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  1. I know this is probably doubleplusungoodbadthink but isn’t this sorta like Prince Vlad sending Spetznatz to Baja California?? And of course the old joke, why does Russia insist on having its country so close to our military bases and vassal states??

  2. American born muscle just protecting China-EU interests again:


    Reminds me of what we did for them in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  3. James Gardner

    Hopefully they put John McLame and Lindsey Grahamnesty in the front ranks, with dark glasses and white canes to locate any opportunity IED’s…

    • One can dream of happy days like that.
      I say tie the fuckers naked to the front of M1 Abrams and MAOB bunker busters in the bomb bays of B52’s. Give a front row seat to the horrors they have perpetrated on millions of people, at the front of a military coupe waged on Washington DC. Scorched earth orders. Leave nothing standing. Salt the earth it sat on and leave it an eternal national wildlife refuge. No graves for the fuckers either.

      • the horrors they have perpetrated on millions of people,

        I’d bet $5,000. cash right now that neither of them perpetrated anything.
        It was the vaccine damaged troops who couldn’t or wouldn’t get a fucking honest job. Pvt Snuffy and Sgt Dickbreath did all the perpetrating in the last 15 years. To hell with their souls – if they had one.

        • Rank and file don’t declare wars, politicians do. But they do follow the orders, no matter how immoral or sadist in nature, which is, for lack of a better term, unsettling.

        • Dude, you got to be a government troll, or a commie college professor, nobody is as ignorant as your trying to be to bait everyone. There is something just not right and genuine about your comments, and I’m not just talking your an idiot and a little cheese fell off your cracker. Something ain’t kosher about you. Do you have a worksheet you formulate your comments from, or do they give you courses how to disrupt or steer a comment thread?

  4. To paraphrase a quote from an old movie.
    “I picked the wrong day to quit smoking.”

  5. Intel Update

    If you did not listen to the first three hours of Alex Jones (Infowars.com) yesterday (3 Jan) you missed the inside story (WOW) on what’s really going on right now. Really, no kidding!

  6. Probably of defeating a foreign enemy like Russia?
    Probably of defeating our domestic enemy?

    The same people keep failing at the same basic math.

    • Whats dangerous here, is they are the human extinction movement. There is nothing rational about these actors. Repeating the same insanity over and over and then doubling down on it is their stock in trade.

      • Very true. They aren’t rational because they don’t view the consequences as being direct and individual. Mr. Bracken mentions this in the link above (they all have parachutes).

        I speaking more to the traitors who seek to coalesce with Libs on the issue and start WWIII.

        Who would you rather face on a two-way range…

        A.) Ivan
        B.) American Libs

        • It won’t, in the end be Ivan or a lib. It’ll be some mercinary/contractor – black water types you’ll be up against in a 2 way.

          $ and power rule these type-a personalities.

          Fiction I know but watch the series “Jericho”.

          • Ah. Someone gets it.

            That’s right. It will be former SF SEAL Ranger types who have no other marketable skills. So they resort to their training. Scalp the fuckers alive and find their families…

      • Excactly. Add in the fag / pedo sub-culture and you you got one fucked-up crew.

  7. ALCON,

    In the meantime the invading attackers are pouring over the Mexican border.

    Time for Barry and the 535 + 8 to have some interaction with the Tree of Liberty.

  8. That Sun story very carefully does not mention any context, such as the fact that the person giving all the various orders they talk about is going to be totally out of the picture in two weeks.

    Unless Obama decides on a nuclear first strike – and I rather think he’s looking forward to post-presidency golf and community organizing and guest appearances on the talk shows too much to bother with a thing like that – Putin is just going to sit tight and wait, and Trump is going to de-escalate everything.

    • Agree, but see previous.

      • There is resistance and then there is defiance. Anyone with a functioning braincell must realize it is false flag and political gerrymander war, a truly broke leg duck usurping CinC who has crapped on them at every opportunity. What if they had a war and a lot of the rank and file components of the western war machine decided to tacitly stonewall at every opportunity. Political Fragging.
        Wat self respecting warrior is willing to die, quite possibly start a major world war for an unquestionably corrupt organization of insane neocons and a regime of cultural marxists who are going to leave them with their arses in the wind and are out to save their precious organized crime syndicate?
        If I was a SF operator with a conscience, I know I’d be thinking about that Oath I took and how to get a coupe going on their worthless festering hides.

        • Good points. See Bracken’s letter a while back to regime LE agents. We may get to find out how many SF operators and other troops have a conscience.

        • Are you kidding?

          Just read weaponsman one time. He tells you all you need to know about the mentality of SF. They desperately cling to the Taliban attacked the Twin Towers on 911 narrative… If they didn’t, that would mean they would have to face the truth about who and what they were fighting and dying for. In the end you will be up against these SF brain damaged fools. Because “Murka!

          • No I’m not kidding. Not every cop and solder is a baby murdering psychopath like you think they are.
            Whats fucking wrong with you. Do you troll everyone to stir up shit because your sadistic or are you paid by the same fuckers who want to start WWIII to spread doubt and discontent?

            Shit with americans like you who got nothing but hateful things to spew out of their pieholes and have no faith in others we don’t need the political class enemies we got.

            • No doubt you also believe the “official” bullshit.


              fuckn murkins.

              • Got news for you TFA-T.
                We the rational side of western civilization have rejected cultural marxism, statism, the political mandarin’s, usurpers, influence peddlers, tin pot tyrants and commie shit stirrers, wholesale, with The Great Fuck You. Us dirt people are ascendent. We ain’t going to take the lefts, the cucks, and mealy mouthed losers bullshit sitting down now. This isn’t going to be a fight, it will be a massacre. We Win.
                Get busy living Brother, or be left behind.

                • Busy doing what? Trump will do as he is told or he will catch a magic bullet. Until 911 is fully exposed, you and everyone else are building castles in the sand.

            • Cops who stop other cops from beating drunk homeless people get pushed out of their job inside a year. What’s left are bullies, some are leaders, some are followers. The follower buddies you think are good guys prevent the victims from removing the leader bully cops. They are still bullies, they just have better optics while doing it.

              How do you tell a good cop? He retired early a decade ago in disgust.

          • You are worthless

            • You suffer from chronic headupyourass.

              • LOL and you suffer from to many mushroomcapsupyourass.

                • No muslimes from afuckistan flew airliners into anything. It was a FF to.. oh never mind…

                  Hey, how about them NE Patriots? I hear Budweiser has a new logo on their cans. Gotta get them there terrrists- Murka!

                  • Somebody should tattoo a new logo on your ass:


                    With “allies” like you, who need enemies?

                    You neither lead, follow nor get outta the way. Hell, you couldn’t get out of your own way, cheap labor scams notwithstanding. What a worthless lot of cynicism and disgusting bilge you do spew.


    • ”I rather think he’s looking forward to post-presidency golf and community organizing and guest appearances on the talk shows too.”
      You left out man-love Thursday.

  9. No, seriously, you have to be really deliberately intending dishonesty to write a news story on this topic the way that Sun story is written. And you have to be a willing accomplice to that attitude to rebroadcast it.

    There was a risk, and it diminished exponentially in early November, and has continued decreasing since. That’s the plain fact of the situation.

    • What has diminished is the likelihood of a meaningful Russian response.

      I don’t think Jugears is going to stop crapping in the punch bowl at any time while still POTUS, or anytime thereafter.

      • Putin sure knows how to troll the man child in chief:

        Russia Sends Two Warships To Philippines For Joint Naval Drills

      • certain parties here got highly exercised re the “recount”, then the EC…and it was all smoke. So is this. Hopefully, though he won’t/can’t drain the swamp, Trump will at least empty the punchbowl.

        • The foundation of the federal regime is so rotted out all it’s going to take is a few pushes and it collapses. That is the nature of all tyrannies. They are illegitimate systems of rule of men, they can only exist using force over the people.
          The idea is to strategically bring it down part by part by politically intelligent tactical moves, and have something left to rebuild or replace it with.
          Destroying the whole thing in one fell swoop would probably create more problems and undesired consequences than problems solved.
          Trump and his Crusaders can only do so much. Once they have removed the elitist fences and protectionism erected to protect the political class from us dirt people, it us as dirt people who must wield our consent like a D&R field mower and cut the leviathan down to a manageable government of consent of the governed, otherwise the infestation will grow right back and we got the same disaster we are facing now.
          On the other hand, some days a lot of would probably rather see it destroyed in entirety and take our own chances. There’s that. Because the good Lord knows this large all encompassing nation state isn’t working and has a pretty good track record of turning on it’s people. So maybe it is time to give the idea of a Compact of confederation like the Colonial states created a chance to work.
          Bill Buppert and the community of secession/abolition of the state idea has a lot going for it.
          Like the axiom goes,
          “Secession, a crazy idea sovereignty of the people, shall not be infringed, and unalienable God given rights of liberty and self determination is the basis of government, wrong and not possible.”

          • Fuck the feral gubbermint.

            Let’s just hope it all comes down a once. No one in their right senses want anything to do with these 50 murkin states anymore. Like anyone gives one fuck about what happens in a different state. People in MI do not care in the least about people in AZ, OR, or VA. Let each Region stand or fall on it’s own.

            Bury this rotten and diseased glob of shit called murka it’s no longer a country. That’s reality.

            • Would it bring you any peace or joy if you got what you wanted tfat or would your heart still be full of hate…Somebody else dying or living shouldn’t determine how much happiness you have Brother…

            • So leave. You’re a self made eleventy gagillionaire (according to your legend). Buy an island in the Aegean. Declare the republic of tfA-t. Show us how its done./ S//

            • Swallow your own glob of shit you so redundantly vomit here.

              Spit Satan’s cock out your mouth, pull your head out your ass, reach deep into what’s left of your soul and see if you can find one shred of humanity to share with whoever is left that gives half a shit.

              The, and only then, GFYESAD and go back to Satan, your master.

  10. Sounds like the thinking of a transnationalist oligarchy to me. If you can’t beat the dirt people into submission with a lapdog press, bought for political class, and economic depression, well start a world war between major powers and suck all the rest in, and enjoy the profits.
    What could be easier?
    Everyone else does the bloody and dirty work.

  11. This is posturing, Obama is standing on the corner at the edge of the turf, popping and a lock-in, busting some rhymes and flashing gang symbols. This fucking sensationalism is being carried to new heights by some rag hailing from the hyper passive U.K. ( I’ll grant you I trust them to be better than our domestic mainstream sources). But they are still fucking journalists.

    Why is this a fart in a whirlwind? Because our SSN/SSBNs are our big stick. WE can’t even find those sneaking motherfuckers when we know they’re coming. I give grudging credit to bubbleheads. Those dorks are elite and they ride around in first order death machines. And do you know when you find out they’ve attacked? After the launch, straight up your brown eye. Or you get pics of your screws, or fantail in the mail a couple of weeks after the war game with long/lat, heading, time and speed written on it. They count coup, white man. (That last is a sea story, but I still believe it).

    • You got to be living under a rock on the dark side of Mar’s not to know it’s total fucking bullshit, the regime in DC is risking everything, including your ass, to start a world war to save their precious one world order. Like, I didn’t sign up for this stupid crap?
      The obama regime is running through hell with an open container of gasoline.

      • They are standing in the middle of a tank farm with a crack pipe and a bic.

      • GOD in Heaven.

        Please deliver 100-200 million murkins, including all cops, to the depths of the abyss for all eternity. They have earned your mighty and scornful wrath. They have partaken in, or condoned- sports, drink, and child murder/rape. They exist only for free shit handouts, back stabbing, thievery, and slothful living. They cannot and will not repent of their evil debt-ridden drunken lifestyles.

        I pray in your name. Amen

        • Blasphemy will get you nowhere but Hell.

          Where, apparently, you richly deserve to be consigned.

    • Only SSBN’s can’t launch without direct permission anymore with codes transmitted from CIC. Not a joke. He has made them useless if something happens to him or to the communications between them. For real, at least until 20 Jan. And now all our carrier battle groups in port for the first time since WW2. We are a sitting duck for the next 16 days.

  12. And at the link from Drudge, to the Sun, it clearly says that the troops will be going there, mostly SF, in the Spring, on scheduled exercises. About three NATO battalions all together, (1,200 man bns. 3,600 total) enough to slow down a Russian combat division by at least, oh,eight hours or so. Scheduled. Spring. Exercises. To give you and even better idea, a Russian combat division has about as many men in it’s attached support units,ie: mechanics, cooks, paperhounds, supply, etc. as are going on the spring exercises for NATO. Anybody ever hear the sound of an approaching Russian tank battalion? Sounds pretty much like one of ours. Only there aren’t any tank battalions going there, for NATO. So unless you see a coupla T-14 Armata tanks on the news reels of Lithuania, or down say, Pennsylvania Ave, (YUGE!) with their 125mm smoothbores pointed seductively towards anything that looks like itself, rest easy. Oh, and if you do, don’t waste your ammo on the turret. No people there. Crew is in the main body. Remember, Blind, Halt, and Destroy. Can be stopped by a gallon of bleach in one quart bottles, thrown at the engine port, followed by two quarts of ammonia, same place. Worst stink you’ve ever smelled, but don’t.

    • If you’re down to bleach and ammonia against Russian tanks you got bigger problems than a 125 mm smoothbore.

      Anything that will cause serious damage to sensors, engine, or tracks will mission kill a tank, and in some situations they will blow it themselves if they don’t think they can recover it.

  13. NOTUS Barack Hussein Obama is just doubling down on “The Russians did it” narrative. But let’s get back to the point here:

    Everyone should know by now, that the Ukraine Orange Revolution was a US-NATO sponsored coup. Crimea was the US-NATO prize.

    Did anyone SERIOUSLY believe that Russia would just pack up and walk away from their Naval Base in Crimea and allow NATO to walk in and turn the Black Sea into a US-NATO military playground?

    Who in the heck is really the ‘aggressor’ in all this? Note all the scare quotes in the article? NATO encircles Russia, right up to their borders, pre-positioning heavy and light armor, air-land-sea missiles, artillery, combat aircraft, Naval vessels, all the implements of war, massive live-fire exercises on Russia’s borders of which 174 of those massive live-fire exercises are planned for this new year. And Russia is the aggressor? Russia and Putin responds to all this US-NATO hooliganism… and Russia and Putin are… hooligans?

    Hooligans? We’ve had 8 years of hooliganism of the first order right here in our own country, and its name is Barack Hussein Obama.

    P.S. I’m not going to get into a military whose who what hardware war here, but those SSN/SSBNs don’t mean squat. Americans will still get saturated with radiation.

  14. People bought 27.5 million guns in 2016. What nation state has that kind of small arms arsenal? Never mind the quantity bought over the last 10 years. And the ammo, gear and training.
    Those numbers probably do not include 80% home built weapons either. You can hardly find 80% receivers in stock.
    If these psychopaths running things aren’t stopped, what they do to the outside world, they will bring home here to us full scale sooner than later. It’s only a matter of timing. It is what they do.
    So it sure makes you wonder if we all ain’t the sheeple and dumbed downed populace some contend.
    27.5 million weapons, that figures out to 8% of the population just in one years purchases if you put one weapon and one set of hands.
    What does it work out to taking 10 years of weapons purchases spread out evenly?
    I get a warm fuzzy just thinking about it.

    Boom: Record 27 million guns bought in 2016

    • Kevin over at Weaponsman, and a few others, have crunched some numbers and the SWAG is that there are something around a minimum of 500 million firearms in private possession in the U.S.
      The more interesting thing is that ATF pretty much says that after a period of a few years, it is nearly impossible to determine just who has what and where it is.
      They might be able to tell that a persona has “some” guns, but precisely what? Noop!

    • mtn,

      Your remarks are interesting. IMO, fairly accurate. But, like most of the commentary here it is educated, experience-driven opinion. But, opinion nevertheless with no substance of recent history to support your/my/his/her dreams of terminating with prejudice, the Marxists ensconsed throughout fUSA.

      How many of those millions of gun owners can be relied upon to take fedgov/stategov/localgov to the woodshed ? Let us just look at California’s latest disarmament effort….banning magazines and semi-automatic rifles. On the East Coast look at Cuomo’s S.A.F.E. Act in New York.

      How many CA and NY State citizens have organized and gone Irish Republican Army on the politicians and governors of those two Marxist enclaves ? None. Not a one.

      One can own/buy all the weapons one can afford. But, if there is no will to carry out an organized and coordinated effort to eliminate tyranny through force of arms, gun ownership, in defense of Freedom and Liberty, is next to meaningless.

      I won’t say your vision of citizen justice will never happen. But, I do encourage you to not hold your breath waiting on Tommy Tentpeg and millions of gun owners to implement Justice.

      To paraphrase Mao Zedong, “….power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” ….and the will to USE that power. In Amerika today, as in California and New York states, there is no will. Only bluster and hand-wringing.

  15. williambanzai7 strikes again!

  16. Why would Obama do this and at the same time pull all of the aircraft carrier groups home? This first time we do not have a carrier group deployed in 70 years?

    • Because he hates America and just bought a big house in Hawaii?

    • Because it’s not about winning, it is about destroying everything. Order out of Chaos Comrade. He ain’t the leader of the human extinction movement for nothing.
      But the funny thing is, he’s such a fuckup, he has failed at failing. But don’t spoil it for the hubristic prick, he thinks he’s a walking talking live legacy of the left and gods gift to the collective.
      You watch, I’ll make a bet with you almost everything the worthless fucker has done to undermine us as American’s will be rescinded and rejected before 2017 is over. It has already begun in hearts and minds. Trump is feared like no president since Jackson. The pussies in Congress are going to have their ass’s handed to them. They don’t have the balls to stand up to the moral imperative that Trump and his teams of head hunters are gonna bring down on them. They can’t, to almost a man the whole lot of them and most of the executive and regulatory management is so dirty they are rendered effectively toothless. The whole system of nepotism and influence is toast, and so are they. They have no institutional clue whats coming after them and the irrelevancy on the menu after 2 decades of wonton hedonism and corruption that passed for government.


    Maybe after Barry is in his digs in Hawaii, Speznatz emissaries will pay him a call. Poetic justice, anyone?

    • D the W,

      Or perhaps Mossad may pay the usurper a call ? Either or both visitors are fine with me.

  18. Carolina Mike

    More likely a NATO provocation trotted out by euro-mil-pol propagandists with a Sun byline to wag a European dog. Multiple nations + the Eurocracy are now existentially threatened by [XXX]exits plus brutal & suicidal immigration. This exercise has likely been scheduled for months or longer, and I believe there was a previous similar SOF exercise early this past summer. Although the Russians [whether or not they’re truly malignant] are irritated over NATO posture, they’re probably going to chill because they see Western Europe disintegrating all by itself. Over here, the existential threat to Obama was eliminated, leaving him the only heir to US socialist power. He’s setting up his shadow government in DC now: why would he permanently marginalize himself by giving the new CinC a war which would inevitably rally a nearly-united population and all the associated “military-industrial complex” around someone other than Obama? He’s going to minimize the issue, since he’s been beating the false “russkies hacked us” gong…. He needs the equivalent of war on this side of the Atlantic, not the real thing over there.

    Obama doesn’t have a good platform to tweak Trump with other than the office he’ll occupy for only a couple more weeks. Trump comm’s will overwhelm the typical propaganda organs of the American left. That’s why he’s bating Trump with all the lawfare (e.g., prognazi battlespace prep == Holder getting hired by California to fight the immigration war for them).

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