Palmetto State Armory Buys DDI Inc., Maker of AK47s


The Southern arms industry continues to grow stronger; h/t Gab.

Let’s close with a little AK pron:


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. The AK, is a serious bug gun, a drop of oil and a shoe string cleans them they shoot forever, and are reasonably battle accurate. And they can take a beating, and keep shooting.

    Consider the new magpul mags for weight reduction.


  3. Porn. End snark.

  4. First Clue:
    The South has already risen again…

    and a Yankee entrepreneur has enhanced the process, one way or another.

  5. As Usual the AR OWNS the AK!

  6. As the South is more supportive of the right to keep and bear arms then the various Northern states then they certainly deserve all the American gun manufacturing business they can get and I am glad to see them do well. PSA is a good company for build your own ARs with uppers with various barrels and completed lowers with standard or Magpul furniture. The blems (blemished) barelled upper assemblies and completed lowers are a good deal if you don’t mind bluing that can vary from dark blue to grey and maybe a few scratches and are putting together an inexpensive AR to take out and shoot or complete ARs/AKs Hope they did their due diligence looking at all aspects of the company to see if it makes sense to do the deal and that the acquisition won’t hurt their quality.

    • NorthGunner

      Good Morning Wendy & Happy New Year!

      I agree with you about PSA, bought a private sale AR15 lower a while back,
      threw on a 20” 1/9 twist flattop upper and ready to rock on! My best friend here completely looks down on the AR15’s (he’s a Fal Man, like me) and he has more respect for the AK (not much though) as he mentioned that the AK throws at least a .30 bullet instead of a tarted up .22 round (his words). Told him that my AR is a backup weapon and can be loaned out to a deserving individual in my presence when things get sporty if said person couldn’t bring a long gun to the festivities.

      Even though I was born in Arizona and have lived here the majority of my life I’ve always had a great deal of affection for the South and the Confederacy…please consider me an Arizona Copperhead if you wish.
      Yes, the South WILL rise again!

      Yours In Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  7. Virgil Kane

    I need one just for the box of mags and cases of ammo I have. I sold my last one for $500. AK prices are stupid right now.

    • Jesse James

      This. Its glorified sheet metal, unless you’re talking Arsenal or someone else who mills their receivers. The current market is waaaaay above their intrinsic value for those who already have firearms. It’s a great brush gun here in the VA hinterlands where you can’t walk 100 yards without hitting a forest and/or hills, but not for what people want even for a cheap one. For $500 and the time it takes to fiddle with it and gunsmith optics, fix sights ect. (time is $$), you’re not not too far away from FAL territory. To each their own and I don’t begrudge those who like them. Here’s to more of those evil death rays with the magazine-clip thingys that go up being produced.

      • You forget “made to kill people”.


        Carolyn McCarthy

        • Jesse James

          Western civilization didn’t drag the world into the modern age so I could play with sharp sticks and yell ooga booga around a campfire before going out to raid a neighboring, similarly indigent, tribe. Nah, the white devils only need steady hands and about 4 lbs of pull on a single finger. It’s the only concrete thing that’s kept ol Carolyn from being the 5th wife of Click Clack and waiting for the cows to produce some more building material so she can finally get that addition to her dirt floor dung hut. Hell yeah they kill people and I’m glad they do. I can’t throw a sharp stick 1000 yds.

  8. Red in OleVirginny

    Been a lot of places – seen a lot of things. AR’s are a fine rifle, but the AK will take a helluva lot of abuse and just keep working. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Rusty, beat up, abused AK’s will ruin your day while an AR would choke and die in some parts of the world. And if you practice the AK can be good out to 400-500 yards. And it will cycle any brand of ugly ammo you put through it. I will be buried with one of mine just in case.
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

  9. Interesting times indeed. I remember when the two main points for the AK were 1) They’re inexpensive and 2) they are reliable. Accuracy was mediocre, but at least they launch a real bullet. Now in the day of the five hundred dollar AR and the enhanced AK it really just comes down to taste. If someone laid a VEPR on me I wouldn’t throw it away. I still want a large format AR but it’s not high on my needful list.
    This really is the golden age of firearms and a constant conundrum for folks who like a good or even fine firearm.

  10. I’m still a fan of the m-1 3006. I like the idea of one shot, knock their dick, in the dirt, one kill, not three shots one kill. Heck, any battle rifle is ok with me.


  11. PSA and cheaply made Commie rifles? A perfect match.

    Go ahead and order, you might get a rifle that functions have the time by November 2017.

  12. Centurion_Cornelius

    Interesting. Time will tell how this “marriage” works out. Me–I am a real fan of the 7.62mm, only I prefer the Garand and the M14/M1A variety, as well as the .30/06 scoped bolt gun. Even have fun with my .30 Cal Carbine. Never had a hankering to fuss with the SKS or AK47s. As said-above, to each his own.