WeaponsMan: When The Army Resisted The M16A2


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  1. My favorite configuration of the M16/AR15. 20″ govt. profile barrel, fixed carry handle. The last of the true rifleman’s weapons without the fancy schmancy optics, rails, foreskin grips, BUIS, blah, blah, blah.

  2. If price wasn’t a problem and you still wanted a 5.56, what current production rifle (civilian variant) would you use? AR15, ACR, AUG, SCAR, Tavor/X95, etc?

    • AUG. Loved mine.

    • GS,

      The best platform in fUSA, IMO, is the ARmalite platform chambered in 5.56mm. Although, I am looking seriously at the IWI X95. Not as primary. But, as a supplemental weapon with possible use as a truck gun.

      For my money, I believe the biggest bang for the quality buck is a Bravo Company Manufacturing, 14.5″ ELW barreled ARmalite. BCMs are good quality, reasonably priced with a very attentive Customer Service department. Another suggested ARmalite platform provider, through my experience with them, is CMMG. They don’t offer the extensive selection of ARmalite platforms, uppers and/or lowers as BCM does. However, I find their weapons quality and Customer Service to be on par with BCM.


  3. To each their own but there is no more debate, “fancy schmancy optics” increase speed and accuracy over iron sights, the key is buying a good one that holds zero and won’t break like the Aimpoint T/H-1. Telescoping stocks also improve a shooter’s ability to do things like fire while standing where as the fixed stock length (in addition to not fitting everyone) was designed mainly for firing prone. I won’t go into barrel lengths in terms of how little ballistic improvement you get out of 20″ vs 16″ but I’m just plain not for the huge increase in weight and reduction in handling you trade off. Dragging one of those old 20″ muskets in and out of a vehicle or trying to clear a house with them was painful at best. Nostalgia is fun but it can be deadly when used to the determent of adopting decades worth of learning and improvements in lethality.

  4. Capt. Hinde

    The Ruger Mini 14 is a better weapon. If Ruger robusted it with a combat grade barrel, stock and sights, it would be superior to the AK.

    By the way, the “Kalashnikov” should be called “the Schmeisser” rifle. The Russians captured its designer, Hugo Schmeisser, designer of the MP 40, and put him to work. In typical kike propaganda Schmeisser’s rifle was given a cover name.

    An honest Russian will admit this.

    • Russian mentality of the period is that you name the product after the design bureau said product is issued from.

  5. I would own a ruger mini 14 or a mini 30 if they made them to use standard magazines instead of proprietary ones. I have always thought that ruger screwed themselves out of many sales because of that. Why not use common AR or AK mags? Why instead insist on $45 ruger mags? That alone is the reason why I don’t own one.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    As far as AR-15 rifles go the Colt Model 6500 green label is
    my choice as the optimal configuration
    M16-A1 upper receiver, no case deflector, A1 sights, tear drop
    forward assist, 1/7 twist, 20″ government profile barrel, round
    hand guards.
    Later production models added case deflector and round FA.
    Shoots all bullet weights w/aplomb.
    I have the 1st model Trijicon ACOG w/carry handle mount on

  7. Ditto on the Rugers. Those fucking guns are a waste, only because of the fucking magazines. Believe it or not, I was issued a full-auto version of the A2 in Germany, in 1979. Bitch worked like a charm, and no burst setting, full auto. I could make that motherfucker howl. At 400 meters, I was knockin’ em’ dead. By the by, I’ve owned both Rugers, and let them go, because of the stupid fucking magazine shit. Common AR or AK mags applied to it would make it a verifiable winner. Why did Ruger do it? Why did 62.5 million people vote for Hillary? I have plans for a fix kit that would make the Ruger work like that, but they ain’t interested, so fuck em’.

    • Add to that a cast receiver and bolt. I had one blow – up with Greek NATO – spec ammo. Mangled the mag and blew off a bolt lug . Massive bruises and about a dozen small lacerations. Less than 600rds through it. Nice but not a combat weapon.

  8. Ruger Mini 14 mags (20 rd) can be had for $17.99 here. 30 rd mags can be had here for $24.99.

  9. Marlo Stanfield

    Greetings! 2017 The AMU says Big Army can’t shoot. And special forces not much better off? My Air Force is having a hard time, the set max waist measurements for men and women. 38 inches for men and 35 inches for women. (Holy Shit) They also have people struggling with the 1.5 mile run in less than 16 minutes. (You can’t  make this shit up) Diversity and the war against real males is going to cause this country to get its nose blooded. One battle field  and there are two fitness standards for the genders. The weapon being carried is meaningless if the troops are not fit for duty. The 20 inch A4 with Barnes magazine fit 85 grain .223 and a 1-4 or larger scope is a sweet piece.  

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  10. The Usual Suspect

    Actually dragged the box down from it’s storage shelving,
    it is a Model 6401, not a 6500.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. thesouthwasrght

    The mini 14 is a horrible choice for a military arm. Mags aside, look at that cavernous opening in the reciever, and one good dollop of shit in there and you have a effective doorstop.

    Imo the best military arm currently available would be an HK416 with a 16″ barrel chambered in 6.5Grendel. Ballgame baby.