Carter’s body language is interesting, to say the least…

  21. Kinda has the smell of some of the Reconstruction antics.

  22. Awarding himself medals now?… Youtube is full of schmucks who do that, they call it stolen valor.

  23. Lightninbolt

    More like Caligula….
    Mr. Trump should fumigate that White House before he moves in! Let a drug dog go in first and sniff the place out. Cleaner!

  24. What a proud moment for Obunghole. His whore of a mother would be so proud. The murkin people truly have been blessed with a National Treasure. Murka! And get a load of the moron from the Old Guard sanding there like a retard. How proud he must be to serve the pResident…

  25. Another new low for a SECDEF.

    Might as well drop to his knees…

  26. Love that photo. Looks like the guy wearing the Military uniform on the left is holding what appears to be a short piece of a 2 by 4 board. Is the Muslime in Chief afraid of a member of the military being near by and holding a real gun? Might that be the newest piece of gear, the M-85 Two By Four? Deadly accurate if used within 2 feet.

  27. What a fucking douche bag. Ashton Carter is a bag lapper supreme. fucking alcoholic.

    Why is it men like this sell their souls, patriot, vine climber, Looser.


  28. I reckon that he figures he needs more un earned medals than his fellow traitors, Kerry and McCain.


    • Bob,,good point.”

      Think of how it would of been if old pug nose Mcain didn’t punch out of his A4 Skyhawk on the deck of the Oriskiny early nam, what a missed fucking opportunity. What a waste of a good airplane.


  29. Thats how they do shit in Africa.
    Next thing you know he will be wearing green fatigues and a black beret.
    Festooned with all manner of made up orders and ribbons, it speaks to the pompitude of fools.

  30. The Fourth Horseman

    This nigger was a joke from the beginning and the laughs just keep on coming, albeit they’re getting more pathetic by the day.

    Taking bets if the HNIC has a temper tantrum on it’s last day.

  31. SiGraybeard

    I swear I thought this was The Onion the first time I saw it.

    Nobody could be that tone deaf.

  32. Another participation trophy for “Urkel the Magnificent!”

  33. The Usual Suspect

    He deserves a chest full of bling bling hero of the prolapse
    asshole medals, like those North Korean Generals with
    medals down their arms and legs, they got for sucking Kim’s

  34. Last evening, as the sun went down, I heard this deep, heavy, groan. I couldn’t figure out what it was. Then I read about Obongo awarding himself a medal, for being a fruitcake, I suppose. That groan I heard, was all the dead Marines from Iwo Jima, in the wind. Soon to be followed by a high, pitched whining noise, from all the MOH winners, spinning in their graves, if they can be found. Life has flavor to those who have fought for it, the protected never know. Honor to those who have EARNED it, and bloody constraint to those who pretend to it.

  35. Hey, it’s not as if our current SecState didn’t write his own Purple Heart awards back in the day, and then appeal to get out of VN combat, because he’d racked up the requisite number of Purple Hearts…

    I keep waiting to find out the entire last 8 years have been a nightmare, written by The Onion, but I keep being wide awake, dammit.

  36. SemperFi, 0321

    I think he was just a little envious of Mad Dog was all. Can’t leave D.C. without a chest full of medals.

  37. Oughta look good next to his “world’s greatest dad” coffee mug.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Maybe he just cashed in all the “Good Boy Points” that Moochelle awarded him over the last 8 years.

  38. Here is information about the medal, courtesy of Wikipedia:

    Other recipients:

    Barack Obama
    George W. Bush
    Ashton Carter[4]
    Bill Clinton
    Kristin Krohn Devold
    Steven Spielberg
    Henry Kissinger

    • that’s pretty distinguished company. But who is “Kristin Krohn Devold”? And Ashley Carter awarded itself 4 of them? Even more impressive.

  39. Damn where is Jon Corzine’s medal?

    He managed to steal over a billion and only had to put up $5 mil. Not bad.

    • He got his metal, when he cashed in that 1,8 billion of farmers and ranchers escrow futures money for gold.
      I’m amazed nobody hasn’t put a boolit through his head yet. You know how many people he robbed their lives savings of?

      • NorthGunner

        Here’s the full text of the interview with Ann Barnhardt that Jim Puplava did regarding corizone and his involvent with the MF Globval suicide/implosion…suggest that folks read it all because Ann absolutely lays it all out on the table for all to see.

        Never forget that people like corizne are the cloud people..and like ovomit, they hate us dirt people to the core!

        Transcript for Ann Barnhardt Interview

        Yours In Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

  40. The “Bezos Failing Blog,” has more fake news, insisting that the real story is that Sarah Palin is all butt-hurt about Barry being “awarded” the medal.

    More worse, more better.

  41. Do you see Caligula or Idi Amini leaving office voluntarily? Do you really think Obama will?

  42. ” Mr Obama, he is wonderful and heir to the great rulers of proud African descent. He will follow Idi Amin, Omar el Bechir, Mwai Kibaki, Francois Duvalier, yes President Mwanawasa and yes the mighty Robert Mugabe.

    All of these, they are well known and respected for their mighty prowess, yes the lions of Africa. ”

    Harken unto that giant sucking sound – the flush removing obama from offal office.

  43. Alfred E. Neuman

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